Are you more of a bird person? Then check out the price for one of the many birds that can be kept as pets

Talking Parrot Cost

How Much Does a Talking Parrot Cost?

Talking parrots have fascinated most of us since we were children and continue to do so now. Parrots are excellent pets if you are allergic to cat or dog hair, and if you prefer a non-talker who still talks. Most people who buy a parrot want…
Chicken Feed Cost

How Much Does Chicken Feed Cost?

Raising chickens has been and most likely will be a popular activity among farmers for a long time. The care of the chickens, especially in the first weeks of life, plays an essential role in their further development. In order for them to…
Swan Cost

How Much Does a Swan Cost?

Swans are beautiful creatures but they are known to be occasionally aggressive. They will attack especially when trying to prevent someone from getting in contact with their female. This means that you should really try to avoid these…
Live Chickens Cost

How Much Do Live Chickens Cost?

Raising chickens has been and most likely will continue to be a popular activity among farmers. Proper care for the chickens, especially in the first weeks of life, plays an essential role in their further development. In order for them to…
Amazon Parrot Cost

Amazon Parrots Cost

Amazon parrots have their origins, as the name suggests, in South America. Their range extends from South America, Central America to the Caribbean. There are 27 known species of Amazon parrots, some of which are so prolific that, unfortunately,…
Duck Cost

The Cost of a Duck

Ducks are for many of us the most familiar birds, whether we are talking about breeders or bird lovers. We see them in TV commercials, on the banks of rivers in cities visited by tourists, in households, or on the logos of companies and sports…
Canary Cost

The Cost of Canaries

You surely heard about Tweety the Canary, the cute yellow bird in the cartoon that managed to fool the "kitten" so gracefully. The bird actually avoids cats in real life. It can be of other colors, but its charm and grace are really undeniable. Originally…
Moluccan Cockatoo Costt

Moluccan Cockatoo Cost

The Moluccan Cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis) or Moluccan is an endemic bird of the Moluccas Islands of Indonesia that is part of the genus Cacatua, family Cacatuide. The Moluccas Islands are known by Europeans and Chinese as the Spice Islands…
Ostrich Eggs
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How Much Does an Ostrich Egg Cost?

The ostrich egg is the largest of all bird eggs on Earth. This is not surprising, as they are carried by the largest living birds in the world. Surprisingly, if you correlate the size of the egg with the body size of the ostrich itself, it turns…
Pigeon Cost

The Cost of a Pigeon

There are many reasons why we can say that pigeons are special birds. Did you know that after breeding, both the male and the female take care of the babies? They have the ability to fly at altitudes of over 1500 meters, and the maximum speed…
Parakeet Cost

The Cost of a Parakeet

Parakeets are such wonderful birds that it seems like any bird lover has had at least one at a time. Raised in captivity since the 19th century, they remain very popular pets, being found all over the world today. The parakeet is, without…
Bald Eagle Cost

Bald Eagle Cost

The bald eagle is one of the most iconic symbols in America. Not only has it been our national emblem for over 200 years, but this regal bird was also a spiritual symbol to Native Americans long before that. It's not really "bald" though; its…