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The Cost of a Pigeon

Last Updated on September 13, 2021
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

There are many reasons why we can say that pigeons are special birds. Did you know that after breeding, both the male and the female take care of the babies? They have the ability to fly at altitudes of over 1500 meters, and the maximum speed they reach is between 80 and 110 kilometers per hour.

There are many types of pigeons to choose from, and the decision to raise these birds can be a source of entertainment, extra income, or even food in some households. We are always close to pigeons, when we go to the park or when we visit the central places in a city. And let’s not forget the champions – the pigeons that take part in the races.

How much does a pigeon cost?

Some pigeons can cost anywhere from $50 to over $1,000 in some cases. For example, Hungarian House Pigeon is priced at between $250 and $400 while Racing Homer goes for anywhere from $50-$80. Look below to see the most popular breeds.

Breed Price Range
Tipplers $40 to $95
Strassers $150 to $235
Squabbing $50 to $135
Show Tipplers $85 to $160
Show King $85 to $160
Scandaroons $175 to $235
Satinettes $250 to $360
Rollers $40 to $95
Racing Homers $40 to $90
Pouters $175 to $235
Nuns $125 to $185
Modenas $100 to $185
Jacobins $125 to $185
Indian Fantails $125 to $185
Hungarian House Pigeons $250 to $335
Homers $150 to $260
Highflyers $50 to $90
Helmets $75 to $135
Gaditano Pouters $250 to $335
Flights $75 to $110
Fantails $75 to $135
English Tumblers $175 to $260
English Tumpeters $125 to $210
Dragoons $85 to $135
Capuchines $85 to $160
Bokhara Trumpeters $225 to $335
Blondinettes $250 to $360
American Show Racers $85 to $160
African Owls $125 to $185

What are the extra costs?

In order to purchase a pigeon from an online breeder, you may have to buy at least two. The minimum number of pigeons that the seller will be able to offer when you are buying in bulk can vary depending on their policy and ranges anywhere between four and eight birds. Be sure to check this before buying.

There is a good chance that you will have to have your new pet pigeon shipped all the way from their home country. Shipping can be costly, depending on how far away they are and where you live. This means shipping fees can cost anywhere between $75-$200.

On top of these costs there may also be an additional fee for buying or renting a container/box used for transporting animals – this could add another $45-$55 onto total shipping charges.

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Not only should you consider the price of a pet bird, but also their lifelong costs. To obtain health clearance for your future feathered friend and to keep them healthy as they grow up, it is important that you take into consideration the vet visits and any potential medication needs that will come into play over time.

The best part about raising a few pigeons is that they cause very little trouble.  Pigeon keepers can house their birds in an enclosed loft, which is usually made of plywood and tar paper. The cheapest option starts at $300 while the most expensive ones go for upwards of $5,000 depending on how ornate you want them to be and where you purchase them from. They also need food because pigeon’s diet consists almost entirely of feed pellets with occasional mealworms or corn kernels as supplements; these cost around $10 per month for some brands but others may cost more than $500 so it all depends on the brand you go for. You can usually find this type of food at big retailers like Amazon.

Important things to remember

If you’re planning on shipping your birds, remember to get pet insurance. In this way, if something happens in 90 days or less of having a new bird, there’s nothing to worry about because you’ll get all your money back.

If you are looking for a bird that is not only healthy but has been bred with the right mix of genes, then it is important to find out how long your breeder has been in business. You will often get higher-quality birds when the breeder has this type of experience and knowledge behind them.

Wild pigeons are hard to handle because they tend to carry diseases. You should only own ones that have been bred.

Domestic pigeons live between 10 and 15 years. Although these birds can reach reproductive maturity at 5 months, most breeders recommend that mating be carried out after the pigeons have reached the age of 1 year.

Pigeons are granivorous birds, and their diet is based on grains and seeds. Pigeons can also benefit from fresh greenery, berries, and occasional insects.

Interesting facts about pigeons

White PigeonPigeons are loyal to one partner. This explains the fact that they have become a symbol of love.

They live in pairs and build their nests from twigs. In the nest, the females lay eggs and incubate them for 18 days. Newborns are fed a white liquid, secreted by the pigeon’s goiter.

In the wild, pigeons live up to 10 years, and if they are tamed they can reach the age of 25.

The pigeon is the most widespread bird in Europe. They are used in rescue missions and are trained to see the inflatable red or orange vests of the shipwrecked.

The pigeons see in colors. They can perceive ultraviolet light and have a very good visual memory, so they recognize places where they have been even a few years away.

The pigeons have a very good developed hearing. They can detect sounds from a greater distance than man does.

Pigeons are the only birds that aspire water with their beaks. To swallow the water they do not have to turn their heads.

How can I save money?

In the world of bird breeding, it’s important to be savvy when buying birds. You want a happy pet that won’t end up costing you an arm and a leg in vet bills. To do this, start by looking for local breeders who have their inventory online. This way you can save on shipping costs if possible (although not always). If there are no local breeders near your home then don’t hesitate to look at the very least three different breeders online just so as long as they all offer competitive prices.

As the shipping season ends, breeders often have fire sales in order to clear out their inventory. The best time to find them is around November and December.

You can save money by buying more pigeons at once thanks to the bulk discounts.

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