Some of the weirdest animals to keep as pets. Pick your favorite and learn about its price

Prairie Dog Cost

How Much Do Prairie Dogs Cost?

Among the most unusual pet mammals is the prairie dog. Although the name might mislead you, these animals are not dogs at all, being grouped in the same taxonomic family as squirrels. In this article, we will see what challenges the prairie…
Black Panther Cost

How Much Does a Black Panther Cost?

Big cats like panthers, lions, and tigers are beautiful, impressive animals. People are often intrigued by the idea of having a wild cat as a pet, but what kind of pets are these big cats actually? While trade in these animals is prohibited,…
Mantis Shrimp Cost

How Much Does a Mantis Shrimp Cost?

Mantis shrimp is the name given to marine crustaceans in the class "Stomatopoda". The origin of these crustaceans goes back 400 million years, making them among the oldest animals on the planet. The ancient Assyrians called the mantis shrimp…
Red Panda Cost

How Much Does A Red Panda Cost?

If you've ever seen how adorable red pandas are in one of the multitude of videos you can find all around the Internet, then you've surely wondered whether getting one as a pet is possible. But if this thought stays with you and you're really…
Garra Rufa Cost

How Much do Garra Rufa Fish Cost?

In recent years, the pedicure made with the help of Garra Rufa fishes, known also as Dr. Fishes, has become more and more popular all over the world. The Garra Rufa fish "eat" from the cuticles around the fingernails and toenails, constantly…
Shark Cost

How Much Does A Shark Cost?

Sharks are one of the most feared creatures of the seas and oceans. With a terrifying reputation for being dangerous predators, sharks have over time been the subject of many stories, myths, and legends. However, sharks are, in fact, fascinating…
Peacock Feather Cost
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How Much Does a Peacock Feather Cost?

Unexpected and extravagant, the peacock feather print immediately attracts all eyes, whether it appears on clothes or accessories. The extravagant mix of colors of the peacock feather could not fail to attract the attention of designers who…
Rhino Cost

How Much Does A Rhino Cost?

Rhinos are one of the oldest groups of mammals, practically living fossils. They play an important role in their habitats and are an important source of income from ecotourism. Protecting rhinos leads to the creation of large land spaces for…
Kangaroo cost

How Much Does A Kangaroo Cost?

Having a pet is no longer enough. Increasingly fashionable are exotic pets, animals that are not common at all. Whether it is a pure attachment to a certain animal not at all ordinary or a desire to stand out, the answer is known only to those…
Gorilla Cost

How Much Does A Gorilla Cost?

The gorilla is the largest of the primates and is also one of the most intelligent animals. Studies show that gorilla DNA is 98 % identical to human DNA. The mountain gorilla lives in the mountainous regions of central Africa, while the lowland…
Bearded Dragon Cost

Bearded Dragon Cost

The "treasure" of the Australian desert, the bearded dragon, also known as the bearded agama, proves a lot of docility, friendliness, and robustness, being one of the most beloved reptiles as pets. The bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), a diurnal…
Elephant Cost

How Much Does An Elephant Cost?

With their characteristic long trunks, large, velvety, wide ears, and thick legs, elephants are unique. There is no other animal with a similar physique. Most experts recognize two species of elephants: The Asian elephant, Elephas maximus,…