Some of the weirdest animals to keep as pets. Pick your favorite and learn about its price

Lion Cub Pet
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How Much Does a Lion Cost?

Owning an exotic pet like a lion may seem exciting, but the financial realities can be daunting. This in-depth guide examines the many expenses involved in purchasing and properly caring for a lion over its lifetime. Discover the complex legal,…
Cockatiel Price
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How Much do Cockatiels Cost?

Among America's most beloved pet birds, vibrant cockatiels whistle and cuddle their way into thousands of homes yearly. But the costs behind properly caring for these adorable yet fragile creatures often surprise first-timers. So how much…
Penguin Cost
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How Much Does a Penguin Cost?

With their adorable tuxedo-like appearance and fun, quirky personalities, it's easy to see why penguins capture the hearts of so many animal lovers. You may have found yourself wondering - can I actually own a penguin as a pet? What would it…
Squirrel Cost

How Much Does a Squirrel Cost?

As squirrels can be found in all kinds of ecological niches all around the world, almost everyone has seen one of these creatures at least once in their lives. There are over 1,200 species of squirrel all around the world and they can be…
Peacock Feathers

How Much Does a Peacock Cost?

A peacock is a large bird, recognized for its colorful, long, lavish, distinctive tail feathers. Part of the pheasant family, the male peacock is called a peafowl while a female is known as a peahen. The difference between the two is that the…
Hedgehog cost review

How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost?

If you are considering getting a pet hedgehog, it is important to understand the costs involved before making the commitment. Hedgehogs may seem like low-maintenance pets, but they do require proper housing, food, and medical care. This article…
Pony Cost

How Much Does a Pony Cost?

Owning a pony can be an incredibly rewarding experience. From their gentle nature to their compact size, ponies make great pets and companions. However, before bringing one of these special animals home, it's important to understand the costs…
The price of a box turtle

How Much do Box Turtles Cost?

For reptile enthusiasts considering a unique pet, box turtles make wonderful lifelong companions when properly cared for. Given their potential 50+ year lifespan, owning a box turtle is a major commitment requiring thorough research and financial…
Finger Monkey Cost

How Much Does a Finger Monkey Cost?

Finger monkeys, also known as pygmy marmosets, have recently grown in popularity as exotic pets. Their tiny size and endearing nature make them appealing to many prospective owners. However, while they are undeniably cute, finger monkeys…