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The Cost of a Cheetah

How Much DOes a Cheetah Cost

Cheetahs can typically be found in the eastern and southern parts of Africa, but also in Iran. They belong to the subfamily of Felinae and will typically be classified as a large feline type. Cheetahs are known as the fastest running animals on land. Their slim body and long legs add to their speed and stealth. Many people want to know just how much will a cheetah cost. We will go over the typical expense of purchasing one from the available market.

Fees You Should Expect When Purchasing A Cheetah

An excellent method to identify a cheetah from all of the rest of the huge felines is the spotted coat. Also, They have a smaller sized body along with little heads and ears. They are also known for their “tear stripes” that can be found as a prolonging of the corner of their eye to their nose. A young cheetah cost will vary based on their size, health, and other factors. Their gold-like colored coat is very useful as camouflage but at the same time as an attraction for exotic animal hunters.

The typical price of a cheetah can start at around $1,200 and go as high as $20,000 or even more. A female cheetah can give birth to 2 to 3 little cubs during one pregnancy. There is no known season for breeding as they are usually found breeding all year round. They will gestate for about 3 months.

A younger cheetah will cost around $4,000. This price is for cheetah cubs that aren’t older than 10 months and are still growing in size and weight. It is more affordable to get a cub compared to getting a bigger cheetah as they have actually gone through a number of tests and training prior to being offered for sale.

The need for cheetahs is really high due to the fact that most of them won’t be able to survive throughout the shipping from Africa to the location of the people that buy them. This is the main reason why the cost of these felines is so high. However, there are a few other sellers that will breed their own cheetahs locally. For example, you can find a breeder in Phoenix that offers cheetah cubs for a lower cost. If their ads turn out to be true, an aspect we couldn’t verify, you can get your very own cheetah cub for as low as $1,000 or even less.

Authorized Breeders

An authorized breeder will typically breed a lot more types of felines aside from cheetahs, including leopards, lions, or tigers. Most of the domestically bred cheetahs are fed using a bottle and will be raised as family pets, making them quite friendly. When you purchase a cheetah cub try to verify that it comes with all the health documents needed from an authorized veterinarian. This is a guarantee that the cheetah is healthy and well looked after.

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If you are wondering just how much does a cheetah cost in a particular state, we can tell you about the price you can expect in Nashville, for example. There are local breeders in Nashville that will offer bigger felines like cheetahs. Certified breeders in Nashville will sell a cheetah for just around $1,300. Although their rate is $200 higher, their cubs will have a 1-year health assurance.

Some lucky buyers have reported spending no more than $900 for a cheetah cub from an authorized breeder, but those are very rare cases. Usually, this sort of cheetah cub will come off inexpensive due to the fact that they do not have all the documents required form an authorized veterinarian or they do not have their vaccines or de-worming done.

However, if you are a collector of exotic or peculiar animals then it would be better to get a king cheetah, even though it will be considerably more expensive. King cheetahs are on top of the hierarchy of cheetahs. They are really uncommon and owning one would cost you a great deal of money. The distinction between a king cheetah and a common cheetah is the long stripes at its back. This type can cost approximately $20,000 or more depending upon how the seller got it.

Other Costs In Keeping A Cheetah

While there are family pets that are easily handled, cheetahs, on the other hand, require additional care and attention. They like it in the wild and they are a bigger threat compared to other domesticated family pets. Owning an exotic family pet will more often than not need a license from the state. You must contact your state authorities to see if they even approve the owning this kind of feline.

Adult CheetahIf they have a policy to moderate cheetahs then an annual license would generally cost you around $200. You would at the same time need have a carry liability insurance coverage for your family pet which will cost you $1,000 to $14,000 annually. The expense will vary depending on your safety record in addition to the size and age of your cheetahs.

In order to entertain your pets, you should get toys that are not very easy to break. This is due to the fact that cheetahs are very strong and have very sharp claws. If you get them toys that will get damaged very quickly, then you are going to have to get new ones over and over again. At the same time, they might swallow them and you might need to take them to a veterinarian.

There are some balls made especially or these types of bigger felines. There are balls with a weight of around 125 pounds and will cost around $300. They are generally made from tough materials so that they are durable enough to last. Another expense that you will have to take into account is the nutrients and vitamins for your cheetah. If you were to purchase a small cub, their vitamins will likely cost you at least $730 a year. Once they have reached adulthood, you would have to spare around $2,000 for their vitamins and nutrients alone.

You would also have to invest in your pet feline yearly vaccinations such as rabies and other preventable illnesses. If your cheetah is healthy, then be ready to pay around $200 to $250 on veterinarian fees. You would at the same time need to deworm your pet on a monthly basis. You can deworm them yourself and purchase the medication for just $50 to $70.

Given that your cheetah is usually very hairy you would need to invest in flea prevention hair shampoos which cost around $150 to $200 per bottle. Taking a lot of care for exotic animals is extremely important. They are very delicate and might not be very easily domesticated. So it is really crucial that you know everything there is to know how to take great care of them.

Cheetah Eating Habits

What your cheetah eats will make or break it. A Cheetah diet plan is extremely crucial. The cheetah is naturally meat-eating. Given that they are extremely active animals, they will get their energy from ingesting a lot of proteins, from protein-rich foods. They are very picky about the meat that they consume.

They really like high protein meats that are very low in carbs. This is because carbs aren’t all that necessary into their diet plan. However, it is very important that they don’t just eat raw meat alone. They will also have to be provided with a balance of calcium and protein in their diet plan.

Depending upon the size of your pet, you would need to feed them 7 to 15 pounds of meat each day. Typically, a pound of meat will cost $4 a pound. This means that it will cost you around $28 to $60 daily to just feed them meat alone. This also means that you would need to spend around $10,000 a year for your large pet’s food.

Now that you have all the information regarding the cost of a cheetah, you can think if you’re ready to own the cheetah as a pet. It is a really costly animal to own and if you do not have adequate training then you better start now, well before getting one. It can also be dangerous, so avoid getting one if you have kids.

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