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How Much Does a Christmas Meal for the Entire Family Cost?

Christmas Meal Price

Christmas is a family event where everyone is in a festive mood and looks forward to having a good time. The whole family comes together to share some beautiful moments, as many people don’t get time during the rest of the year to do this due to their hectic schedule. These dinners tend to be […]


The Most Expensive Foods in The World

In order to please the world’s richest people, luxury restaurant chefs invented a series of dishes that only millionaires can afford, with price range of thousands of dollars. Sometimes, the omelet made for rich men contains caviar and lobster and can cost up to $1,000, a pizza with salmon, caviar and white truffle comes to […]

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How Much Does The Most Expensive Honey Cost?


Honey (from the Latin “melem”; in Greek, “μελιττα” means “bee”) is a product obtained by converting and processing bee nectar by bees and is stored in combs cells to be food for the hive population. Honey is the main purpose of the present and the past. Honey was the first sweet substance used by man, […]