How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Beer Truck?

Last Updated on May 19, 2024
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Renting a beer truck is a fun and convenient way to enhance the beverage service at any outdoor event. With a mobile beer truck, you can provide guests with a variety of draft beer options without the hassle of setting up a bar. But before booking a beer truck rental, it’s important to understand the typical costs involved.

A beer truck rental allows you to bring the pub to your party! With a mobile bar onsite, your guests can enjoy fresh draught beer straight from the tap. The sight of a shiny beer truck at your event also creates a lively atmosphere.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Beer Truck?

You can expect to spend $150 to $1500+ per day to rent a beer truck. The cost to rent a beer truck can range quite a bit based on the features, services, and duration you require. Rental fees are typically charged per day, with a minimum rental period. Prices also depend on the location and time of year.

Types of Beer Trucks Available

There are a few main types of mobile beer trucks that events can rent:

  • Custom trucks: These are uniquely-designed trucks with eye-catching paint jobs, graphics, and light displays. Many have clever names linked to beer or pubs. They offer the “full experience.” Custom trucks tend to range from $700 – $1200 per day depending on features.
  • Refrigerated trucks: These provide refrigeration to keep kegs cold and beer properly chilled at outdoor events on hot days. Refrigerated units add $200 – $400 per day to the rental cost.
  • Basic trucks: Simple panel trucks outfitted with taps, but without extensive branding or refrigeration. Lower cost option ranging from $500 – $800 per day.
  • Vintage trucks: Older classic trucks and buses are also popular for a retro, festival vibe. Rates are similar to custom trucks.
  • Small trucks: Some companies offer smaller trucks with 1-2 taps for smaller events. These compact rentals can be $150 – $300 per day.

According to Sacramento Beer Rentals, the average hourly cost of renting a beer truck is between $75 and $150 in the United States. An average-size beer truck would likely cost about $500 for a full day rental, but this can vary widely depending on the provider.

The total rental fee for a beer truck at Garnish Catering is $350, which includes a gas fee of $50, a truck rental fee of $200, and a pick-up/drop-off fee of $100.

The truck rental fee at Zymurgy Brewing Co is $200 per 24-hour period, or $150 per 24-hour period with a Zymurgy keg purchase. Delivery within 15 miles is free, while delivery within 16-30 miles incurs a $50 fee.

At Mean Joe Green, the pricing for renting a beer truck is as follows: $900 for a one-day rental, $750 for “Just the Truck” one-day rental, and $900 for the truck setup as a 2-tap beer truck. Additional charges apply for each additional 2 taps added to the truck.

Factors Influencing Rental Costs

The base price to rent a beer truck may start around $500/day. However, many additional factors can increase the total rental rates:

  • Rental duration – Weekends tend to cost more than weekdays. Multi-day rentals usually offer discounts.
  • Location – Trucks in high-demand metro areas like Los Angeles or New York City will carry higher rental fees.
  • Time of year – Peak seasons like spring and fall tend to be more expensive for rentals.
  • Beer selection – More specialty, imported, and craft beer options raise the price over basic domestics.
  • Branding & features – Custom paint jobs, lights, and refrigeration units increase rental costs over basic trucks.
  • Staffing – Hiring staff for pouring, setup, and breakdown adds expense. Required at most events.
  • Licensing & permits – Any special event licensing fees get passed onto the client.
  • Insurance – Events may need to pay additional fees if insurance and liability coverage is required.

For a fully-equipped beer truck with staffing for a 1–2-day rental, expect to pay $1000-1500. Shorter weekday rentals can potentially cost $500-800. Keep reading for tips to save money on your rental.

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Benefits of Renting a Beer Truck

There are several advantages to hiring a mobile beer truck for your special event:

  • Convenience: Everything is handled for you – beer selection, taps, refrigeration, and serving staff. All you need to provide is a flat space to park the truck.
  • Variety: Beer trucks allow you to offer various craft, import, domestic, and specialty beer options that would be impossible to provide yourself with a limited selection of kegs.
  • Atmosphere: A beer truck creates an exciting, energetic vibe at any outdoor party, festival, or wedding. Your guests will love the experience of being served fresh draught beer from a fun truck.

How to Choose the Right Beer Truck Rental

The type of beer truck you need depends on considerations like:

  • Event size – Smaller basic trucks are fine for intimately-sized events under 75 people and cost $500-800. Larger parties need more taps and kegs which raises rental fees to $1000-1500.
  • Beer selection – If offering craft or imported beer, look for a truck with 5-6 taps and enhanced cooling capabilities. This premium beer selection adds 15-25% to the base rental rate.
  • Added services – Evaluate your needs for staffing, glassware rentals, licensing assistance, setup/takedown, and insurance. Staffing costs around $200 per staff member.
  • Décor – A customized or branded truck adds excitement but tacks on 10-30% extra. A basic truck still gets the job done at the lowest possible cost.

Take time to communicate your needs to the rental company to find the best beer truck rental fit.

What to Expect in Terms of Beer Truck Rental Services

The rental company and staff handle everything related to your beer truck operation:

  • Set up & decoration – The truck will arrive 1-2 hours pre-event to set up taps, kegs, signage, lighting, etc.
  • Serving timing – Staff will begin pouring once the event starts, managing flow and lines throughout. Staffing fees are typically $200 per person.
  • Breakdown & cleaning – Staff removes all taps, kegs, trash at event end and cleans the truck before departure. Breakdown/cleanup usually takes 1-2 hours.
  • Staffing – Experienced pourers will bring energy while serving up beers. They handle ID checks, tokens, glassware, etc. Most rental packages include staff.
  • Licensing – Rental companies obtain the required liquor permits and event licenses based on location. Permits add $50-150 to the costs.

Common Events That Benefit from a Beer Truck Rental

Beer Truck For EventsMany types of occasions can be enhanced with a mobile beer truck onsite:

  • Weddings – Let guests enjoy flowing beer at the reception without bar hassles.
  • Festivals – Events with many attendees need multiple drink stations.
  • Corporate parties – Impress employees or clients with fresh local brews.
  • Birthdays – For 21st birthdays and big milestone parties, a beer truck is a hit.
  • Sporting events – A mobile truck lets fans grap tap beer from their seats.
  • Concerts & shows – At outdoor venues, trucks provide quicker beverage service.

For any large group gathering, an onsite beer truck keeps the refreshments flowing.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Beer Truck Rental

To maximize the impact and enjoyment of your special event beer truck, keep these tips in mind:

  • Book early – Reserve your rental 1-2 months out to get the best truck selection and rates.
  • Get the right size truck – Make sure the number of taps and kegs suits your guest count.
  • Confirm power access – Ensure the truck can be located near an electrical outlet for refrigeration.
  • Offer a beer menu – Post signs showcasing the draught beer selection.
  • Provide cups – Have some paper cups on hand for guests who didn’t get one from the truck.
  • Make it visible – Situate the truck in a central spot so guests can easily order beers.
  • Theme your event – Add fun beer-themed decor, games, or photo ops to extend the experience.

Proper planning and smart beer truck placement will delight your guests.


Renting a beer truck for your special event allows you to easily provide delicious, freshly poured draught beer for guests straight from the mobile taps.

While costs can range from $500 to over $1500 per day depending on the features and services required, a beer truck rental eliminates the hassle of stocking, tapping, and serving beer yourself.

Guests will love the fun novelty of being served cold brews out of a decked-out beer truck at your party or event. Just be sure to plan logistics like power access, parking space, and staffing when booking your rental.

With some smart preparation, adding a beer truck to your next gathering or celebration can really make the event memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bar rental come with staff?

Most beer truck rentals come with experienced staff to pour beers, manage lines, and handle setup/cleanup. Staff costs are typically included in the overall rental fee. Events should clarify staffing details with the rental company before booking.

Can I rent a truck without purchasing alcohol?

No, beer truck rental companies require that clients purchase all kegs of beer that will be served on the truck. Rental fees do not include the cost of beer – clients must pay for beer purchases separately.

What is a large beer called?

A large beer is generally referred to as a pint. A pint is 16 oz, which is a full serving size of draught beer. Pint glasses are the typical glassware provided at events serving beer in trucks. Guests can request a large pint size or smaller 12 oz serving.

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