Typical costs for your wedding. What should you expect ?

Franciscan Gardens Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Franciscan Gardens Wedding Cost?

The Franciscan Gardens is a private, elegant, and rustic event venue located in the remarkable San Juan Capistrano, California. This romantic venue is an outdoor garden courtyard ideal for wedding events, designed in a Spanish style, that spans…
Rehearsal Dinner Cost

How Much Does a Rehearsal Dinner Cost?

Preparing for a wedding is a very complicated ordeal. You will have to make a lot of decisions regarding your reception and wedding ceremony, and as soon as you finish with these you will still have to cover important prewedding events like…
Family Lawyer Cost
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How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

A lot of people needing the help of a Family lawyer end up asking themselves how much would the services of this professional cost. Recent studies have shown that the average cost of a family law attorney is between $150 to $500 per hour,…
Grounds for Sculpture Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Grounds for Sculpture Wedding Cost?

Opened in 1992 in Hamilton, New Jersey, Grounds for Sculpture is an exquisite museum, with an impressive garden with over 300 sculptures across 42 acres of outstanding landscapes. Besides the cultural and artistic events, Grounds for Sculpture…
Lyndhurst Castle Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Lyndhurst Castle Wedding Cost?

Lyndhurst Castle, also called the Jay Gould estate is situated on 67 acres close to the Hudson River in Tarrytown, New York. In 1966, Lyndhurst Castle was designated a National Historic Landmark, which now is a stunning venue for fairytale…
Cost to Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress

How Much Does it Cost to Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress?

Many brides find themselves not needing their wedding gowns after the "big day", choosing to resell them instead. Before listing it for sale, you will surely want to ensure it is clean and ready to go to the new bride. When it comes to cleaning…
Montage Laguna Beach Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Montage Laguna Beach Wedding Cost?

Located in Laguna Beach, California, the Montage Laguna Beach is situated over more than 30 amazing coastal acres and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Equipped with 248 rooms, this hotel features three restaurants, a spa, outdoor activities,…
Brooklyn Museum wedding cost

How Much Does a Brooklyn Museum Wedding Cost?

The Brooklyn Museum is located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, United States, and is built on the unceded ancestral lands of the Lenape (Delaware) people. The Museum is one of the largest and most complex in the United States. It is well known…
Addison Park Wedding Cost

How Much Does an Addison Park Wedding Cost?

Addison Park is an amazing place that offers both indoor and outdoor amenities for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. It is located in Aberdeen, New Jersey. The property was first built in 2005 but later on, it has gone through a…
Dance Floor Rental Cost
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How Much Does a Dance Floor Rental Cost?

A dance floor is often required for weddings, parties, mitzvahs, or corporate events. Most of the time the venues have one, but still, there are cases when you will need to rent one instead. One example is outdoor events. Rental companies…
Mail Order Bride Cost

How Much Does a Mail Order Bride Cost?

Nowadays, it is common to go through online dating sites in order to find a match. However, lots of people have resorted to ordering a mail order bride instead. A mail order bride is a service that finds a foreign woman for a possible marriage.…
Haiku Mill Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Haiku Mill Wedding Cost?

Haiku Mill is a wedding venue like no other, that offers a unique, tropical and lush Old World Europe feel. It is located in the small town of Haiku, on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii. Founded in 1858, Haiku Mill has a history of more than…