Lyndhurst Castle Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Lyndhurst Castle Wedding Cost?

Lyndhurst Castle, also called the Jay Gould estate is situated on 67 acres close to the Hudson River in Tarrytown, New York.

In 1966, Lyndhurst Castle was designated a National Historic Landmark, which now is a stunning venue for fairytale weddings with breathtaking views, flourishing gardens, and impressive architecture.

The castle offers couples a memorable experience for their special day, with a variety of services and several indoor and outdoor venues from which to choose.

How Much Does a Lyndhurst Castle Wedding Cost?

The starting cost for renting a venue at Lyndhurst Castle can range from $3,500 up to $5,000 for six hours of event time. Depending on the venue that you choose to rent, the cost may vary and can exceed $5,000.

Keep in mind that these costs include the setup and the cleaning for your ceremony or reception and you will be able to invite 100 to 300 guests indoors and outdoors. states that the starting fee for renting a venue for your wedding at Lyndhurst Castle in the off-peak season is anywhere from $3,500, while in peak season can be around $5,000.

Another dedicated website,, claimed that the average rental fee is between $2,500 and $5,000.

As with any wedding, food and beverages are mandatory, and the costs will vary based on the setup that you choose. Based on our research, the average amount to expect to spend for catering services, cocktails, and drinks will be around $250 per guest.

Depending on the food service setup that you may choose, the overall cost will vary. We did some research on matters of costs and types of food setup and we listed what we could find in the table below:

Buffet setup $140 per guest
2 course plated $155 per guest
3 course plated $170 per guest
4 course plated $190 per guest

As per the alcoholic drinks and cocktails, the average cost per guest will be around $30, depending on which beverage package you choose.

Consider these costs as estimates as they are subject to change. We recommend contacting Lyndhurst Castle for more accurate costs.

You might also like our articles about the cost of having your wedding at Oheka Castle, Castle Hill Inn, or Addison Park. provides a wedding calculator on its website. According to their calculator, the starting cost for a wedding of 50 guests at Lyndhurst Castle can be around $11,500. Meanwhile, a wedding of 100 guests on peak season in an indoor venue, may cost around $21,500.

This cost includes the rental fee for the venue, a cocktail hour, a three-course plated meal, and a five-hour hosted bar with beer, wine, premium liquor, soft drinks, and juices. The cost range will greatly depend on the number of guests, type of food and optional setup, beverage package, and cocktail setup.

On the forum, a member claimed that he received a quote of $45,000 for full wedding expenses at Lyndhurst Castle.

Lyndhurst Castle Venues overview

The Lyndhurst Castle is the ideal location to attend a magnificent and unforgettable wedding. The Location provides several venues both indoor and outdoor for small to large weddings.

Lyndhurst Castle VenuesWhether your wedding is elegant, rustic, or simple, the venues can be customized based on your preferences to feel like royalty on your big special day.

The available venues for a wedding at the Lyndhurst Castle are:

Courtyard Carriage House – This is the most popular venue which can host up to 300 guests for dancing and dinner. The venue is a semi-permanent elegant white tent with extendable side walls for a perfect wedding even in bad weather.

Lyndhurst Mansion –  For smaller, intimate ceremonies, the castle recommends the Lyndhurst Picture Gallery or parlor, followed by a reception on the covered veranda or the Lyndhurst dining room. As already mentioned, the capacity is designed for smaller weddings and can accommodate up to 80 guests.

Great Lawn – The grounds at Lyndhurst are an exceptional representation of 19th-century landscape design, featuring the Great Lawn as a stunning centerpiece. This beautiful location is perfect for hosting magnificent wedding ceremonies, with the Mansion providing a picturesque backdrop. Additionally, the Great Lawn can be tented to accommodate dinners and receptions.

Rose Garden – During the month of June, the Rose Garden is in spectacular full bloom, showcasing a variety of antique, climbing, shrub, and hybrid roses. The garden is an ideal location for wedding ceremonies, with its authentic stone gazebo, where you can enjoy the magnificent view of roses all around you while you say your vows.

The Alley Lawn – Overlooking the Hudson River and having as a dropback the Hook Mountain, Palisades, and the Tappan Zee Bridge, the Alley Lawn is a fairytale-like location for a wedding full of tall oaks, Lynden, sycamore, and chestnut tree along a small apple garden. The location provides the Bowling Alley Riverside Pavilion venue, which features a tea room, an impressive veranda, and two wooden bowling alleys. The venue can be attended by up to 100 guests, in a remarkable and elegant setup for an unforgettable wedding.

Extra costs when renting the event space

The venue’s rental fee includes a common wedding setup such as tables, napkins, banquet chairs, glassware, coffee or tea station, and cake cutting. These are standard amenities that can be improved for an extra cost.

For example, getting an upgrade from banquet chairs to Chiavari chairs may add an extra cost of around $1,300.

The Lyndhurst Castle can provide a wedding cake for your special day with prices starting from $750, depending on the size of the cake, design, ingredients, and other factors.

Additional desserts can be provided by the castle for an additional $1,300 or more, depending on the number of guests that will attend the wedding and the type of dessert.

For extra elegance and a fairytale-like wedding, you can have the wedding venue decorated with votive candles for an additional cost of around $350. Keep in mind that this cost will vary based on the number of candles and their size.

The Lyndhurst Castle event spaces are all featured with outside lighting, but if you want to add more sparkle, you may expect to pay $1,800+ for special lighting.

The parking from the castle may represent an extra cost for your budget, depending on the number of cars you approximate. Also, they offer parking valets for additional costs.

The settled time frame for a wedding is six hours but can be extended for an additional cost that will be around $700 for each extra hour.

Floral arrangements are another additional cost to consider. The cost range for the floral decor will greatly depend on the number of flowers, the type of flowers, and whether or not they are in season.

For an additional cost, you may attend the rehearsal dinner at one of the Lyndhurst Castle venues.

Important things to consider

Lyndhurst Castle needs to approve all the arrangements or decorations that are not provided by them.

The bride will benefit from a bride’s dressing room on her big day.

The official partner of Lyndhurst Castle when it comes to food and beverages is Philip Stone Caterers. They can provide a large variety of delicious menus, cocktail stations, buffet dinner options, or seated dinner options. On the official website, you can find a rich list of different dishes.

The Lyndhurst Castle has several florists that they recommend. You can find a list on their website.

Forbes Magazine stated that Lyndhurst Castle is one of the most beautiful mansions in the United States.

The dancefloor and stage for an outdoor ceremony and reception are included in the rental fee.

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