How Much Does an Addison Park Wedding Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Addison Park is an amazing place that offers both indoor and outdoor amenities for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. It is located in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

The property was first built in 2005 but later on, it has gone through a complete renovation. It is now able to accommodate up to 800 guests, having a big banquet hall, perfect for serving large parties. Some people also choose to organize engagement parties and bridal showers in this location.

How much does an Addison Park wedding cost?

The average wedding at Addison Park will cost somewhere between $175 and $300 per person during peak times like on weekends, based on the experiences of other people who got married there. The menu you opt for, as well as the exact day of the week and the time of year, will influence the cost of your party.

One discussion on the Wedding Bee revealed that a bridal show can cost around $230 to $250 per person on a Saturday night, and this price won’t include alcohol.

Some brides that were married in this place talked about prices between $175 and $250 per person for the party, according to a talk on TheKnot.

Addison Park NJ wedding overview

This venue offers an uncovered outdoor space for outdoor ceremonies, an indoor space, as well as 3 event rooms/spaces that have a combined capacity of 65 to 800 people. Production services and audio/visual services are included as well.

You can get in-house catering, although outside vendors are also welcome. Your typical catering package will usually include everything from coffee to the wedding cake and a choice of entrees, soup, pasta, salad, a premium open bar, and cocktail hour.

What are the extra costs?

These cost estimates don’t include liability insurance, service charges, and any taxes.

Another additional expense to keep in mind is when adding premiums to the menu. Among the most common premiums people choose to add are the veneiesse hour or a seafood bar.

These costs will also see a spike if you choose to add alcohol to your event.

Important things to consider

Addison Park Wedding InsideThe popular Campitiello family offers in-house catering for all weddings held in this location. They are known to have served at the Excelsior Grand catering hall for more than 20 years.

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You will find a list of preferred vendors on the official Addison Park website with everything from music to cinematographers, photographers, event design, floral arrangements, and invitations. You will be sure you will get the best possible services when working with vendors that worked at Addison Park before and are verified by the venue, although the prices might not be the lowest on the market.

For example, florists already know how to make the ballroom or room in which you have your reception perfect with flowers that would blend with the scenery. Videographers will know both how to make videos of high visual quality and how to set their equipment for the best sound.

Photographers will also know how to set up their lighting for the best pictures depending on the time of the day and the individual area. But these are just some examples of why working with the recommended vendors will work the best for you, as long as you don’t know other more professional options.

The venue offers Valet Parking services and onsite parking as well, depending on your needs.

You will be required to respect a certain minimum headcount during certain nights throughout the year.

On some dates, the venue will host two weddings at the same time, according to several brides who either had the wedding there or got a quote.

How can I save money?

If you want to have access to discounted rates and lower prices overall, consider having a wedding day off-season and on a weekday if possible. Dates with less competition and especially weekdays will enable you to negotiate all of the prices and options in a more effective way.

But this is something we could say about any wedding venue, so don’t be afraid to ask around if you’re not set on having your wedding here. You will get a coordinator when working with the Addison Park venue and you can talk to them so that they know the budget they have to work within.

Proper negotiation can help you get other bonuses, like a bridal suite, for example.

Some people also ask the staff at Addison Park about daytime reception. Serving dinner is usually more expensive than brunch and even lunch on most occasions. You can also save on your bill if you choose to eliminate a choice of entrée.

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