How Much Does a Haiku Mill Wedding Cost?

Haiku Mill is a wedding venue like no other, that offers a unique, tropical and lush Old World Europe feel. It is located in the small town of Haiku, on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii.

Founded in 1858, Haiku Mill has a history of more than 160 years, that dates back to Hawaii’s sugar cane industry. These days, it can really offer an experience to remember for soon-to-be couples

How Much Does a Haiku Mill Wedding Cost?

If you want to celebrate your wedding at Haiku Mill, you should be prepared to pay a minimum of $47,000 for the full day for an unforgettable event with a maximum of 45 people, or around $1,100 per guest for a full-service wedding.

According to their official FAQs page, these costs would be affected by various factors including the entertainment requirements, the number of people attending, the day of the week/time of the year, the style of dinner you choose, the number and the type of flowers you want, the amount of time you rent the venue and the selection of chairs.

In the table below you will find the average costs for a wedding at Haiku Mill, depending on the day of the week and the number of hours you rent the venue.

Full-Day Site Fee Only

Day Guests Price
Friday (up to 39 guests) $7,920
Friday (up to 65 guests) $8,470
Friday (up to 85 guests) $9,130
Friday (up to 100 guests) $9,790
Saturday (up to 39 guests) $8,910
Saturday (up to 65 guests) $9,520
Saturday (up to 85 guests) $10,330
Saturday (up to 100 guests) $11,010

3-hour Ceremony Fee (1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.)

Day Guests Price
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday ONLY up to 80 guests $3,960

Additional Time (3-hour Ceremony)

Time Booking Advance Price
Booked in advance Per half hour $550
Less than 72 hours Per half hour $825

3-hour Ceremony Site Fee (12 p.m. – 6 p.m.)

Day Guests Price
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday ONLY up to 80 guests $4,950

Additional Time (3-hour Ceremony)

Time Booking Advance Price
Booked in advance Per half hour $715
Less than 72 hours Per half hour $880

Note: These prices are estimative and are sourced from third-party websites. It is recommended to contact the venue directly for an exact quote as there are so many cost factors to consider.

Haiku Mill Maui WeddingAccording to the LuxuryRetreats.com website, you would have to pay around $7,500 just for renting the venue for 12 hours. This price would only include all the existing lighting, and you will have to bring in everything else, from glasses to chairs.

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Also, Gaelan via IntimateWeddings.com website, said that you should be prepared to pay around $6,500 just for the ceremony, without including any costs with the guests.

In order to book the wedding at Haiku Mill, you have to go through a “consulting group”, instead of the venue directly, according to a member of the online forum WeddingWire.com. She said that you would have to pay around $5,500 for the production coordinator, up to $16,000 for catering for a maximum of fifty people, and $4,000 for the wedding planning.

From a listing on the SimpleMauiWedding.net website, we found that the cost of using the venue for a maximum of three hours on your wedding day and several inclusions, such as having a photographer for two hours, is around $8,300 plus tax.

According to a member of the online forum TheKnot.com, you should plan on spending around $1,100 per guest for celebrating your beautiful wedding at Haiku Mill.

On the same forum, another member said that they would have had to pay around $5,000 for the site fee, and the coordination costs were another 20%. Plus, they would have been charged another $250 for having an onsite representative and another $230 for renting the bridal suite.

Haiku Hill Maui Wedding Venue options

The entire Haiku Mill venue has the capacity to accommodate up to one hundred people. However, this will greatly depend on the setup of your event.

Haiku Mill offers access to the Courtyard, an open-air French-inspired courtyard with a farm table able to seat up to twelve people; the Mill, the brick and stone structure where most of the events are held; the Mango Tree, which is decorated with an antique chandelier and lights, ideal for a cocktail hour; and the Cane House, a private lounge decorated with antiques, ideal for the private bridal suite.

Which are the additional expenses?

Rain is very common in this area and, usually, it lasts from five to fifteen minutes a day. Considering this, the venue offers a large tent for rent, to cover the dining area and the open foyer, for an extra fee, outside of the site costs. In this way, you can ensure that you can have the best wedding, without the fear that rain might ruin it.

This fee is around $2,200 and includes the whole setup and tear down. If you have a large group of guests, you would need to rent more than one tent.

Important things to consider

As the Haiku Mill venue offers small block time for planning a wedding that is smaller, usually with less than eighty guests, you don’t have to rent it for the full day. Couples who want to take advantage of this small Hawaiian wedding option can rent the venue for only a few hours to host the ceremony and take photos.

The Haiku Mill venue works with a list of professional and trusted preferred vendors who have experience working on-site and understand the delicate nature of this property. Because of this, the venue does not allow a vendor per event that is not on the preferred vendor list.

Before working, a vendor must provide all of the necessary insurance requirements and be approved by the club. Though, any vendors that are considered rigging and draping, caterers, lighting, wedding planner, coordinators, DJ services, wedding photography, bar services, washroom providers, transportation, tent providers, and valet cannot come in as unauthorized professionals.

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