How Much Does a Castle Hill Inn Wedding Cost?

Last Updated on September 14, 2023
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The Castel Hill Inn is a famous 40-acre seaside wedding venue located in Newport, Rhode Island at a distance of only three hours from New York City. Back in the late 1800s this historic estate was used to be the home of the scientist Alexander Agassiz.

How Much Does a Castle Hill Inn Wedding Cost?

If you want to celebrate your Newport wedding at the Castle Hill Inn, you should be prepared to pay around $6,500 for renting any venue, plus another more than $220 per guest for catering, depending on what menu you choose.

These costs would not include the gratuity and extra service charges. According to various online sources, though not confirmed, if you are booking on an in-demand date, you will have to pay a minimum of $52,000.

From a blog post on the website EmilyThings.com, we found that the Castle Hill Inn would charge a minimum of $55,000 if you want to have your wedding on a Saturday Evening. According to this post, the overall costs for an average wedding would be anywhere between $75,000 and $110,000.

According to a member on the online forum WeddingBee.com, the cost of a dream wedding at Castle Hill Inn would drop to 50%, if you book your event on a Monday. This member was quoted $180 per person for food, around $1,550 for the ceremony, $55 per person for liquor, and $3,100 for the reception. Though, this is an old post from 2010.

You should be prepared to pay more than $6,000 for renting the venue, around $200 per person for the reception, and almost $470 per night for a room, according to the MarthaStewartWeddings.com website.

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Similar to most weddings, the cost of having your wedding at Castle Hill Inn will be affected by several factors such as the exact wedding location, the event day, whether any additions are necessary, the start time, and the number of people attending.

Castle Hill Inn wedding celebration locations

  • The Lawn that is a large simple, yet majestic garden overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, yet a stunning reception area. This lawn reception is ideal for larger wedding celebrations.
  • The Chalet Terrace offers amazing, breathtaking views of Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This venue includes both an indoor reception area and an outdoor space. The one-of-a-kind Sperry tent is wonderfully lit up for an evening party with beautiful chandeliers or other lighting of your choice. This option comes with plenty of room for both the dance floor and the sit-down reception.
  • The Lighthouse can be considered one of the most magical wedding places on the entire East Coast. It is a great place for taking memorable photos with the lighthouse and the ocean waves crashing in the background.
  • The Chalet with its enchanting, serene, and intimate historic room decorated with wood walls and flooring offers an old charm feel. This option is ideal for those who want to have a small ceremony.

Important things about this historic estate

Castle Hill Inn Wedding InsideAccording to their official website, the maximum wedding guest capacity is two hundred and fifty people.

When booked, all rooms will be reserved in five-hour blocks.

A basic reservation should include, at minimum, all the basics like all dinnerware, tables, and the Chiavari chairs.

The catering will be provided on-site, and, in general, it will start with hors-d’oeuvres, after that will come a three-course plated dinner, and in the end a plated dessert. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from seasonal cuisine and fresh seafood to desserts and sweet cakes. Also, at the bar, you will find a variety of drinks, including liquor, cocktails, and selected wines.

The Caste Hill Inn offers a large variety of services to suit any wedding celebration. They offer experienced service staff for your event, audio-visual equipment, and event planning services.

Parking, wheelchair access, and WiFi are available, as well.

What are the additional expenses?

As you would expect, the Castle Hill Inn has a two-bedroom suite available for the wedding night for the newly wedded couple. Accommodations are available for the guests of the wedding as well.

The venue may provide lawn games such as bocce ball, kite flying, and croquet.

Castle Hill Inn offers luxury spa options such as facials, massages, and soaks for the wedding party.

There is valet parking available for all wedding guests.

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