How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Chicken?

Want fresh eggs without a long-term chicken commitment? More city folks now rent chickens! But how much does it cost to rent a chicken? What extra fees appear? Can costs get trimmed? This article dives deep in the dollars and cents behind temporary chicken rental services taking neighborhoods by storm.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Chicken?

In most areas, standard chicken rental packages cost $200-$400 depending on included gear and rental length. Typically two or more adult hens come bundled with a portable henhouse, feed, and supplies for 4-6 months.

Individual hen breeds and numbers impact overall pricing too. Rare chicken breeds come with higher rental fees usually. But even common clucks like Rhode Island Reds rent affordably to keep startup costs low.

Rent the Chicken’ is one of the companies that let families rent two, four, or more egg-producing hens. It has locations across the nation.

Their website states that those interested can pay $665 for two hens, or $915 for four. Along with that fee, buyers will also get the coop, food and water dishes, feed to last the entire rental period, instructions, and free delivery to the Houston area.

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Owner Desirae Brown runs the operation in Centerville. The Houston Chronicle said five to eight families in the area rent chickens from Brown, whom they affectionately call “Homestead Dez” and about 95% of the families adopt the chickens at the end of the rental period.

Fox News notes that for $575, a 6-month rental offers a coop, feeder, water, food, and two hens.

Willow City Farm, on the other hand, lists costs of $375 for seasonal rental from April to October, $310 for three-month rental, and $80 for month-to-month rental extension after the initial contract reaches its end.

Rent Backyard Hens offers one-month (4-week), two-month (8-week), and three-month (12-week) rental packages that include everything needed to start enjoying the benefits of backyard hens and fresh organic eggs.

Factors Influencing Chicken Rental Pricing

  • Location: Urban farms in packed metro zones lift chicken rental rates higher than surrounding rural locales housing many chicks already.
  • Hen Numbers/Breeds: Popular white egg varieties like Leghorns rent cheaper than exotic breeds or larger flocks with 4-5 chickens.
  • Coop Quality: Custom-crafted or fancy manufactured coops raise rental package costs over basic portable models.
  • Rental Term Length: Long 12 month leasing terms can land you 10-15% discounts over short 3-6 month rental packages targeting temporary egg production.

Other Chicken Rental Responsibilities

Beyond base rental bundle fees, additional chicken care duties also have an influence on the final bill, including:

  • Feeding/Watering: Owners must provide the chickens with enough feed and clean water to keep them healthy.
  • Waste Removal: Renters handle scooping droppings pits inside coops to keep things sanitary.
  • Egg Gathering: Checking nest boxes for daily egg yields and protecting eggs from breakage falls on renters.
  • Coop Cleaning: Renters maintain coop interiors through sweeping, disinfecting, and replacing soiled bedding regularly.

Smart Strategies for Reducing Chicken Rental Costs

Chicken CoopSavvy chicken renting tactics can reduce out-of-pocket expenses, including:

  1. Split Costs With Neighbors: Co-renting egg-laying chickens with multiple households divides expenses across more egg eaters.
  2. Construct Custom Coops: Handcrafted henhouses skip expensive prefab coop rental fees.
  3. Extend Agreements: Locking in longer 6-12 month rentals secures cheaper monthly rates typically.
  4. Buy Discounted Feed: Purchasing layer feed in bulk bags drops costs below small packages.
  5. Reduce Transportation fee: You can reduce transportation fees by getting the chickens locally as long as you’re in the free delivery area. This is usually within 50 miles.
  6. Learn DIY Flock Care: Basic skills like egg gathering, coop cleaning, and feed prep reduce paid helpers.

Final Words

When city codes or space restrict permanent chicken coops, temporary bird boarding serves up farm-fresh eggs for temporary periods. Short weekend arrangements or extended 1 year contracts both satisfy egg cravings without long-term care duties.

While base rental rates of $200-$400 are very common for packages, additional feed, cleaning tools, and renter labor adjust the costs. Factoring lease term length, hen breed rarity, shared/solo renting, and DIY elements enable renters to control curbing crazy prices.

So for a trial backyard chicken run or stopgap weekend egg production between permanent flocks, creative chicken leasing models offer flexible options previously out of reach for urban agriculture fans! Just review all rental requirements beforehand so no surprises ruffle feathers later. Then prepare to embrace those delicious homegrown eggs now accessible through modern rental chicken services today!

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