How Much Does Beef Brisket Cost?

Understanding what impacts brisket costs allows you to budget properly for this tasty meat. Prices fluctuate regularly, but this guide covers everything needed to enjoy delicious brisket without overspending. It also covers tips for getting delicious brisket without overspending.

How Much Does Beef Brisket Cost?

Beef brisket costs vary quite a bit. Prices range from around $3 per pound on the low end to $15 or even over $20 per pound for premium quality. Many factors impact the final brisket cost per pound a buyer faces.

Tabetha’s Table notes that the current average price of brisket in most parts of the United States ranges from $3 to $6 per pound for select-grade. Meanwhile, the per-pound price of higher quality brisket, such as USDA Prime, USDA Choice, or Wagyu beef, is usually much higher.

Toast POS The average national price per pound of brisket is $3.76 in August, representing a 2% month-over-month increase in the average price of wholesale restaurant.

Grill Master University states that, on average, whole brisket is around $4 to $5 a pound. However, prices can range from roughly $2 a pound to as much as $22 per pound.

Red Barn Meats, INC offers whole beef brisket at a price of $8.75 per pound.

Walmart lists Twist’d Q – American Royal Texas Bold Beef Brisket Rub – 2 Pack at a price of $19.95.

So Why Pay for Brisket?

Before getting into costs, what makes brisket worthy of its frequently high price tag versus other beef cuts? Brisket comes from the cow’s chest area, so the muscles support over half the animal’s weight. This creates meat infused with connective tissues that provide rich flavor.

Brisket takes skill to cook right too. Done incorrectly it turns chewy and tough. But proper slow cooking tenderizes it into a juicy, fall-apart texture with magnificent taste. So ideal preparation turns brisket into an incredible dining experience on par with far pricier cuts.

Average Brisket Prices Per Pound

As with anything else in this world, no definitive universal price exists. Costs shift regularly with changing factors like season and holidays, regional beef pricing variations and individual grocery supply and demand.

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But nationally most beef brisket sells between $4-$5 per pound at retail on average. Sale prices occasionally fall around $3 per pound. Prime cuts from high-end providers run $15 all the way upwards of $25+ per pound.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Brisket

Many variables impact final brisket costs including:

  • Specific cut – Flat cuts are the most expensive. Point cut and full packers cost noticeably less.
  • Quality grade – Prime or Certified Angus grades outweigh lower Select or Standard grades.
  • Purchase volume – Buying smaller quantities leads to higher per pound pricing.
  • Store type – Local butchers and specialty shops exceed big box chains.

As a forgiving yet potentially spectacular cut, brisket deserves strong consideration next barbecue or holiday meal despite the high price on premium offerings.

Added Costs Beyond the Brisket Itself

Other equipment and ingredients to factor into total brisket meal budgeting include:

  • Rubs and sauces – $5+ for quality premade blends if not homemade.
  • BBQ Smoker – $300+ for entry-level, $1,000+ for high-end smokers.
  • Fuel – $10+ for several hours use of wood pellets.
  • Wood chunks – $5 to $15 for flavoring during smokes.

So add approximately $25 to $40 on average in accessories to fully finish brisket.

Of course, all these items can be used to cook a lot of other recipes beyond just a single brisket session.

How to Get Brisket at the Best Values

Whole Beef BrisketThese buying and research tips help find deals on delicious brisket:

  • Check flyers for sales – Stock up when featured specials hit ideal brisket pricing.
  • Buy warehouse store packs – Bulk options like those at Costco offer solid savings.
  • Seek seller overstock specials – Ask butcher counters if they have any manager specials on brisket packs they are eager to move.
  • Check local wholesale suppliers – Search for restaurant food wholesalers open to public orders even in small quantities.
  • Talk to specialty restaurants – Some high-end barbecue joints may sell retail cuts alongside catering orders.
  • Buy whole cow sides to get brisket and other beef cuts

A bit of effort pays off with brisket equal or better quality than grocers at noticeably discounted per pound pricing.

Is Splurging on Prime Grades Worth It?

Paying roughly triple baseline costs brings extra-special, melt-in-your-mouth results. But basic Certified Angus still pleases at more affordable rates for average cooking. Consider reserving Prime for when impressing guests at holidays and celebrations.

In total, budgeting $100 covers a 15-pound packer brisket flat feeding ~20 people including juicy meat alongside classic home-smoked flavors.

Buying Tips

Properly selecting brisket also optimizes spend:

  • Choose based on preparation method – smoked, braised, grilled, etc.
  • Pick size fitting serving needs – about 0.5 pounds per person
  • Seek high quality grades like Prime or Certified Angus

Checking for uniform thickness and evenly distributed fat also prevents overpaying for irregular pieces.

Final Words

Boneless beef brisket prices fluctuate but expect to spend an average of $4 to $5 per pound retail. Exact costs vary according to cut, grade, and other fluctuating factors. But with strategic research and buying approaches, serving mouthwatering brisket stays realistically affordable for most cooks and occasions.

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