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Peanut Butter Cost

Peanut Butter Cost

Creamy, crunchy, with a well-known sweetness or spread on rice slices, peanut butter is by far the most popular and versatile spreadable product; and the most delicious, some would add. We like it so much that now we add it in shakes, smoothies,…
Ostrich Eggs
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Ostrich Egg Cost

The ostrich egg is the largest of all bird eggs on Earth. This is not surprising, as they are carried by the largest birds in the world. Surprisingly, if you correlate the size of an egg with the size of the ostrich itself, it turns out that…
Roast beef Prime Rib

Prime Rib Cost

The priciest cut on the meat market, prime rib is well worth every penny you spend. Not only does it taste amazing but unlike other cuts of beef, this one stays juicy and tender all throughout cooking times from roasting to grilling or steak-making. The…
Angus Cow Cost

Black Angus Cow Cost

The Black Angus cow is a breed of cattle typically used in beef production. The most common color for the Angus cow is black, although other colors have been emerging recently as well - red being the newest one on the market. In America, both…
Ribeye Steak Cost

Ribeye Steak Cost

Being carved from the beef rib, the ribeye can be found between the shoulder, the loin, from ribs six through twelve. The unique outlining of the meat with white lines, also known as the marbling, is due to the additional amount of intramuscular…
Blue Crab Cost

The Cost of Blue Crabs

  The blue crab is a saltwater crustacean with brilliantly colored claws. The males have olive-green carapace and brilliant blue claws, while the females are adorned in red-tipped claws, which they show off to attract mates during mating…
Spinach Cost

The Cost of Spinach

Spinach is a leafy green of the dark variety that is usually added in salads or mixed in other dishes. Spinach originates from central and southwestern Asia but can now be grown almost anywhere around the world. The plant's flowers are not very…
Ice Cream Cost

The Cost of Ice Cream

There are many reasons why ice cream is one of the most popular desserts. It's cool, refreshing, and creamy; and is available in hundreds of flavors to choose from in just about any grocery store across the country. How much does ice cream…
Hot Dog Cost

The Cost of Hot Dogs

A hot dog consists of a heated sausage, in an elongated roll of wheat flour, which is usually deep-fried or cooked. The roll is cut into two along slices and heated. Then the sausage is placed inside and decorated with warm sauces (ketchup,…
Zucchini Cost

The Cost of Zucchini

Growing zucchini in your garden is a relatively easy task and will allow you to enjoy an almost endless supply of this tasty vegetable. If you're not up for the growing process, it can be found at most grocery stores depending on the time of…
French Fries Cost

The Cost of French Fries

The most common food in America is the french fry. They are sometimes called chips. The long, thin pieces of potato are deep-fried until crispy on the outside and soft to your bite from being boiled whole for a few minutes before frying. Fries…
Cost of Energy Drinks
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The Cost of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are indispensable to those who need a quick pick-me-up. In order to provide the energy you need, these beverages often have high levels of sugar and caffeine that give you an instant boost in your mood. For people on the go, this…