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Hedgehog cost review

The African Pygmy hedgehog, or typical family pet hedgehog, is a small, primarily nighttime mammal with quills. Hedgehogs attract people trying to find an uncommon, wacky family pet that is also cuddly, peaceful, and odorless.

Normal expenses:

Hedgehogs vary in rate from about $70 to $250, depending on the hedgehog’s color, personality, and age.
Some breeders offer hedgehog starter packages for around $75 that consist of a cage, wheel, a concealing location, a water bottle, a feed bowl and food, and some shavings.
Hedgehogs live between 4 and 6 years. The older the hedgehog the less costly it will be.

What should you receive with the purchase:

hedgehog-ballAt a minimum, a hedgehog purchase should also get you a health certificate.
Lots of breeders also provide a cage, a little bag of food, blanket, and often even the airline ticket for delivering the family pet.
Hedgehog quills are not as sharp as a porcupine’s, and no injuries are mentioned in online hedgehog pet forums. Hedgehog owners are specifically keen on their pets’ capability to roll into a tight ball, hiding their bodies, with their quills protruding.
Hedgehogs fall in 2 color groups, White-Bellied and Algerian.
Without the correct socializing, hedgehogs can be skittish around human beings. A grown hedgehog that hasn’t been interacting socially will spend some time to “get close” to an individual.

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Extra expenses:

A wire or plastic cage costs between $35 and $80. Keep in mind that hedgehog lovers recommend against utilizing a fish tank since they’re difficult to clean and, more importantly, they have bad ventilation.
Hedgehogs like to work out. Balls and other toys appropriate for gerbils or felines would work great with hedgehogs as well; these vary in cost from $1 to $10 at pet shops.
Give concealing locations in the cage. These can be anything from a PVC pipeline to a reversed shoe box, however, store-bought variations for little rodents run from $5 to about $20.
Litter trays cost around $8; litter is between $10 and $20. A bag will last about 4 months, breeders say.

Hedgehogs are omnivores, and because they’re fairly brand-new animals there aren’t specialized foods for them. Feline foods can be utilized. Dry kibble costs between $5 and $8 for a four-pound bag and, at 4 tablespoons daily, must last about a month.
A common vet checkout costs between $30 and $60, depending on the veterinarian.

Searching for a hedgehog:

Hedgehogs are seen as unique family pets and as such are unlawful to own in some states and cities. Check out local regulations to be sure hedgehog ownership is lawful or if an authorization is required.
When searching for a hedgehog online, make sure to type your zip code in the browser to make sure you can buy one in your state.

Is a hedgehog good as a pet?

If you want something unique, outside of what is commonly known as a pet, if you want an ice breaker, something to turn heads when you start talking about, then a hedgehog will surely do the job. They are very cuddly and fun to play with.

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