How Much Does a Gargoyle Gecko Cost?

Last Updated on May 19, 2024
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Gargoyle geckos have quickly become a popular pet reptile species. With their unique appearance and generally docile temperament, it’s easy to see why these exotic lizards are gaining fans.

But before bringing one of these intriguing animals home, it’s important to understand the costs involved in properly caring for them. This article will break down everything you need to know about gargoyle gecko pricing and expenses.

We’ll cover the upfront costs of purchasing and setting up for a gargoyle gecko, as well as recurring expenses like food, housing maintenance, and veterinary bills.

You’ll also learn where to find captive-bred gargoyle geckos and how to choose an ethical, responsible breeder or supplier.


Here are the takeaways on costs of owning a gargoyle gecko:

  • Purchase price ranges from $80 – $350 for the gecko
  • Expect to spend at least $200 more on a proper habitat & accessories
  • Annual care & feeding totals around $200 for one lizard
  • Vet costs are mostly minor unless illness/injury strikes
  • Budget plenty upfront for ideal setup – stop making cheap expenses!

How Much Does a Gargoyle Gecko Cost?

The purchase price of a gargoyle gecko varies widely depending on age, morph, breeder reputation, and location. In general, expect to spend between $80-$350 for a single gargoyle gecko. Special color and pattern combinations called “morphs” often fetch prices at the higher end from specialty breeders.

In addition to the lizard itself, you’ll need to budget roughly $200 to properly setup your gargoyle gecko’s habitat and furnish it with necessary supplies. The minimum recommended enclosure size for one or two adult gargoyle geckos is a 20-gallon tall glass terrarium.

Other habitat startup costs include:

  • Substrate like moss or soil – $20
  • Hiding places – $30
  • Bowls for food and water – $10
  • Supplemental heating and lighting – $50 – $100
  • Temperature and humidity gauge – $15

You should budget $300 to $550 to purchase your gargoyle gecko and everything they’ll need for a healthy, enriching home. Properly setting up their habitat right away is very important.

MorphMarket for example, lists Gargoyle Geckos for sale, with prices ranging from $124.99 to $2,000.

TikisGeckos sells Gargoyle Geckos with costs ranging from $399.99 to $499.99, depending on the morph and age of the gecko.

Imperial Reptiles also offers Gargoyle Geckos that cost between $124.99 to $249.99.

While gargoyle geckos make fairly affordable pet reptiles, they still require specialized care and expenses. If you budget realistically and prepare thoroughly though, the rewards of keeping one of these captivating lizards outweighs the costs for most exotic pet lovers.

Factors That Determine Gargoyle Gecko Pricing

Many factors influence gargoyle gecko pricing in today’s exotic pet marketplace.

These include:

Age: Baby gargoyle geckos under one year old often cost $100 to $250. Young juveniles are the most common age to find available. Adult gargoyle geckos over 3 years old range from $150 to $350.

Morphs: Selective breeding has produced gorgeous morphs, some quite rare. Red-eyed lucistic albino gargoyle geckos sell for $250 and up. Other morphs like giants, enigma, blizzard, and creamsicle can fetch over $300.

Breeder Reputation: Buying from specialty breeders with excellent reputations often costs more. But it may be worth it for their health and temperament guarantees.

Captive Bred vs Wild Caught: Only purchase a captive-born-and-bred gargoyle gecko, as wild caught animals frequently have health issues and are illegal in many places.

Location and Shipping: Prices fluctuate for gargoyle geckos depending on part of the country. Having your new pet shipped will cost $50 to $100 or more.

Supply and Demand: Rare and unusual color and pattern morphs understandably come with a higher price tag thanks to scarcity and collector demand. Their price tags run over $500 in some cases.

So, you can see, gargoyle geckos range quite a lot in purchase price depending on the individual animal’s traits as well as market factors.

An Overview of Gargoyle Geckos as Pets

Native to the island of New Caledonia, gargoyle geckos are a small tropical lizard species that reach between 6 to 8 inches long at maturity. They get their name from the knobby protrusions above their eyes that resemble the gargoyles found on Gothic buildings. These nocturnal, tree-dwelling lizards come in a stunning array of colors and patterns thanks to captive breeding programs selective breeding.

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Gargoyle geckos are gaining popularity as pets because of their gentle disposition, moderate size, and simple care requirements compared to other exotic reptiles. They do not require intense heat and UV lighting setups that some tropical lizards do. Their basic needs include providing proper temperatures, humidity, hiding places, and a varied diet.

With proper care, gargoyle geckos can live 15 to 20 years in captivity. So, while the startup costs may seem high, they make engaging, long-term reptile pets.

What Are Recurring Gargoyle Gecko Care Costs?

Gargoyle Gecko On a StickCaring for a gargoyle gecko isn’t extremely expensive over time compared to some other herps and exotics. But you should still budget around $200 per year to properly feed and care for one lizard. Monthly costs break down to:

  • Food – $15 to $25
  • Housing Maintenance – $10
  • Basic Healthcare – $5 to $10

Dietary costs make up the majority of ongoing gargoyle gecko care. Offer a balanced mix of commercial crested gecko diet, meal replacement powders, and live feeder insects. Check your feeder insect colony weekly to ensure proper ratios and offer them accordingly.

Terrarium maintenance involves spot cleaning waste frequently, as well as replacing substrates and making structural repairs occasionally. Budget substrate material and accessories replacement once a year.

Basic veterinary care for a healthy gargoyle gecko includes just an annual wellness exam, fecal test, and parasite prevention. But you must establish a relationship with an exotics vet in case illness or injury strikes. Exotic pet insurance policies help offset unpredictable vet costs.

Where to Buy a Pet Gargoyle Gecko

Always obtain gargoyle geckos from reputable, ethical sources that focus on captive-bred animals, not wild caught.

The best options are:

  1. Specialty breeders – often have the healthiest, best socialized geckos.
  2. Reptile expos – offer selection but closely inspect animals first.
  3. Online reptile retailers – convenient but don’t guarantee health & origins.

Avoid big chain pet stores as they frequently source animals from reptile mills with questionable breeding and housing practices. No matter where you obtain one, carefully inspect your gargoyle gecko’s health prior to purchasing.

Learn to identify signs of good health including:

  • Bright, alert eyes & skin
  • Normal breathing
  • Intact tail and toes
  • Good body weight
  • Smooth skin

Finding the right gargoyle gecko for your family may take some searching. But bringing home a healthy, vibrant new friend is well worth the effort!

Additional Considerations of Gargoyle Gecko Ownership

Before purchasing any exotic lizard, honestly assess if you can provide the steady time commitment caring for a gargoyle gecko requires. While their care is simpler than many pets, you must attend to their specialized needs daily. Join online forums to connect with experienced keepers for tips and troubleshooting.

Also understand your regional laws on keeping exotic pets like gargoyle geckos before obtaining one. Some municipalities restrict ownership. And special permits may apply for certain morphs and species.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Affect Gargoyle Gecko Pricing?

Many elements influence gargoyle gecko cost: age, rare color morphs, breeder reputation, location/shipping fees, supply, and demand rarity, and whether the animal is captive bred or wild caught.

Baby and juvenile geckos under 1 year old range $100-$250 normally. Stunning color and pattern morphs like red-eyed lucistic albino and giant can cost over $350. When sourcing a gargoyle gecko, only purchase from an ethical, captive-breeding operation. Avoid wild caught specimens.

What Are Initial Gargoyle Gecko Setup Costs?

You should budget at least $200 for your gargoyle gecko’s habitat setup in addition to their purchase price.

Necessities include an adequately sized glass terrarium (20+ gallon recommended), substrate, hiding places, food/water bowls, heating/lighting devices, thermometer, and humidity gauge. Buy the highest quality terrarium and accessories you can afford upfront, as this saves money over.

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