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How Much Does an Ostrich Egg Cost?

Ostrich Eggs

The ostrich egg is the largest of all bird eggs on Earth. This is not surprising, as they are carried by the largest living birds in the world. Surprisingly, if you correlate the size of the egg with the body size of the ostrich itself, it turns out that these are the smallest bird eggs, for the bird inside, in the world.

One ostrich egg is equivalent to two dozen chicken eggs. If you’re going to be hosting a party with 50 guests, this means that one omelet can feed them all.

How much does an ostrich egg cost?

A single ostrich egg can range in price from $20 to as much as $50+, depending on a couple of factors. Prices will always be higher during the spring and summer months when demand is high because this time period offers increased fertility rates for eggs. For example, a fertile ostrich egg can cost more than $100.

When you’re purchasing ostrich eggs you should know that there’s also a significant difference between prices at different retailers; some are more expensive than others due to the availability, how much an ostrich egg weighs, or the variety of ostrich products offered (i.e. farm fresh eggs).

At Floeckscountry.com you can choose from a large variety of eggs. For example, three fresh ostrich eggs cost $150, while an extra small fresh ostrich egg for eating is $35.

Ostrich eggs are so exclusive that they only come to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s once in a blue moon. If you’re lucky enough to find one, the average price is $20.

An empty eggshell, used in art projects such as jewelry or decorative eggs for Easter time can cost you $20 to $30 per shell.

Ostrich egg details

Ostrich eggs come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, depending on the breed and color of the plumage. Emu ostriches have dark plumage and their eggs are dark green, almost black. White-gray Nanda birds produce yellow-pink eggs. Their shell is similar to porcelain, it is thin, and light, but at the same time very strong and very difficult to break.

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An average egg is about 5.9 inches long and 4.7 – 5.1 inches in diameter. The ratio of egg yolk to egg white is higher like a chicken egg. Depending on the source of the ostrich eggs (wild or farm) that determines the bird’s diet (natural diet or various food combinations), the yolk may have different shades of yellow-orange. There are also pieces or bunches of translucent egg whites that you don’t see in chickens and other eggs.

Compared to chicken eggs, ostrich eggs have more calories, less cholesterol, and are low in fat, as well as fewer vitamins, especially vitamins A and E, but more selenium and more Omega-3.

There is no vitamin C and no dietary fiber in ostrich eggs or other eggs. But what birds eat can have major effects on the resulting nutritional profile of eggs and the health benefits they provide.

What are the extra costs?

If you buy online, shipping costs can be anywhere from $5 to $20 depending on the size and weight of your package. Priority mailing options will cost more than regular postage rates.

Important things to remember

Ostrich eggs are edible. You can cook and eat them just like chicken eggs, duck, goose, turkey, quail, or any other kind of egg. Some recipes will reveal the special aroma of this egg, others will soften it. Although some people might not even distinguish the taste of an ostrich egg from farm sources from that of a chicken egg. You can prepare an ostrich egg omelet flavored with salt and pepper and milk.

An average ostrich egg weighs around 3 lbs, and it takes 45 minutes to an hour to cook until soft boiled and 60 to 90 minutes to cook hard boiled. Larger eggs, 4 lbs or more, may need up to 2 hours to cook hard-boiled per egg.

If you put the egg in cold water, it will take longer to cook, especially since you need to continue to add water as it evaporates, given the long cooking time. If you put the egg in boiling water in an extremely large pot, you can reduce the cooking time by even half an hour. Due to its weight, this special variety takes a long time to cook whole. In general, it can be cooked like any other kind of egg.

An average ostrich egg is enough for 10-12 servings.

To break an egg, you need to cut the tip with a serrated knife or simply use a hammer and chisel.

Ostrich eggs can be stored for about three months.

The ostriches lay their eggs in the warm sand to keep them from being killed by bacteria. They then carefully apply a layer of natural wax onto them, which protects them while the eggs are incubated.

How can I save money?

To save on your grocery bill, you should buy a dozen or more eggs at a time. You will find ostrich eggs for sale and get discounts from some farmers if you buy in larger quantities.

Why are ostrich farms so profitable?

Raising common ostriches is a profitable business with small initial investment. When it comes to ostriches, nothing is lost, even the skin is considered a luxury product! Wallets, handbags, belts, and even shoes are made of it.

In this type of business is room for anyone who wants to make money from growing ostriches, and whoever starts now can easily reach customers. In addition, ostriches have a fast growth yield, they are birds that do not require a vaccine, they live a lot and they get ill very difficult!

The space needed to grow ostriches? Ostriches are flightless birds and you’ll just have to arrange the shelter in an existing building – shed, stable, etc., the rest of the space should only be fenced.

Ostrich Eggs CostThe time allotted for daily care is approx. one hour in the morning, for food and water daily, and in the evening half an hour for cleaning, and picking eggs.

Why grow ostriches and nothing else? Unmet local demand, few competitors, the possibility of exporting due to the high demand from Western countries, cheap food, low-fat meat and cholesterol, high-fat yield, total usage including of the skin, eggshells, and even feathers in the decoration industry, make ostrich growth an activity that is easy to exploit and capitalize on!

Reproduction and mating season in ostriches – if not slaughtered, the ostriches are kept for breeding: the male reaches sexual maturity at 30 months, and the female at 20 months. Female ostriches can be mated until the age of 30.

Laying eggs – a female produces around 70-100 eggs in a season. The body maturity of the ostriches is 3-4 years when the laying of eggs begins constantly. The female lays one egg every two days in a series of 10-15 eggs for 20-30 days.

After a laying cycle of 10-15 eggs follows a recovery period of 3-6 days after which a new laying cycle begins. The incubation period of ostrich eggs is 6 weeks with limits between 41-43 days, after which baby ostrich hatch. The breeding time for ostrich is 45-48 years, during which time the female lays eggs.

Ostriches are herbivorous bird species that can grow very easily in an extensive ecological system, the basic food being provided on pasture. Among the roots, the sugar beet, and the pumpkin, offered chopped, are well consumed, and in the feed of ostrich chicks for up to 90 days it is good to ensure fodder carrots.

The ostrich meat business

The desideratum that underlies the establishment of the ostrich farm is one of a purely economic nature. The growth of ostriches is one of the best opportunities to invest in agriculture. This activity has developed a lot in recent years in many countries in America, Asia, and Europe. There is a demand in the international and local markets dissatisfied with current production.

Due to the spongiform encephalopathy of cattle and foot-and-mouth disease in pigs, ostrich meat is gaining more and more ground in front of cow and pork meat. In addition, the ostrich is not affected by diseases specific to animals of consumption.

These huge birds can be fully exploited because their red meat, skin, and feathers are sought, as well as eggs, and chicks. Ostrich meat has different nutritional qualities from beef and pork, being an ideal food for those who want to keep a diet and for heart problems. It is the meat with the lowest fat content, ten times less than pork, and contains 50% less cholesterol than beef and pork. The ostrich meat is sold in America for over $50 per kilogram.

Ostrich skin, three times more valuable than crocodile skin, is used mainly in luxury leather. A women’s ostrich leather purse was sold in the West for $ 1,200.

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