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How Much Does Colorado Athletic Club Membership Cost?

The Colorado Athletic Club is a tennis and athletic club that provides different services, fitness programs, and cutting-edge amenities. It is part of Wellbridge, which runs many clubs in different states, including Maryland, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Georgia. The club has seven locations along the state’s Front Range, including Flatirons, Boulder, Monaco, Tabor Center, Inverness, Downtown, and DTC.

How Much Does Colorado Athletic Club Membership Cost?

The cost of a Colorado Athletic Club membership would start at around $55 per month for an individual and go up to more than $140 per month for couples. Depending on the current promotion, for the initiation fee you will have to pay anywhere from $0 to around $120.

The prices are affected by several factors such as the type of membership you sign up for and the current promotion being held. You will most likely be able to find discounts for individuals who work with certain employers, seniors, and students.

For instance, if you are an employee of the University Physician’s Inc., University of Colorado, or University of Colorado Health, you are entitled to discounted memberships and enrollment fees at the Colorado Athletic Club.

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The enrollment fee for couples/families is around $110, while an individual will have to pay almost $55 for the enrollment fee. This one-time fee is available for the entire length of the membership agreement. A $25 discount is available for month-to-month membership rates.

The age also affects the cost of a Colorado Athletic Club membership according to a member of Yelp.com. According to that individual, people who are under 30 years old have to pay around $85 per month, while those over 30 years have to pay around $120 per month. Also, he says that the cost of those who are entitled to corporate discounts is around $110 per month.

According to the BoulderTriClub.com website, the cost of a membership at the Colorado Athletic Club Flatirons location is around $135 per month per couple and $75 per month for individuals. Also, if you pay one year in advance, you will get a 10% discount.

Colorado Athletic gym membership review

All Colorado Athletic Club locations vary, but the average size of the gym is around 40,000 square feet. It is usually equipped with a care facility, heated indoor and outdoor pools, executive-style locker rooms, and multiple studios.

The amenities included in a membership package are personal training options, locker room, yoga, hot tub, Pilates, steam room, spin classes, sauna, Zumba, ample free weights, fitness floor, aqua workouts, strength training, and cardio equipment.

The Colorado Athletic Club opens at 05:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, and at 07:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It closes at 09:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, at 07:00 p.m. on Friday, and at 06:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

What are the additional expenses?

Colorado Athletic Club From AboveFor peace of mind, while you are exercising, Colorado Athletic Club offers daycare at the price of around $20 per three hours.

Personal trainers are also available and are able to prepare a workout specifically for you, your fitness goals, your activity level, and your body type. In general, you will have to pay around $55 for a thirty-minute session with a personal trainer.

You can put your membership on hold for two to six months for a fee of $18 per month.

If you want to take advantage of the massage services available at the club, you will have to pay around $70 or even less, depending on the promotions available at that time.

According to online members, you will have to pay around $2 per hour for parking at certain locations.

Tips for saving money

Potential members are offered a free three-day pass so they can see if the Colorado Athletic Club is for them.

The club offers discounts and promotions from time to time. Keep an eye on this and also ask at the gym if there is any way you can save money.

You can reduce your monthly costs if you commit for a full year.

Employees of certain companies can get discounted rates at the Colorado Athletic Club. Talk to the gym or your employer to see if you can benefit from any discounts.

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