How Much Does the Perfect Workout Cost?

Founded in 1999 by Matt Hedman, The Perfect Workout is a revolutionary method to exercise and reach your fitness goals. The mission of this company is to help people get in shape in just two twenty-minute workouts twice a week.

Today, this is the largest privately-owned one-on-one personal training company in the United States of America with more than 60 locations across the country.

How Much Does the Perfect Workout™ Cost?

A private Perfect Workout™ session costs somewhere between $45 to more than $85, depending on the gym you attend. If you choose to buy sessions in bulk, the cost of most exercise packages will get lower.

For instance, according to the WhereCanIFindthePerfect.com website, at the Inform Fitness location, the cost of The Perfect Workout is around $130 per session. The price would decrease if you buy packages of six, twelve, or twenty-four sessions. For example, you would have to pay around $580 for a six-session package.

A review from the online directory Yelp noted that someone had to pay almost $65 for a twenty-minute session at the Walnut Creek Perfect Workout location.

According to the Perfect Workout’s FAQ page, the price to personalize a session is half of what a personal trainer would charge in the area where the gym is located. But the club does not present the exact costs on their official website page.

Perfect Workout personal training overview

Strength Trainer The Perfect WorkoutEach Perfect Workout training session lasts twenty minutes and is designed to keep you in shape. You will perform high-intensity-like exercises in slow-motion strength training workouts. If done effectively, this method has much more benefits than going to cardio machines several times per week. You will have to use 100% of each targeted muscle during the workout. This allows you to exercise only one time per week and have enough time to recuperate and unwind.

During our research, we found that the trainer will first introduce you to a set of exercises that will target every muscle in your body. In order to strongly contract your muscles until you are not able to lift anymore, they will set higher than average weights on each specialized machine.

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As you repeat, you will need to use more muscle and less momentum with each repetition. As you are not repeating as many times as most exercises require, you will place lighter pressure on your joints.

Once your training session is done, you will get a full boy workout that will bring you to tears, according to some.

In general, an individual will attend two half an hour sessions two times per week.

Recommended to those who:

  • Are busy and don’t want to spend extra time at the gym beyond what is needed;
  • Prefer a private workout environment while using state-of-the-art equipment;
  • Are just starting with the strength training and want to learn how to work out safely and effectively;
  • Are looking to safely overcome medical issues or injuries;
  • Are experienced and want to take the results to the next level.

Benefits of the Perfect Workout Trainers

Better blood sugar control

Strength training can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and help those with the condition manage it better.

Promotes greater mobility and flexibility

Contrary to popular belief, strength training can make you more flexible. Strength training can increase the range of motion of the joints, allowing greater mobility and flexibility. In addition, people with weaker muscles generally have a reduced range of motion and the same flexibility.

Greater strength

Strength training helps you become stronger. Building strength will allow you to perform everyday tasks with greater ease, such as lifting heavy shopping bags or running around children.

Increased metabolism

Strength training contributes to the stimulation of metabolism in two ways. First of all, building muscles increases the metabolic rate. Muscles are more metabolically efficient than fat mass, allowing you to burn more calories at rest.

Secondly, research shows that the metabolic rate is at a high level for up to 72 hours after strength training. This means that you will continue to burn calories for several hours or even days after training.

Stronger bones

Strength training is crucial for bone development. Weight-bearing exercises put temporary stress on the bones, sending the cells that build the bones the message to take action and rebuild stronger bones. Strong bones mean a reduced risk of osteoporosis, fractures, and falls, especially as you get older.

When do I see results?

Most individuals should notice a change within six weeks depending on the type of workout plan they go for, according to the company. However, the speed of the results will be affected by different factors such as the effectiveness of your nutrition and how your body responds to the exercise.

The Perfect Workout plan reviews

Most of the online reviews for the Perfect Workout are on Yelp. Most of the locations in the United States of America are rated with 4.5 star out of five, or even better. According to some reviews, this is the best way to maximize your results when compared to the traditional gym routine, while others said that this is a great way to exercise in a fast-paced environment.

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