How Much Does D1 Training Cost per Month?

D1 Training facilities are often referred to as D1 Gyms and offer customized workout plans. They split programs up by age and skill—from basic workouts for beginners to intense training for competitive athletes. The goal is building fitness, strength, speed and agility. Certified trainers are employed to lead these programs.

These coaches have experience crafting athletic training regimens. The gyms aim to take members to the next level, whatever their needs and abilities. Programs give people the chance to improve general health or hone sports performance.

How Much Does D1 Training Cost per Month?

The average monthly cost of D1 training ranges from $100-300 or more per month based on the location of the facility, the specific program you enroll in, and any promotions or discounts that might be available.

Currently, Groupon offers a deal for one month of unlimited boot camp classes at D1 Sports Training in Abilene, TX for $59, which is a discount from the regular price of $100 to $300.

A Reddit user mentioned that the cost of D1 Training in their area is $80 per month for unlimited classes. However, this information may not be accurate or up-to-date.

Here are some general pricing guidelines for D1 Training:

Membership Fees

Monthly gym access ranges from about $100 to $200+ depending on your area and specific facility. Bigger cities with a higher cost of living equal higher rates. The amenities and classes included impact fees too.

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Program Pricing

D1 Training offers group classes, personal training, athletic training, and more. Personalized one-on-one training sessions cost more than showing up for an instructor-led class. Expect to pay a premium for customization.

Youth Discounts

If you’re signing the family up, great news – kids and teen rates are usually discounted compared to adult prices. Talk with your local gym for details.

Other Considerations

Longer membership commitments can equal lower monthly rates. Paying yearly instead of monthly saves money too. Add-on services like nutritional guides or physical therapy cost extra as well.

Aside from gym services, D1 also offers Scholastic Training, Pro Training for NFL players, college players, and professional athletes, and online coaching services, each with its own pricing structure.

Additional Costs to Consider

Here are some extra costs to consider with a D1 Training membership:

  • An enrollment fee when you first sign up, separate from the ongoing monthly fees.
  • Personal trainer sessions cost extra beyond the standard group classes.
  • Specialized programs for weight loss or athletic training require an additional fee.
  • Any nutritional counseling or diet help they offer comes at an extra charge.
  • Some locations offer physical therapy or rehab for an added cost, depending on your insurance.
  • You may need to buy recommended workout gear, clothing, or equipment.
  • Some gyms charge a yearly maintenance fee on top of the monthly dues to maintain and upgrade facilities.
  • Watch out for fees if you pay late, cancel your membership, or miss personal training sessions.
  • Extra amenities like childcare, massage, or special classes are not included and cost more.

While not part of the core monthly projection, these extra expenses certainly add up over a college career and push already tight budgets.

How Did D1 Get Started?

D1 began when founder Will Bartholomew returned home to Nashville after a knee injury ended his pro football career. Will played college ball with Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee before being drafted by the Denver Broncos.

After Will’s early retirement from football, people kept asking him, “What workouts and training did you do to become so successful?” They wanted to know his secrets.

Seeing a need in his hometown, Will began training high school kids in sports performance in 2001. He teamed up with celebrities like Peyton to grow D1 into a nationwide brand. Today, there are over 30 D1 locations across 24 states, with more coming soon.

D1 offers boot camps, personal training, and physical therapy under one roof. This makes it a one-stop shop for athletes and active families. D1 welcomes all who want to train like a pro, not just current and former pro athletes.

What Makes D1 Training Special?

D1 Sports Training Facility D1 trains everyone like an athlete, no matter their background. Workouts follow “periodization”, meaning they progress over 5-8 weeks to meet specific goals.

Coaches create a long-term plan and adapt it week-to-week. If someone gets hurt or joins mid-program, coaches customize the workouts so nobody gets left behind.

D1 coaches must pass intense auditions to get hired. They have degrees, certificates, and real sports experience to offer expert training. They also have sparkling personalities to motivate clients.

Classes max out at 24 people to keep groups tight-knit. This pushes clients to work hard without getting lost in a big room. D1 also onboards each new client with movement assessments and goal planning before their first workout. Checking someone’s fitness and injuries ahead of time allows coaches to customize programs.

Many gyms let people dive right into intense training, which can cause problems. D1 puts safety first so clients can workout free of injury for years to come. Some new clients may need one-on-one training before joining a group class. This makes sure they start programs ready to thrive.

Breaking Down a D1 Boot Camp

Boot camps pack a ton of variety into fast one-hour classes. They also target both strength and cardio for full fitness.

After a warm-up, clients spend 12 minutes each doing circuits, core, and conditioning, then stretching and recovery. Circuits and intervals raise the heart rate while core builds functional fitness crucial for sport. No workout ever looks the same thanks to creative coaches switching up the programming.

Of course, clients following injuries modify movements under staff guidance. D1 coaches closely monitor technique and motivation from start to finish. Since boot camps blend cardio, strength, and conditioning into one routine, they skyrocket fitness fast.

Strength training classes also available allow athletes to lift more aggressively. But the fiery boot camps remain popular thanks to coaches high on passion.

Personal Touch Sets D1’s Workout Coaching Apart

D1’s coaches shine the brightest during one-on-one personal training sessions. Trainers assess imbalances and weaknesses that group classes cannot always fix. They then provide customized exercises for targeted growth in problem areas.

For example, after reviewing the movement patterns, one D1 trainer gave their client knee and hip routines for stability. The client stated that they had never received such expert corrections before.

Is D1 Sports Training Right for Me?

Now you may be wondering…is D1’s pro-athlete training style a fit for me?

If you think yes to any of the below, then welcome to your future workout home:

  • You want to seriously challenge yourself without injuries holding you back.
  • Group environments motivate you to workout harder than solo sessions.
  • You wish trainers personalized programs for your changing fitness.
  • Coaching and feedback help you more than exercising alone.
  • You need athletic gains in strength, power, and conditioning.

D1 appeals most to former high school or college athletes in search of top sports guidance once again. But all who desire expert training are encouraged to join the fast yet safe D1 fitness experience.

Pricing and Competition Concerns

At $100-$300 monthly for unlimited boot camps and strength training, D1 sits on the pricier end of gym memberships. CrossFit, OrangeTheory, and boutique studios like F45 Training make up D1’s main competition.

Those worried about costs can snag discounted rates through Groupon, family packages, or limited trial periods. Personal training sessions cost extra but come in money-saving bundles as well.

When comparing rate options, remember that D1 offers amenities like physical therapy and academic support most other gyms skip out on. You get what you pay for through their expert coaching and sport science programming.

Strategies to Reduce Costs

Here are some tips to save money on a D1 Training membership:

Watch for promotions like New Year’s deals or back-to-school discounts for new members. Sometimes they cut fees for certain programs too.

Ask about family packages or group rates to split costs with friends interested in joining.

See if your workplace partners with them for employee discounts.

Check if students, military, and seniors get special low rates.

Consider an annual membership since the monthly rate is usually lower for a longer commitment.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the fees, especially for longer commitments or group sign-ups.

Stick to the basic plan unless you really need extras like personal training.

Ask about possible discounts for attending during slower hours.

See if health insurance offers reimbursements or deals on gym memberships.

Final Words

D1 Sports Training program brings world-class coaching in strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation under one roof. Whether you are recovering from injuries or striving towards athletic greatness, D1 provides the blueprint for safe, results-driven training.

Give their motivating boot camps and private coaching a test run if you too want to train like a pro. D1 helps everyday athletes and former pros alike reach new peaks through the power of athletic training and community.

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