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Last Updated on February 1, 2024
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Pilates is becoming an increasingly popular form of exercise. With its focus on building core strength, flexibility, and controlled movements, it provides an effective full-body workout.

If you’re thinking about trying Pilates, joining a Club Pilates studio is a great option. But how much does a Club Pilates membership cost? In this article, we’ll break down the different membership tiers and pricing so you can understand what to expect.

How Much Does Club Pilates Membership Cost?

The Club Pilates Monthly Membership costs between $99 and $259 per month. Now let’s look at how much each Club Pilates membership costs on a monthly basis:

  • Basic Membership – $99 per month
  • Plus Membership – $179 per month
  • Elite Membership – $259 per month

There are also registration fees of around $30 when you first sign up.

Keep in mind that pricing can vary slightly between franchises. Some studios offer student, senior, military or family discounts as well. It’s best to contact your local Club Pilates to confirm current pricing.

Many people find the Unlimited Elite Membership to offer the best value if you plan to attend Pilates regularly. With unlimited classes, you have flexibility without worrying about how many classes you have left in the month.

According to some Reddit users, membership options include four classes, eight classes, or unlimited classes per month, with prices ranging from a minimum of $79 to a maximum of $359 per month, depending on the studio.

What is Club Pilates?

Club Pilates is a fitness franchise founded in 2007 that specializes in Pilates. It has over 600 studios across the United States and is continuing to expand. Club Pilates aims to make Pilates accessible to everyone by offering group reformer classes for all fitness levels. The goal of group classes is to help people feel great both mentally and physically through their motivating classes and welcoming community.

Details of Club Pilates Memberships

Club Pilates offers three different membership tiers – Basic, Plus, and Elite. Here’s what’s included with each one:

  • Basic Membership – 4 classes per month, access to mat and reformer equipment, 10% discount on additional classes and merchandise
  • Plus Membership – 8 classes per month, access to mat and reformer equipment, 10% discount on additional classes and merchandise
  • Elite Membership – Unlimited classes, access to mat and reformer equipment, 15% discount on additional classes and merchandise, guest privileges

All memberships are valid for one Club Pilates location. You can take classes at any time without scheduling ahead as long as there is space available in the class. Memberships can be canceled at any time with 30-day notice.

Let’s Compare Membership Plans

When deciding which Club Pilates membership to choose, consider how often you plan to attend classes.

The Basic plan is ideal for beginners or those who can only attend 1-2 times per week. Plus gives a little more flexibility for up to 2 times per week. Elite is best for anyone who wants to attend 3 or more classes per week.

Think about your budget as well. While Elite is the highest monthly cost, the unlimited classes make it roughly $12-15 per class on average, an affordable rate for unlimited access to Pilates classes.

Additional Costs to Consider

Aside from the Club Pilates membership fee, some additional costs to keep in mind:

  • A Single Club Pilates Class – Around $35 per single class if purchasing drop-in classes without a membership
  • Private Training Sessions – Between $70-$100 per hour session with an instructor
  • Specialty Classes – Club Pilates offers specialty classes like Barre and TRX for an added fee

You may need to purchase Pilates socks as well which are generally $15-20. Other items like mats and exercise bands are optional.

The Benefits of Joining Club Pilates

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Joining Club Pilates provides so many benefits beyond the physical workout. You’ll get to experience:

  • Increased strength, especially in core muscles
  • Improved posture and balance
  • More flexibility and range of motion
  • Better mind-body awareness and coordination
  • Stress relief and mental rejuvenation
  • Supportive, motivating fitness community
  • Convenient studio locations across the country

Pilates is a gentle, low-impact exercise perfect for all ages and fitness levels. People love the way it makes them look and feel.

How to Join Club Pilates Classes

Club Pilates PricesReady to sign up for Club Pilates? Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Find a Club Pilates studio near you and schedule a tour. Most offer free introductory classes.
  2. Decide which membership tier works best based on your budget and goals.
  3. Create an online account on the Club Pilates website.
  4. Submit membership agreement and payment information to activate your plan.
  5. Attend an orientation class to learn proper techniques.
  6. Start taking classes on the online schedule that fits your routine! Show up a few minutes early.
  7. Use their app or website to sign up for classes, track progress, connect with instructors, and more.
  8. Don’t forget to grab Pilates socks before your first class!

Club Pilates Locations and Facilities

With over 600 locations across the United States, you can find a Club Pilates studio in most major cities. Franchises are continuing to open all the time.

Studios have a warm, welcoming environment with natural light and decor. Classes take place in spacious local studios equipped with Pilates reformers, EXO chairs, and springboards. Mats are used as well for certain exercises.

Check out the Club Pilates website to find a studio near you. Bring a friend or family member along to try a class – their workouts are even more fun together!

Conclusion on Club Pilates Prices

Investing in your health by joining Club Pilates provides an affordable, accessible way to stay active while building core strength and flexibility. The encouraging instructors and community will motivate you to keep coming back.

Try a range of classes to find your favorites – you may love the classical reformer routines or the intense challenge of TRX and Barre.

Give your mind and body some TLC with the many benefits of Pilates! A Club Pilates membership can fit into any budget. Choose your plan and start seeing results with their life-changing workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a week should you do Pilates?

It is generally recommended to do Pilates 2-3 times per week for the best results. Beginners may start with just 1-2 sessions weekly. Advanced Pilates enthusiasts often attend classes 4-6 times per week.

The number of recommended Pilates sessions per week depends on your fitness level, goals, and schedule. Most important is choosing a consistent routine that keeps you progressing but avoids overtraining. For substantial strength and flexibility gains, aim for 2-3 quality Pilates workouts weekly.

Is Club Pilates a profitable franchise?

Yes, Club Pilates offers a profitable fitness franchise opportunity. According to Franchise Business Review, the average Club Pilates studio brought in over $530,000 in gross annual revenue in 2019. Profitability continues to grow each year alongside their rapid expansion across America.

Club Pilates provides extensive training and support to help franchisees build and run successful studios. With the guidance of their proven business model, many owners see return on investment within the first year and strong profits in subsequent years. Club Pilates’ excellent reputation and business performance make it a top franchise investment.

Where do Pilates instructors make the most money?

Some of the most lucrative places for Pilates instructors are major cities like New York City and Los Angeles where rates for private and group sessions tend to be higher. Pilates instructors can also earn top salaries at high-end gyms, private studios, and Pilates franchises in affluent urban areas.

Those with additional certifications and specialized skills can command rates on the higher end of the pay scale. Independent instructors who build large clientele and offer their own teacher training programs also have high earning potential. Location and reputation have a big impact on earnings for Pilates instructors.

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