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Urban Air is the place to go to if you want to have some fun. This is an indoor amusement park facility with many locations all over the United States. Each of these locations has its own facilities and attractions, ranging from trampoline beds to wall-to-wall trampolines.

Every Urban Air location lies on more than 25,000 square feet and provides both children and adults of all ages a unique, fun experience.

How Much Does Urban Air Cost?

The expenses you will have to support in order to enjoy Urban Air will depend on some factors such as the location, the amount of time you will be jumping, and the time of the day, as there are some locations that will increase the price in certain time intervals. However, you should plan on spending anywhere between $17 and $25 per hour for an “All Access Pass”, but the cost could be lower when taking advantage of some promotions. As for the adults, they are also able to pay per jump, the price for one jump being around $7 at most locations.

Also, you will have to pay another $3.5 to $5 for a pair of trampoline-approved socks.

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You should take into consideration that there are some Urban Air locations that have extra features that come at an additional cost. These may include a sky rider, the Warrior Course, ropes course, or TUBES playground. Make sure you talk with the staff from your local location and ask if you need to pay for separate tickets in order to use these facilities.

In the table below you will find the average costs for some Urban Air locations reported online by the members of the Yelp forum.

Geographical Location Prices Reported
Wichita, KS $13/hour or $20 for 2 hours
Waco, TX $15 for 1.5 hours
Southlake, TX $14/hour
South Portland, ME $10/hr for parent+toddler time
San Antonio, TX $36 for 2 jumpers and 2 pairs of socks for 2 hours
Overland Park, KS $17/hour and $2 per trampoline socks
Humble, TX $15.99 all when using a Christmas break coupon
Houston, TX $20 for 1.5 hours and $5 per parent
Homewood, AL $16 for an all-day pass with a coupon
Garland, TX $19.95 per 2.5 hours and $2.50 per pair of socks
Coppell, TX $12.99 for 3 hours with coupon

Types of attractions

The Unlimited Battle Beam

This warrior battle beam will let you battle with your friends in the ultimate fitness area, where you can test your balance and strength on a balance beam.

The Apex

This area will let you bounce off of the wall with multiple trampolines on the walls and floors of the Apex area.

The Ultimate Dodgeball

This is where a unique dodgeball experience is created by combining trampolines and regular dodgeball in a single place. Pick-up games are held there every day and people of all ages can participate.

Climbing Wall

If you want to take on a new challenge and feel the thrill of climbing then you should go for the Climbing Wall. There are multiple walls available and every unique feature lets you climb from one to the other.

Slam Dunk

Now you have the possibility to practice any dunk that you may have witnessed online, by launching yourself from a slam dunk track.

Drop zone Air Bag

In this area, you have the possibility to practice any tricks and stunts and land on a safe, super-soft material.

7 & Under Area

Urban Air insideAs its name says, this area is specially designed for children who are under seven years old.

Foam Pit

This is another safe area made of cushiony, padded foam balls where you can perform any flips or tricks.

The Runway

No matter if you are a tumbler or a gymnast, this area offers you the possibility to train for your next competition.

FreeStyle Open Jump

This is an open area where you can just bounce around on the trampolines.

Indoor Playground

This area is specially designed for children who are under nine years old and offers multiple playground indoor experiences.

Important things to consider

If you want a memorable birthday party you can celebrate it at an Urban Air location. They are specialized in themed indoor birthday parties and open play for all ages. Children can enjoy the tubes playground or the rope courses and improve their play skills.

How can I save money?

All of the Urban Air locations are franchise-owned which means that the discounts and promotions will vary. However, according to our online research, there are locations that offer military discounts.

Also, according to their official website, you may be able to save up to 85% if you choose to purchase a membership. This will offer you unlimited visits for one low monthly cost.

Another way to save money on Urban Air is by checking for any promotions and deals on the Groupon website.

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