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With over 200 locations across 36 states, Urban Air Adventure Parks have become one of the nation’s premier destinations for family entertainment. But with so many high-flying activities to enjoy, from massive trampolines to obstacle courses and virtual reality, how much does all the jumping joy at Urban Air actually cost?

We’ll thoroughly explore Urban Air’s flexible pricing structure, break down the various access options and ticket types, compare memberships versus individual visits, outline special packages for groups and events, and overview other costs to account for.

Understanding what to expect expense-wise will allow you to budget wisely and maximize value so your Urban Air experience is epic for the price. Let’s explore the thrill-packed world of Urban Air and get the full picture on what the costs entail.

How Much Does Urban Air Cost?

The Urban Air membership ranges from $24.99 per month for EpiMonthly to $299.99 per year for EpiAnnual. For admission packages, prices range from around $16 to $42 for the Basic Air Package to the Ultimate Air Package, respectively.

Urban Air provides various admission levels with tiered attraction access:

Basic Air Package

  • Entry-level access to main trampoline courts only
  • Typically priced around $16 online or $19 at the door
  • Duration of 1 hour
  • Best minimal option for younger kids primarily wanting to jump

Deluxe Air Package

  • Adds access to climbing walls, tubes, and playgrounds
  • Usually around $26 online or $32 at the door
  • Duration of 2 hours
  • Ideal for older kids and parents looking for expanded challenges

Ultimate Air Package

  • Includes all attractions plus access to exclusive Ninja Course
  • Ranges from $36 online up to $42 at the door
  • Duration of 3 hours
  • Perfect for thrill-seeking teens and adults desiring the full experience

Urban Air Membership

Alongside single visit passes, Urban Air sells memberships providing recurring perks:

  • EpiMonthly– $24.99/month with basic one hour access, 10% discounts on extras
  • EpiQuarterly– $59.99 every 3 months with 2 hour deluxe access, 25% discounts
  • EpiAnnual– $299.99/year with 3 hour ultimate access, larger discounts, and bonus benefits like monthly guest invites and free access at new locations.

Members also get free jump time, discounts on parties, events, food and merchandise, and access to new locations. For frequent visitors, a membership can offer strong savings over individual tickets.

Special Packages, Group Rates, Private Events

Urban Air provides event packages catering to:

  • Birthday Parties – Starting at $319 for up to 10 kids, includes admission, food, and party room
  • School Groups – As low as $15 per child with 10+ kids booking together
  • Day Care Groups – Discounted rates around $20 per child when scheduled ahead
  • Corporate Events – Team building packages with flexible group pricing

Booking discounted group rates in advance allows larger parties to experience Urban Air’s high-flying fun at reduced per-head costs.

According to their official website, the average cost of Urban Air admission varies depending on the location and the attractions included. In Brooklyn, NY, the prices range from $39.99 to $53.99 for different access levels and activities, while in Lake Grove, NY, the prices range from $19.99 to $20.99 for various attractions.

Urban Air South Hackensack, NJ offers various pricing options for different attractions, including climbing walls, battle beam, trampolines, and more. Prices range from $16.99 to $33.99 for different access levels and activities.

Urban Air Brooklyn, NY provides pricing details for attractions like virtual reality, bumper cars, climbing walls, ropes course, and more. Prices range from $23.99 to $53.99 for different access levels and activities.

Introduction to Urban Air

Urban Air locations provide expansive indoor playgrounds loaded with fun for all ages, including:

  • Giant connected trampolines perfect for free jumping and perfecting tricks
  • Massive foam pits, Ninja Warrior courses, and battle beams to challenge your inner ninja
  • Daunting climbing walls and ropes to test your skills and courage
  • Suspended tube mazes in the air for heart-pounding thrills
  • Adrenaline-pumping skydiving simulator experiences
  • Next-level virtual reality transportation to wondrous new worlds
  • Dodgeball courts to enjoy this classic game in a fresh way
  • Exploration-filled playgrounds tailored specifically for younger kids
  • Party rooms and flexible event space for celebrations of all kinds

With this incredible variety, Urban Air provides active entertainment options suited for kids, teens, adults, and the whole family.

Urban Air’s Flexible Pricing Structure

Urban Air offers several types of access from single visit tickets to memberships, with pricing varying based on:

  • Location – Prices vary across individual parks based on regional costs of living, competition, park size, attractions offered, etc. Popular metro area locations tend to be pricier.
  • Day/Time – Weekends, holidays, and peak evening hours are more expensive than discounted daytime weekdays.
  • Access Type – Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate levels provide tiered attraction access. Higher tiers cost more for greater inclusions.
  • Special Deals – Promotions like Groupon partnerships, free jumping coupons via email, and limited-time discounts will reduce costs.

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Available Discounts, Deals, and Promotions

A variety of specials can further reduce Urban Air expenses:

  • Online booking discounts – $3-$5 less per ticket when purchasing online versus at the door
  • Off-peak visit promotions – Weekday mornings often priced $3-$5 below regular rates
  • Slow day deals – Some locations offer $14 jump days periodically to drive traffic
  • Bundled packages – Combination tickets bundled with food, arcade, and retail coupons
  • Merchandise sales – Gear and retail items frequently 25% off
  • Email sign-up coupons – Provides free jump time bonus coupon and ongoing promo alerts
  • Military discounts – 10% off admission for active duty and veteran families
  • Seasonal specials – Limited-time holiday, summer, and other event promotions

Additional Urban Air Costs

Urban Air insideAside from admission fees, anticipate these additional costs:

  • Food and drinks – $3-$8 for pizza slices, hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, slushies, cotton candy and other snacks
  • Arcade games – Range from $1-$5 for video games and VR simulators
  • Sock fees – $3 charge if you forget to wear special grip socks required for jumping

Budgeting an extra $20-$30 per person helps account for these frequent add-ons. Bringing your own snacks from home can minimize costs.

Planning Your Visit

To maximize your experience and value, consider:

  • Visiting during off-peak times to avoid crowds and benefit from promotions
  • Checking each location’s website for the most up-to-date pricing details
  • Reviewing the attractions to select the right ticket package for your needs
  • Using online booking to access upfront discounts where available
  • Comparing membership against per ticket costs depending on visit frequency

Final Words

Urban Air admission starts around $15 for basic access and up to $45 for all access, with memberships offering discounted repeat visits.

Group rates, off-peak promotions, special packages, and membership perks can further reduce costs.

An extra $20-$30 per visit should be planned to cover add-ons like food, arcade, retail, and sock fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an Urban Air membership work at all locations?

Yes, Urban Air memberships allow access to any location nationwide, offering convenience and savings for frequent visitors.

When was Urban Air founded and opened?

Urban Air was founded in 2011 with its first location opened in Texas. The company has since grown to become the largest adventure park operator in the world.

How much does Urban Air pay employees in New York?

Based on job listings, Urban Air employees in New York can expect hourly wages ranging from $15 for Attraction Attendants to $18 for Lead Team Members, depending on role and experience.

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