How Much Does CycleBar Cost?

Last Updated on May 7, 2023
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Bill Pryor and Alex Klemmer launched CycleBar when they noticed that commercial gyms were not able to offer everything needed by all types of customers. When creating Cyclebar, the founders wanted something different for people that wanted to work out – not simply a gym session but rather a change of pace and scenery that would make them feel better about themselves at the end of every day.

CycleBar is an indoor cycling experience that offers a high-energy workout, premium amenities such as towels and cold water on tap, and concierge service like receiving messages from your instructor in case of emergency. Cycle Bar has designed its studio space to be more than just the place where you get sweaty; it’s also a rock concert venue equipped with music piped through speakers all over so riders can enjoy their ride while getting lost in some tunes.

How much does CycleBar cost per class?

The cost of CycleBar classes can vary greatly depending on the package you select and your location. The average Cyclebar class costs anywhere from $3 – $23 depending on whether your location is in Michigan or New York City and the package you choose.

First-time visitors are often offered a free introductory lesson to see if they like it and figure out their fitness level. So, you can try out one of their classes for free, but you’ll have to sign-up first.

Drop-in cycling classes at the gym can be a great way to get in shape, but they’re also pricey. The cost is $20~ per drop-in class, while for 20-pack rides with no expiration options, you may pay more than $350.

If you are planning to go to the gym only once a week, then you may pay only $90 for four rides in a month, while for unlimited rides the price is $190. So, the more you buy at once, the less it will cost per ride.

There are many different costs and you’ll want to take the time to visit their website where they have created an excellent online directory that helps show what is available at your zip code level. Once you find one near you, click on it to see more information or just give them a call.

Item Price

Cyclebar Packages

5 Pack (1 Month Expiration) $125.00
10 Pack (3 Month Expiration) $250.00
Drop In Ride (15 Day Expiration) $20.00

Cyclebar Memberships

4 Rides Per Month $90.00
8 Rides Per Month $150.00
Unlimited Rides Per Month $190.00

 What Should You Expect At Your First Cyclebar Class?

Cyclebar BikesIf you are a first-time rider you have to sign in before arriving and also, if you are under 18 you must have a waiver by an adult. You’ll be asked to come 10-15 minutes before the class starts, so a staff member can show you how everything works. If this is not your first ride but instead you’re signing in for another class, then all that you will have to do is sign with your name (since you’re already registered) as well as note what type of bike you want.

The classes at the gym come in a few different styles. The first one is the “Classic” class, which provides something for everyone – combining strength and endurance with a variety of challenges in hills and drills. Another class style is called “Connect” because it makes you feel connected to your body.

During this type of class, all video monitors are turned off so that only music can be heard throughout the workout session. There are also, other options you can choose from. For those who are looking for motivation, there is the “Performance” class and the ones looking for a party atmosphere can go for the “Themed Rides”, which are on rotating schedules.

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San Diego Tribune reporter Karla Peterson noticed the difference in lighting and music when she attended a class. She described how classes had club-style sound systems with disco lights to help motivate riders during their group challenges and workouts.

CycleBar is the newest and most advanced way to stay on track with your cycling routine. They offer rides tailored to all fitness levels. CycleBar will email you a breakdown of each ride, measuring six key metrics such as power, calories burned, and RPMs. All this information is private via cyclebar.com.

Important things to remember

CycleBar is a new “bike-less” stationary bike company that takes care of everything. They provide complimentary shoes for the ride, snacks, and bottled water. Though, if you want to bring your own shoes, they note on their information page that bikes are compatible with both LOGIK and SPD types.

The locker rooms are equipped with wet clothing bags, hair ties, robes, and toiletries to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

There is a device-free zone called “The theater” where all the mobile devices must be put away in your bag or pocket so that you can clear your mind without any distractions. You are asked to do so not just because those things can disrupt other members around, but also so you give your full attention during the class.

CycleBar also offers rider competitions for more experienced riders.

It is recommended to not use perfumes and colognes during classes since it can get pretty hot.

You can use the official site in order to find the closest CycleBar location.

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