How Much Does Body Smart Fitness Cost?

Last Updated on February 3, 2024
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Body Smart Fitness offers personalized online fitness and nutrition coaching at various price points. With customized plans, interactive classes, and wellness resources, Body Smart aims to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

But how much does it actually cost? Here is a detailed overview of Body Smart Fitness pricing.


  • Body Smart Fitness offers virtual fitness and nutrition coaching starting at $19/month. Popular options are Premium ($149-$199/month) and VIP ($249-$299/month).
  • Personal training sessions cost $70-$100 each, while membership provides unlimited coaching.
  • Assessments, nutrition plans, wearables, and other add-ons are available for additional fees.
  • No sign-up fee is charged. Cancel anytime by contacting support 3 days before billing.
  • Take advantage of 7-day trials, referral discounts, annual plans, and other deals to save.
  • Customized support and proven results make the investment worthwhile for many.
  • Choose the right plan based on your budget, goals, and willingness to commit.

How Much Does Body Smart Fitness Cost?

Body Smart offers three main membership tiers:

  • Basic – Access to fitness library, some group classes, app features, and limited coaching. Starting at $19/month.
  • Premium – Personalized workout and meal plans, unlimited 1-on-1 coaching, group classes, and full app features. $149-$199/month.
  • VIP – Adds enhanced personalization, accountability tracking, lifestyle coaching, and expert support. $249-$299/month.

Membership costs vary based on your personalized plan, number of live sessions, and extras added. But in general, Basic is the most budget-friendly, while VIP offers the most customization and support.

Overview of Body Smart Fitness

Founded in 2015, Body Smart Fitness provides virtual fitness and nutrition coaching. Their certified trainers create customized plans based on your goals, experience level, and preferences.

Programs range from general health and weight loss to targeted training for endurance sports, strength building, flexibility, and more.

Pricing for Personal Training vs. Online Coaching

For virtual personal training, Body Smart Fitness charges:

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training: $70-$100 per 55-min video session
  • Private Group Training (2-4 people): $40-$60 per person, per 55-min session

For comparison, their Premium membership provides unlimited personal coaching starting at $149/month. This digital coaching includes customized workout and nutrition planning, chat support, progress tracking, and scheduled check-ins over video chat.

So Premium membership can provide frequent coaching support for less than the per-session cost of 1-on-1 personal training. But some prefer the real-time focus of live personal training.

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Costs for Nutrition Plans and Fitness Assessments

Here are the costs for some popular add-ons from Body Smart Fitness:

  • Custom Nutrition Plan: $149 one-time fee
  • Fitness Assessment: $79 one-time fee
  • Metabolic Testing: $299 one-time fee
  • Apple Watch: $329 + $10/month (financing available)

You can add these to any membership for an additional fee. Or nutrition planning and fitness assessments are included with some higher-tier memberships.

Sign-Up Fees and Membership Cancelation

Body Smart Fitness does not charge a sign-up or initiation fee. You simply select your membership and begin paying the monthly or annual subscription cost.

Memberships automatically renew each month. To cancel, you must contact Body Smart at least 3 days before your next billing date. If you cancel mid-month, your membership remains active until the next billing cycle.

Special Offers and Discounts for Cost Savings

Body Smart FitnessHere are some ways to save on Body Smart Fitness costs:

  • 7-Day Free Trial: Test any membership risk-free
  • Refer a Friend: Get 25% off your next month’s fee for each successful referral
  • Annual Subscription: Get 2 months free by paying annually upfront
  • Group Membership: Save 20%/month by joining with friends or family
  • Student Discount: Get 25% off by verifying active student status
  • Military/First Responder Discount: 20% discount with ID verification

The Value of Investing in Your Fitness Goals

While costs may seem high compared to a standard gym membership, Body Smart provides personalized guidance tailored to your unique goals. This can lead to faster results and a healthier lifestyle long-term.

The virtual platform also makes fitness accessible anytime, anywhere. You can workout and meet with coaches remotely, removing commuting barriers. And the community support keeps you engaged and accountable.

For many, the price tag is worthwhile when you consider the customized plans, expert coaching, and life improvements that Body Smart aims to deliver. Investing in your health and wellbeing can pay dividends now and in the future.

Choosing the Right Body Smart Membership for You

With three membership tiers, add-ons, and discount opportunities, selecting your ideal Body Smart plan involves some consideration:

  • Basic – Best for those wanting an affordable starting point with core app features and some guidance.
  • Premium – Optimal for commitment to regular fitness and nutrition planning with personal coaching.
  • VIP – Ideal for total lifestyle overhaul with enhanced accountability, motivation, and expert support.

Also factor in costs for any desired add-ons like personal training sessions, specialized plans, or wearable integrations. And don’t forget to utilize any available discounts when signing up.

Final Words

Investing in your health and wellbeing with Body Smart Fitness ultimately provides personalized guidance and lifestyle improvements that can help you feel, perform, and live better. Review your options to find the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Body Smart?

Body Smart is a personalized online fitness and nutrition coaching platform. Founded in 2015, they offer customized workout and meal plans, one-on-one coaching, group classes, and wellness resources through a virtual membership program.

Their certified trainers tailor programs to your unique goals, experience, and preferences. The technology-enabled platform makes specialized fitness and nutritional guidance accessible remotely.

What is the Body Smart method?

The Body Smart method involves connecting members with knowledgeable coaches who create customized fitness and nutrition programs based on their goals, history, body type, schedule, and preferences.

Coaches monitor progress and provide ongoing support. Programs combine effective workouts, healthy meal guidance, lifestyle changes, and motivation strategies.

The app and interactive features help boost engagement. Body Smart aims to provide personalized plans and expert coaching that leads to sustainable fitness gains and improved wellbeing.

Who owns Body Smart Fitness?

Body Smart Fitness was founded and is currently owned by CEO Brian Cygan. Based in Chicago, the company has been privately owned and operated since its start in 2015.

Cygan heads an executive leadership team guiding business operations, product development, marketing, and other aspects as Body Smart has grown from a start-up into a successful virtual fitness coaching provider.

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