O2 Fitness Membership Cost

O2 Fitness Club Membership Cost

O2 Fitness is a fitness club in North and South Carolina that enables you to work out in a professional environment. They have locations all throughout the two states, from Chapel Hill at University Mall down south all the way to Charleston.

How much does an O2 Fitness Club membership cost?

The cost of the monthly fitness membership at O2 Fitness ranges from $40 to $55 plus $30 for a one–time initiation enrollment fee, but this fee can be even lower depending on what promotion you will stumble upon when trying to register. The price will also depend on the person applying and for how long you want your contract to be. It’s possible that incentives may apply as well so be sure to ask when talking to one of their staff members. There are many options available, that offer you the possibility to choose from one-month membership up to a whole year agreement.

We contacted the club and were able to receive some quotes. These are estimates only, as your costs may vary depending on what type of membership you choose.

Membership Type Cost (per month)
1 member $45
2 members $75
3 members $95
4 members $115
5 members $145

A reviewer on Yelp.com claims that she paid $40 per month for a membership at a location in North Carolina, with an additional discount because of her teaching job ($7 off).

According to a member from a Reddit subforum, the monthly price of a Triangle-wide membership is around $50, while the cost of the same membership for two individuals is only $75.

O2 Fitness Club details

According to the gym’s official website, all the locations offer access to more than 8,000 clubs, personal training, and childcare. Besides these advantages, members can take advantage of a large variety of cardio equipment, more than 50 group exercise classes, free weights, strength machines, and cycling studios as well. A steam room, sauna, indoor turf training, and towel service are also included. At some locations pilates and yoga classes are also available.

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If you go for the first time at O2 Fitness Club then you will receive a two weeks training assessment for free, a nutrition plan for 21 days, a training plan, and a four-week cardio program. In order to keep track of your results, you will receive a monthly reassessment as well.

What are the extra costs?

O2 Fitness ClubIn the monthly price range estimate above, we didn’t include other features such as childcare or towel service. These add about $5 per month to your membership total and can be an important part of making sure you have what it takes for quality time at the club.

A private personal trainer will be an additional charge and depends on the package you purchase. According to our research, it costs about $70 per session for a 1 on 1 training program with some exercises tailored towards each individual’s needs, that lasts approximately 60 minutes long.

The small personal group training sessions and boot camps are not included in the standard membership price mentioned above and you can join them for an extra cost.

Once a year you may have to pay a maintenance fee that is around $30.

Important things to remember

It’s best for you to bring your own lock while working out. O2 Fitness is not responsible in case your items are lost or stolen.

How can I save money?

You can find great deals on Groupon for fitness centers and gyms.

You can take advantage of a free trial along with two free sessions. This is a chance for someone who has never been a member of the club or just wants more information about it because they can try out all these amenities before committing themselves and paying the membership fee.

You might be eligible for discounts if you’re a teacher or military member. Make sure to ask about it before signing up so you can benefit from these opportunities.

Haggling is a common practice in many countries and it’s never been more appropriate to use this approach. You may be able to negotiate the prices of your membership, allowing you entry for less than what they originally charge.

You might be able to get a gym membership for less by signing up for 12 months.

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