How Much Does an Equinox Membership Cost?

Last Updated on February 4, 2024
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Equinox operates luxury fitness clubs that provide members with high-end amenities, services, and experiences. But all of this luxury comes at a price – Equinox memberships do not come cheap.

Depending on the location and specific tier, initiation fees can cost up to $700, with monthly dues ranging from $160 to $260. For many people, the costs prompt important questions about the value of joining Equinox versus other gyms.

This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of Equinox membership pricing, amenities, contract terms, hidden fees, and more – including tips for getting the most out of your membership.

How Much Does an Equinox Membership Cost?

Equinox membership rates range from approximately $160 to $300 per month, depending on your home location and membership tier. The club operates five membership levels:

  • All Access – The standard Equinox membership with access to all locations. Costs approximately $200 per month with some geographic variance.
  • Destination Access – Dual-city access between two designated Equinox locations. Priced from $180 – $240 monthly.
  • One Club – Access to a single, designated Equinox gym. Around $160 – $210 monthly based on location.
  • Executive Club – Higher-tier membership for access to select locations with luxury amenities. Ranges from $260 – $300 monthly.
  • The Equinox Experience – Top-level offering exclusive perks and VIP services. Invite-only membership over $800/month.

In major cities like Los Angeles and New York City, expect to pay at the higher end of these monthly rates. Equinox also charges one-time initiation fees from $100 to $700 depending on membership tier.

The Appeal of Equinox

Equinox strategically positions itself as a luxury, lifestyle brand. From sleek architecture and designer interiors to industry-leading equipment and amenities, Equinox aims to create an elevated, member-centric environment. Signature features include:

  • Cutting-edge strength and cardio equipment with personalized settings and programming. Weight floors feature ample free weights, squat racks, and functional training rigs.
  • Premium locker rooms and amenities like Kiehl’s bath products, chilled eucalyptus towels, saunas, steam rooms, and blowout services.
  • Full-service spas providing therapeutic massages, body treatments, skin care, and waxing services.
  • Pools, hot tubs, and outdoor lounge spaces for relaxation. High-end locations offer hammams, saltwater plunges, and outdoor sunning decks.
  • Variety of boutique fitness studios for Pilates, barre, martial arts, rowing, and specialty yoga and dance classes. Locations also have standard studios for traditional group fitness.
  • Health and wellness services like physical therapy, nutrition counseling, health assessments, and meditative offerings. Some locations also have juice bars.
  • Member events, workshops, and retreats covering wellness, nutrition, mindfulness, sports training, and more.

These unparalleled amenities allow Equinox to command premium pricing compared to average gyms. Members pay for an elevated experience across fitness, nutrition, beauty, sports, and lifestyle services.

Initiation Fees, Monthly Rates, and Annual Contracts

Equinox requires members to pay both an initiation fee and ongoing monthly dues. Initiation fees help offset initial setup costs and range from $100 to $700 depending on membership type.

All Access and Destination Access have initiation fees around $500, while One Club is closer to $100. Executive Clubs charge $700+ for initiation.

Monthly dues fall within the pricing tiers outlined earlier. Billing is automated via debit/credit card. On average, members pay between $175 to $275 per month for their Equinox membership.

An annual commitment is required, typically a 12-month membership agreement. After the initial term, memberships auto-renew month-to-month until canceled. To exit, members must provide notice 30 days before their renewal date.

Executive Club memberships may require longer initial commitments (15+ months). There are also options to pay annually for certain tiers to secure small discounts.

Location-Specific Pricing

Membership rates can fluctuate substantially based on location. Equinox tends to charge higher fees at clubs in major cities, dense urban areas, affluent neighborhoods, and high-traffic retail centers.

For example, a Destination Access membership giving access to Equinox Union Square and Printing House in New York City runs $220 per month with a $500 initiation fee.

Compare this to Destination Access between two Equinox locations in Houston at $180 monthly and just a $250 initiation fee. Access to an exclusive club in The Hamptons during peak summer months can approach $300+ per month.

Location pricing comes down to local real estate values, operational overhead, and metro-area demand. Equinox invests heavily in sought-after urban locations whereas suburban clubs are more affordable.

According to a Reddit user, the All Access Membership costs $200 per month through their company, while the single access membership was $150 per month for their corporate subsidized rate.

Equinox.com says that the cost of membership cancellation fee is nil. The initiation fee for a single club access membership is $100, and the monthly fee is $168. The initiation fee for a multi-club access membership is $100, and the monthly fee is $230. The Equinox Plus Application Monthly Fee is $40.

Additional Services and Their Costs

The standard Equinox membership provides access to general amenities like weights, cardio, pools, and base group fitness classes. However, many premium services come at an additional cost:

  • Personal training packages cost around $120 – $200 per 60-minute session, depending on trainer level. Expect to pay $600 to $1,000+ for five to ten sessions.
  • Specialty classes like Pilates, Gyrotonics, boxing, cycling studio, and Barre have surcharges of $25 to $40 per class. Popular instructors and peak-time slots cost more.
  • Spa services and treatments like massage, facials, nails, hair, and waxing range from $150 to $350+ per service depending on duration and add-ons.
  • Health assessments, body scans, nutrition planning, physical therapy, and counseling range from $100 to $250+ per session. Packages are available.

While basic gym access is covered, specialized services, premier classes, and spa treatments come at a premium. Factor these added costs in when budgeting.

Hidden Costs and Additional Expenses

Be aware of additional fees that may surprise new members:

  • Locker rentals cost around $10+ per month for 24/7 dedicated use of rental lockers.
  • On-site dining and beverages at juice bars, cafes, and restaurants can add up. Prepared food items cost $8 to $15+ on average.
  • Laundry services for gym clothes and towels average $1 per pound.
  • Retail discounts encourage spending on apparel, equipment, and wellness products.
  • Member events like cocktail parties, speaker events, and retreats often have registration fees from $25 to $300.

These ancillary services and amenities provide convenience and enhance the Equinox experience. But they can also lead to additional charges that quickly inflate the cost of membership.

Discounts, Promotions, and Corporate Partnerships

Equinox occasionally offers promotions to reduce upfront membership costs:

  • Enrolling online often waives the initiation fee entirely for certain tiers. This can save you $250+ at signup.
  • Student and teacher discounts provide 10% to 20% off monthly fees. Current student ID required.
  • Corporate partnerships let employees join at reduced rates, often with waived initiation fees. Check if your employer participates.
  • Referral bonuses give $100+ account credits for signing up friends. The new member gets a discount too.
  • Winter promotions in January/February will sometimes discount enrollment fees by 20% to 40% for a limited period.

If not in a rush to join, planning your Equinox signup around seasonal promotions, referral bonuses, and corporate discounts can help maximize savings on both initiation and ongoing costs.

Comparative Analysis With Other High-End Gyms

Compared to other luxury and high-end gym chains, Equinox’s pricing is in line with competitors:

  • Life Time Fitness premium memberships cost around $150 – $200 per month depending on club.
  • EXOS charges $175+ monthly for multi-location access and premium amenities.
  • UFC Gym Signature Clubs run $119 – $169 per month with $149+ average enrollment fees.
  • David Barton/TMPL Gyms in major cities cost $185+ monthly for the high-tier membership.
  • The Sports Club/LA commands over $200 per month for guaranteed access to all clubs.

While not directly budget options, these competitors all cater to the higher-end gym market. Equinox competes favorably on price while offering superior amenities, services, classes, and locations compared to rivals.

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Member Testimonials and Reviews on Value

Current and past Equinox members cite excellent facilities, high-quality equipment, convenient locations, and luxury amenities as key benefits. However, some express concerns over the high monthly fees and binding contracts:

“The classes and training services are bar none – if you take advantage of everything offered, the membership pays for itself in terms of amenities, motivation, and results.”

“As expected, the costs are high and you don’t get anything complimentary. But I pay for access to top-tier equipment, trainers, and locations I can’t find elsewhere in my city.”

“Initially I balked at the price, but joining Equinox has been one of the best lifestyle investments I’ve made. The services and community keep me consistently active and engaged.”

“Cancelling was a nightmare – they kept charging me for two months after I moved. And good luck negotiating down the fees or contract terms.”

The experience varies based on utilization and budget. While not accessible or practical for everyone, devoted members insist the transformative value of joining Equinox outweighs the financial commitment.

Financial Considerations Before Joining

Equinox Personal TrainerThe Equinox fitness club requires significant financial commitment – consider these budget factors before joining:

  • Will membership dues fit comfortably in your monthly budget? Avoid overextending yourself.
  • Do you have savings to pay the initiation fee without financing?
  • How often will you realistically use the gym monthly to justify the fees?
  • Are you locked into an existing gym contract that will make joining Equinox a duplicated expense?
  • Have you accounted for extra costs like personal training, spa services, specialty classes, etc?

The costs can be rationalized if you intend to fully leverage Equinox’s amenities as an integral part of your lifestyle. But know it represents a luxury purchase rather than a casual gym membership.

How to Choose the Right Membership Plan

Picking the optimal Equinox membership tier involves weighing budget, club location, and usage needs:

  • All Access works best for multi-location access or heavy use. But it carries the highest monthly fees.
  • One Club saves money for home-club devotees not needing regional access.
  • Destination Access optimizes for dual-city access at a lower cost than All Access.
  • Executive offers premium perks for VIP-status if budget is no concern.

Scrutinize your rates if coming from a promotion to avoid surprise upcharges at renewal. And negotiate any waived fees and enrollment discounts upfront.

The Future of Equinox Membership Costs

Industry trends suggest consumers will continue paying a premium for trusted brands, quality, community, and experience – signaling strong long-term prospects for Equinox amid the luxury gym market.

New clubs in high-value locations and expanded digital fitness offerings will further support pricing power. However, competition from lower-priced independent and virtual gyms may pressure Equinox to moderate price hikes or offer more flexible membership tiers.

Regardless, expect costs to increase moderately in line with inflation and rising operating overhead.


With monthly fees often exceeding $200 per month, Equinox undeniably sits at the top end of gym membership pricing. The substantial investment required gives prospective members understandable pause.

However, devotees insist the unparalleled amenities, service quality, and transformative experiences at Equinox justify the expense for those able and willing to pay more. No gym offers a higher caliber end-to-end wellness environment.

But make sure to clearly determine your budget, frequency of use, contract details, and add-on costs to ensure Equinox aligns to your fitness and financial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive Equinox membership?

The most expensive Equinox membership is the Executive Club tier. This invite-only level provides exclusive access to premium clubs, high-end amenities, and VIP services.

Monthly fees for Executive Club membership start at over $300 per month and can exceed $500+ for select locations. Initiation fees are $700+ for this top-tier membership.

Is Equinox a 12 month commitment?

Yes, the standard Equinox membership requires a 12-month commitment for most tiers. Popular options like All Access and One Club Access require members to sign a 12-month contract that auto-renews annually.

Some higher-end tiers like Executive Club require longer 15 to 18 month commitments. But Equinox does allow members to pause or cancel memberships with proper notice.

Is Equinox hard to cancel?

Equinox cancellation policies are strict compared to average gyms. To cancel you must provide written notice 30+ days prior to your annual renewal date, otherwise you can incur fees equal to 50% of remaining contract dues.

There are also fees for downgrading tiers before your term ends. While not impossible, canceling or making membership changes at Equinox can have financial consequences to be aware of.

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