Village Health Club Membership Cost

Village Health Club Cost

The Village Health Club is a cutting-edge gym that offers spotlessly clean venues and some of the most advanced fitness resources in Arizona. It has locations throughout Camelback, DC Ranch, Gainey Valley, and Ocotillo Hills to help you stay fit regardless of where in Arizona you live.

How much does a Village Health Club membership cost?

Research shows that the cost of membership will heavily vary depending on what type of membership you are signing up for and any current promotions being held. If single, your monthly fee is about $159 per month; couples memberships can be as high as around $240 per month. To budget accordingly, remember to take into account one-time enrollment fees (which range from just under $200 to $350). Single members: expect an average cost between $140 – $160 each month but could go higher if you want to take your kids with you too.

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One Yelp.com review said that the initiation fee is about $550 while the monthly fee at the DC Ranch location ranges from $160 to $240 depending on what promotion you want when joining up with this company.

The fitness center has been controversial for its membership fees, which can be as high as $990. This is in addition to a monthly fee of about $133. On Yelp and other sites like it, many have complained that the prices of The Village Health Club are too expensive and not worth the cost given their lack of use with children present at home or during work hours. One reviewer from Chandler even noted she was offered a one-time fee after applying her coupon but found out by adding family members into consideration, the expense would’ve amounted to over four hundred dollars per month.

Village Health Club details

The club, a large-scale facility, offers memberships for singles, couples, and families. Each membership includes access to the 80 000+ square foot facility with weekly group fitness classes; tennis courts; racquetball facilities; squash court and basketball hoops as well as other amenities such as WiFi. The premium Choice option however gives you all of these plus more – unlimited business center usage (including printing & faxing), invitations to social events. You will also be able to take advantage of two complimentary 30-minute spa treatments annually.

Any additional expenses to consider?

Village Health Club InsideChildcare is an additional cost, but it can be as low as $5 per hour. Unlimited childcare plans are available which range from $55 to just under $100 depending on the number of children under the plan.

Personal training sessions, as with any personal trainer or gym membership, will be an additional expense to consider and be prepared for.
A fitness group can also give you the opportunity to work out in a social environment at your convenience – starting around $100 for a one-hour session that accommodates three to four people simultaneously.

Important tips to consider

New members are always welcomed with an array of member benefits that can include a free massage, complimentary premium classes, and/or personal training sessions.

Is there any way to spend less?

New members may be able to take advantage of a VIP trial membership.
This offer is available for those who are looking into joining the club and want to try it out first before committing long term, or if they’re unsure about their current membership status at other gyms in town.

The gym has advertised on Groupon in the past. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a big discount, at least for the initial fee.

You can also ask about the new member incentives to make sure you take advantage of the newcomer bonuses.

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