How Much Does the Ab Doer 360 Cost?

Ab Doer 360 was invented by John Abdo in 1997 and has gained fame, as the company states, by helping more than three million people throughout the years. This is an at-home workout equipment, that is light, compact, and easy to use. Its main role is to burn calories and tone the abdominal muscles to make you healthier and fitter. Also, this device is the only fitness equipment that uses ABDOBICS.

How much does the Ab Doer 360 cost?

Ab Doer 360 costs around $249.50 but this greatly depends on where you purchase it from. For example, if you order one from a vendor such as Amazon, the cost will go up to $299.99, without shipping taxes.

An important thing to consider is that if you purchase the Ab Doer 360 from getabdoer360.com, you will get freebies in equipment worth $199 and no shipping and handling fee. The freebies include an Instructional DVD, a Nutritional Healthy Eating Guide, and a Tracking Calendar. Whilst ordering one from Amazon you will pay the full price of $299.99 without any bonus, plus shipping fees.

They have also listed an improved option of the Ab Doer 36 – the Ab Doer 360 Pro Kit for $329,88, which also comes with $100 worth of freebies and free shipping and handling. On Amazon, you will find it at $359.99, and also, as stated above, no freebies are included and shipping will be charged.

On their official website, you have the option to acquire the equipment in three payments. The Ab Doer 360 can be purchased in three payments of $83.33, freebies included. You have this option on the Pro one as well, and the payments will be $109.96 each with the same freebies included. Take into consideration that on this payment plan, a fee of $29.99 will be charged for shipping and handling.

At the time this article is written, on getabdoer360.com, there is a discount for both options. The first option is $219.99 for one payment, but you can also get it under a three-payment plan of $73.33 each. For the Pro Kit, the cost is $299.88, but the discount does not apply to the three-payment plan.

What is included in the price?

The AbDoer 360 package includes the well-known machine plus a bonus. The Ab Doer 360 Pro package, on the other hand, has an upgraded unit machine, with 6-pack rollers, three power rods, resistance bands, ankle stirrups, handles, and of course, a bonus.

For both Ab Doer 360 and Ab Doer 360 Pro, there are freebies worth $199, only if you purchase a package from their official website. This bonus comes with a Quick Start Guide, an Instructional DVD with a large number of fitness workouts for any user fitness level, a Nutritional Healthy Eating Guide with numerous recipes, and a Tracking Calendar.

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As stated above, this is a current promotional gift and can change at any point. Also, the equipment comes with a one-year warranty for producer defects. However, like any other product, there may be an option to extend the warranty for an additional fee. For more accurate details and prices, contact the company.

Ab Doer 360 overview

Ab Doer 360 ExercisesAccording to the manufacturer, the padded seat is going to stimulate your muscles in order to provide you with the greatest results. Being ergonomically enhanced, the equipment supports the core, back, and spine in all directions, allowing you to maintain a healthy posture while using the device. Body alignment is improved by contouring arm bars, which reduce compression on the back, neck, and spine.

Multidirectional Technology is used on the back of the Ab Doer 360 seat to stimulate your core muscles, abs, back, and obliques. Also linked to the back of the seat is a dual foam roller system that massages your core and spinal muscles as you shift back and forth.

How does Ab Doer 360 work?

This machine requires you to remain in a seated position the entire time you use it, and it not only targets the midsection but also helps shape the complete body. The seat rotates 360 degrees, while you’ll hold the handlebars that sit beneath your biceps. Swivel from side to side, crunch, or make large circles. Also, you can work out your legs a little as well.

Simply move them from one side to the other, in and out to train them. Keep in mind that you will receive an Instructional DVD. This will teach you a large number of moves that you can use to target certain areas.

Additional costs

You might have to pay shipping and handling fees depending on where you buy it from and your location. This is why you should review the options offered on their official website and try to contact them for more accurate details.

A third-party company will often have the Ab Doer 360 at a higher cost to purchase, and no gifts included. To be sure, always compare the manufacturer’s price list with the ones that other vendors offer.

How to save money?

just by purchasing this equipment, you already save money. Having the Ab Doer 360 you will no longer need to purchase a monthly gym membership.

You can also save money by using the Nutritional Healthy Eating Guide. There will be no need to purchase another nutritional guide or pay a nutritionist.

However, if this equipment is out of your budget there are several alternatives for a more inexpensive approach. But, take into consideration that these devices may not be as efficient as the Ab Doer 360.

You can take advantage of the trial offer and if you use this fitness system and believe it isn’t for you, you can ask for a no-questions-asked refund.

Important things to consider

If you are new to exercise, start gradually with workouts of just 30 minutes per day.

It is imperative that you do the workout before eating for better results. This will help you to lose weight in a more effective way. The calories from your food will be used to gain energy.

Increase the duration and intensity of your workout as your body adapts.

If you have experience and you already exercise, you may want to acquire the Ab Doer 360 Pro Kit.

Ab Doer 360 Review

Considering that people’s needs and perspectives are different, here are some reviews you might find online:

The Ab Doer 360 official website has 1,746 reviews, out of which 1,118 are 5 stars, and only 9 are 1 star.

At the moment this article is written, on consumerscompare.org, Ab Doer 360 has gained a grade of 7.7 out of 10.

Amazon.com, it has an impressive rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. From a total of 1,702 global reviews, 60% are with 5 stars.

Also, on Walmart’s website, it has a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating.

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