How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Hitman?

Cost of Hiring a Hitman

Pop culture is full of stories where the hitman is a lone wolf, mysterious, always male, waiting in the shadows until the moment is right to act. He always does his job with detachment and surgical precision. But he’s never cruel, he’s just doing his job, he’s a professional.

But reality never looks so clean. Guns still jam, blood splatters everywhere, and innocent people are sometimes caught in the middle.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Hitman?

All over the world, it is illegal to hire a hitman, so this is surely not something you should consider and most offers you will get are likely scams as no clear-minded individual would advertise themselves as a hitman. Though, it is said that the price to hire a hitman starts at around $10,000 and goes up to $50,000 or more.

According to some underground websites, a standard job for a hitman costs from $10,000 upwards and includes getting rid of dogs, ordinary citizens, and family members. The client chooses his preferred job method. The 2-in-1 job costs at least $15,000 and includes couples, parents, people and their pets, etc. This crime is usually carried out by a trained individual. The VIP job costs a minimum of $30,000 and includes stars, personalities, and politicians.

Prices depend on how you want to have the job completed. For a “simple crime with a knife or a gun on the principle of “hit and run/shoot and run” the price is $20,000, for a “crime that looks like robbery” you will spend $30,000, and you will spend the same amount for detectable poisoning. If you want to poison someone without the poisoning being forensically inferred, you should pay $100,000, and for uglier services, the cost can reach $200,000.

The costs also depend on the country. For instance, in cities like Mumbai, India, crimes are being committed for as little as $100, as the comparison below, made by another underground site, shows.

Comparative prices by country:

Country Price Range
United States up to $30,000
United Kingdom up to $30,000
Argentina $4,000 to $6,000
Spain $70,000
Australia $14,000 to $85,000
Mexico $100 to $50,000
Bolivia $5,000 to $18,000
Italy $4,000 to $30,000
Colombia $3,000 to $5,000
India $100 to $1,000

In addition to committing an a crime of this nature, there is also the option of hiring a professional to “scare” someone. They will either set the victim’s car on fire or injure them to some extent. This service is paid for between $2,000 and $5,000.

Hitman services

Is Hiring a Hitman LegalA hitman can offer different services from eliminating a person to sabotage and surveillance and many more. In general, these services are not legal and shouldn’t even be an option for normal individuals. As these are normally illegal and not available it is impossible to offer an accurate price.

Can I be put in jail if I hired a hitman?

Obviously yes! Hiring a hitman is considered a criminal act and is punished by the law with imprisonment. Also, it is important to say that any involvement in this type of activity may lead to other severe legal issues.

Why do people hire a hitman?

There are different reasons why people hire a hitman, such as financial gain, revenge, and intimidation. As we already mentioned, hiring a hitman is illegal and this activity is usually related to organized crime.

Why shouldn’t I hire a hitman?

The activity of hiring a hitman is not legal and could lead to serious legal ramifications. Also, it can put in danger both the hitman and the person hiring him. Not to say that this act is not moral and can lead to great emotional trauma.

Hitman on Dark Web

The very name Dark Web conjures up an obscure landscape, sprinkled with secrets, anonymized individuals, and questionable activities from the point of view of legality. The Dark Web is a part of the Internet unknown to most users, who do not know how to access it, nor how to explore it. It is an area allowed only to special search engines, the most used of which, part of a much more complex network, being The Onion Router or Tor for short.

Within this “unseen” internet, a lot of sites have appeared where you can buy illegal products to services, hire a hitman, get fake documents, and many other forbidden things. These services rarely work and when they do, they are subject to laws in your specific country. So before considering this, consider the possible risks you face.

Final words

The act of hiring a hitman should not be taken lightly and it is highly illegal. Because this service isn’t normally available, it should be avoided at all costs. According to various sources, it is very expensive and can lead to serious legal problems.

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