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How Much do Grillz Cost?

In recent years, dental aesthetics has seen a new trend: a lot of people becoming interested in decorating teeth with precious stones, gold, or small jewels. Sometimes we feel that certain limits have been crossed, but who are we to analyze fashion!? It exists and that is it. You cannot influence it or ignore it.

One might think that dentists are the ones who profit the most from dental jewelry hobbyists. But this is far from the truth! Those who make the biggest profit are the jewelers.

How much do Grillz cost?

The cost of grillz that are knock-offs is less than $50 at many grillz manufacturers. Usually, these grillz are made of plastic and sometimes can be gold plated around stainless steel. Also, they have a universal size. In general, these pre-made grillz are used for Halloween/costume parties and are not so heavily sought after.

Plan on spending around $240 for a 10 karat gold tooth, while for eight teeth made of 10 karats solid gold, you will have to pay around $950, or almost $120 per tooth.

When you buy from a higher-end manufacturer, you would have to pay on average $720 to $850 for six grillz made in 10-karat gold.

Grillz can be even more expensive. For instance, the famous rapper Quavo paid $250,000 for his set of custom diamond grillz. These are handmade with invisible-set VVS baguette stones.

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The cost of gold teeth, or grills depends on several factors such as the labor costs, the purity of the material, the gemstone or diamonds used, design, and the weight of the gold.

The price of a gold grill changes on a daily basis because the price of the raw material that is used, gold, changes even more often than the stock market does.

The cost of your grill will also be affected by the options you choose, which we will go over below. For instance, a plain solid gold set of fangs will be much cheaper than a bottom 6 iced out with VVS diamonds.

How much do diamond grillz cost?

Diamond GrillzYou should be prepared to pay around $1,100 for a single 14 karat gold tooth covered in a mixture of brilliant-cut SI clarity diamonds. For the same 14karat gold tooth covered in VS+ diamonds, you will have to pay around $1,400, and VVS diamonds would cost almost $2,300.

The cost of a diamond grill depends on the quality of diamonds being used, the material, and the labor. These are made in a similar way to solid gold Grillz. The difference consists in the fact that most manufacturers will make the gold grillz a little bit thicker so that they can add gemstones and diamonds on top of the gold.

You have to decide if you want to use 18k gold, 10k gold, or 14k gold when you buy a diamond grillz set. Though, it is recommended to choose 18k gold or 14k gold because the higher quality gold will add a naturally brighter glow. But, if you choose 10k gold, you should be very satisfied with how the grillz turns out.

Also, you will have to decide on the clarity of the diamond as there are multiple options and each of them will affect the price. You can refer to the diamond clarity chart below:

  • I1 (inclusions to 1st Degree): Visibly flawed to the common observer.
  • FL (Flawless): Only about 2% of all stones fall into this category.
  • SI1/SI2 (Slight Inclusions): Minimal flaws which may be noticeable to the naked eye.
  • IF (Internally Flawless): Small surface blemishes that are only noticeable under a 10x magnifying glass.
  • VS1/VS2 (Very Slight Inclusions): Minor flaws which are not visible to the naked eye. Need a magnifying glass to notice.
  • VVS1/VVS2 (Very Very Slight Inclusions): Very very small inclusions that are only noticeable under a 10k magnifying glass by trained professionals after intense searching.

The majority of the customers choose the VVS, VS, or SI stones for their diamond teeth.

Another factor that will affect the cost of diamond grillz is the diamond shape. The majority of the standard diamond grillz are made using brilliant round cut diamonds, but grillz can be made using also marquis cut, cushion cut, princess cut, and other diamond cuts.

How much do pure gold Grillz cost?

The price of high-quality gold grillz starts at around $155 to $255 per tooth, depending on the gold purity you choose. There is 18-karat gold, 14-karat gold, and 10-karat gold. Expect to pay around $300 for a 14k solid gold single tooth grillz and $230 for a 10k solid gold single tooth grillz.

The cost of a solid gold Grillz includes the cost of labor needed to manufacture the grillz and the cost of the gold that is used for your teeth. Also, in this price the expensive equipment and professional materials used to take the mold and cast the grillz are also included.

How much do custom grillz cost?

The price of custom grillz starts at around $350 for 10k solid gold fangs and at almost $230 for a single gold tooth. You can get a better price per tooth if you order grillz with more teeth. For instance, the cost of the bottom 6 grillz in 10K solid gold is $750, and in case you want to upgrade to 14k gold, you will have to pay $950.

Just make sure you are working with a reliable manufacturer when you buy a set of luxury custom grillz. It is a multi-step process to make custom gold teeth that fit properly. Also, this requires a certain set of skills that only an experienced manufacturer has. You wouldn’t want to buy a set of grillz at a discounted cost and realize that they don’t fit your teeth.

Ice teeth options

There are a lot of different options you can choose for your set of grillz, including:

  • Genuine diamond set;
  • Material purity (22k gold, 10k gold, 18k gold, 14k gold);
  • Deep cuts;
  • Gold color (white gold, rose gold, yellow gold);
  • Open face;
  • Extended fangs;
  • Diamond dust;
  • Diamond cuts.

Stars who wear Grill

Jewelry on the teeth, or grillz is a hot fashion in Hollywood. The fashion for gold or silver dental accessories on the teeth was particularly popular among hip-hop stars in the 180s, but also among contemporary celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus and Beyonce.

Madonna posted pictures of her jeweled dental crown a while ago, and Rihanna also made a whole series of “instants” through Instagram. Madonna exposed her shining jewel while brushing her teeth and then once again the crown in combination with a bright red… The crown of “Madge” contains 24 diamonds!

Lately, besides Rihanna and Madonna, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry also got jeweled crowns.

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