Vampire fang implants cost

Considering that fang implants come with no other benefits than a change in looks, people will usually get them for aesthetic reasons. They can be either irreversible or replaceable and movable and will usually be fitted over your original teeth.

People will spend considerable amounts of money to get this irreversible fang look even though a very similar look can be obtained with the cheap plastic vampire teeth you can buy around Halloween. This is still a procedure that is preferred by people that are used to making all kinds of unusual modifications when it comes to their bodies and general looks. So how much would these fang implants cost?

How much do real vampire fang implants cost?

Real Vampire TeethThe cost of vampire fang implants will vary depending on factors like where you get the implants done, the shape of your teeth, and the type of fangs you will be going for.

A permanent job done by a cosmetic dentist through surgery will cost somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000, while simple synthetic detachable teeth will only cost around $100 per fang.

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You can also get custom-made caps that fit perfectly in your mouth and look just as great, if not better than permanent implants, but can be taken off at will. These fang caps are the most expensive option, with costs between $2,500 and $6,500.

If instead, saving money is important for you, then you can always go for the “vampire teeth” that can be found in Halloween costumes, which won’t cost more than $10.

According to specialists, these prices will also depend on whether you want to get the fangs in the middle or the corner of your mouth. Another factor that will influence the cost of these implants is the type of bite you have.

Vampire fangs review

You can get vampire fang implants in one of several ways: as caps, permanent, or slip-on. The slip-on is the most used of the three. These are fangs that will simply be placed over your teeth. The good thing about them is that they can be removed whenever you want to.

On the other hand, permanent options are made to be more durable, most of them being made from a genuine dental polymer. The permanent teeth will have to be inserted by an aesthetic dentist because they will be able to adjust them to fit properly inside your mouth. The bad news is that this is done using a drill, although the whole process is done under local anesthesia.

When it comes to caps, To make sure they fit, the tooth itself will have to be polished considerably. These caps can also be customized or made from synthetic products, which means that they can be made from materials that are usually used to load dental carries, like products with acrylic properties. As already noted, caps aren’t a permanent solution and can be removed at will.

Although you can get implants of any size you want, according to specialists you should make sure you don’t get fangs that are too large, to make sure that they won’t cause issues while you eat or talk.

Although quite a few aesthetic dental clinics will take on this procedure, a lot of them will be totally against it, deeming it unnecessary.

Important things to consider

Don’t expect these teeth to be sharp enough to go through human skin. Although they look like canine teeth, vampire fangs are only intended for appearance improvement reasons.

This cosmetic procedure isn’t covered by health insurance as it is considered medically unnecessary.

Before going through this procedure, the dentist will want to make sure you’re fit for it. You will be considered a good prospect only if you have a decent amount of bone in the jaw and balanced, healthy, and strong teeth. If you have decaying teeth, a periodontal illness, or any other complex dental issue, then you will have a rather hard time finding a dentist to take on this project.

According to people that went through this procedure, it will be hard for you to eat or talk for sometime after the surgery in the case of permanent fangs. This is something that is likely to pass as time goes on.

Among the most common side effects to prepare for is an overjet of the top front teeth, called malocclusion. You might also get sores around the implanted fang area.

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You will have to visit the dentist periodically after getting irreversible fangs.

How can I save money?

If you’re a cash-paying patient, you might receive a discount at most plastic surgeons, dental experts, and cosmetic dentistry clinics when getting real vampire teeth.

Go for cheaper options like slip-on teeth. These will cost a lot less than the real, permanent implants, will look like vampire teeth as well, and can be removed if, for some reason, you don’t like them anymore.

Some dentists might also enable you to get on a payment plan if you can’t pay the whole price up-front.

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