dental implant cost

Dental Implants Cost

Last Updated on September 12, 2023 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on April 17, 2015 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

A complete, functional, and aesthetic smile is an irreplaceable feature of a high standard of living. What you should do if you lose one or more teeth?
The reasons that cause tooth loss are multiple: accidents, caries that lead to tooth extractions, periodontal disease, or old age.

The role of a dental implant:

  • Replaces the lost tooth root and prevents the migration of neighboring teeth.
  • Allows fixed prosthesis in situations when it would be required to wear mobile dentures.
  • Stops the bone to atrophy.
  • Prevents gingival retraction and bone resorption.
  • It has an essential role in bio-aesthetic dentistry.

The average cost of a single dental implant is about $2488.
The average cost of an abutment, implant, and crown is about $2463.

Did you know …

  • A dental implant is a titanium device of high purity, which replaces the tooth root.
  • A dental implant is inserted to stand for the former root, representing the new teeth basis, which will function and look like the natural teeth. Dental implants preserve the integrity of the facial structure and reduce the inconveniences associated with tooth loss.
  • A dental implant is a modern and effective solution with many advantages besides traditional methods used in dentistry. In the case of missing one or more teeth, an excellent treatment method is a dental bridge supported by implants.
  • Dental implants allow prostheses in situations that would have required mobile dentures or grinding healthy adjacent teeth.
  • The dental implant stops bone atrophy, prevents tooth migration, and gingival retraction.

Typical costs:

Usually, a single implant costs around $2400 – $3000, but in case other procedures are needed, like bone grafts, extractions, sinus lift, tissue grafts, the costs can go up to $10,000 or even more. According to an opinion survey, the cost for a single dental implant starts from $1000 up to $5000, but the average cost is $2488.
The costs for an abutment and a dental crown add about $500 – $3000, besides the cost for a single dental implant. The total cost for an implant, abutment, flipper tooth, crown, and other procedures starts from $1750 up to $8300, but the average cost is around $4260.
This type of procedure isn’t covered by dental insurance, because a dental implant is considered a cosmetic procedure, but some health insurance companies might cover some surgical costs.

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How the treatment goes:

dental implant modelThe first consultation for implantology will start with a series of radiographs and the clinical evaluation of the patient, in order to establish a diagnosis.
If your dental surgical specialist believes that a dental implant is a solution for your problem, the steps will be:

The surgery phase

The titanium dental implant is inserted into your jaw. During the time required for the implant to fuse with the bone-osseointegration, (6-12 weeks ), you can wear temporary dental work. If you need a tooth extraction, the dental implant can be inserted in the same session. The healing process usually takes between 3 and 5 months, but in some cases, temporary dental work or dentures can be worn.

The prosthetics phase

As soon as the dental implant fuses with the bone, an extension, abutment, is attached to the implant. On the abutment a ceramic or composite tooth is built, metal or zirconia supported.

How long will implants resist?

Rigorous hygiene, and also annual checks of dental implants, carried out with a special device that measures the stability of implants, maintains them in perfect condition for many years.
If you maintain proper oral hygiene, dental implants can last a lifetime. World statistics show that between 85% and 99% of inserted implants work without problems.

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How often you should return to your dentist for control

Regular visits to your dentist are recommended for control sessions and professional cleaning at least once a year. To avoid any type of problem, a periodic control at every 6 months is recommended.

Do dental implants hurt?

The surgery is completely painless, being performed under local anesthesia. At the patient’s request and depending on the complexity of the case, an analog-sedation, assisted by an ATI specialist or inhale – sedation can be made.

Why some dental implants are cheaper and others are more expensive?

The manufacturing technology, the used materials, the type of implant, the tradition and experience of the manufacturer, are just some elements that may add up to the price of a dental implant. Not all implants are the same and not all manufacturers offer a warranty for implants.

Why shouldn`t you choose the cheapest implant?

The dental implant is a foreign body that will be inserted into your jaw or under-jaw. As in any other domain, there are leading manufacturers with decades of experience, which showed in time that they produce quality implants with an extremely low rate of loss, and manufacturers, recently appeared, without experience and tradition in the field, and want corner market with cheap products, but with the quality more than questionable. Such a dental implant is really cheap but carries risks.
A dental implant is a procedure that should not be repeated. Therefore we advise you to place in balance all the collateral aspects, not just the price. An implant of poor quality can lead to severe complications and irreversible trauma in less than 2 years.

Should the average working Joe get a dental implant?

This is one of the medical procedures that we advise you to get only after careful analysis of your financial status. It is, after all, an aesthetic procedure, so don`t overspend if you don`t have to or if you feel like you don`t have enough money.

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  1. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    The price seems a little too spicy for me. I have talked to a few people locally but the price seems to be awfully similar so I can’t afford it just yet..

  2. Afton Jackson
    Afton Jackson says:

    It was really surprising to read that dental implants only need a dentist visit every 6 months or so to be regularly maintained. This was something I was very concerned about as my friends have all stated that I need to do something about my chipped teeth and I had assumed that all the procedures that can fix them require strict maintenance. Reading your article has given me a confidence boost in looking for a cosmetic dentist that can show me the best possible solution for my damaged teeth.


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