How Much Does it Cost to Be a Freemason?

Masons or Freemasons are members of a discrete association spread throughout the world, organized in Masonic lodges. They follow the principle of fraternity and recognize each other by signs and emblems.

Usually, Freemasons are associated with the image of extremely powerful, influential, rich people, which attracted the envy of many, but at the same time sparked the desire of the uninitiated to join a Masonic organization.

How Much Does it Cost to Be a Freemason?

If you want to become a Master Mason, you should be prepared to spend, on average, $500 in total. Of course, you don’t have to pay the entire sum at once. Also, the cost may vary significantly from Lodge to Lodge.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be extremely rich to become a Freemason as soon as you find a lodge you like, as the membership fees are actually pretty low. The annual dues are around $80 and for the degrees, you will have to pay around $320. For the materials you will get during the membership, like a copy of Lodge bylaws, study guides, apron, and others, you will have to pay around $100.

Also, you will have to pay a fee for the application at most lodges in the United States, which would be almost $200.

However, paying this fee does not guarantee your admission. You will have to pay another $100 for your first degree in case you are accepted.

Are the Freemason fees lower for younger members?

The cost of becoming a freemason can be lowered by 50% for members who are less than 25 years old at some Lodges in the United States of America.

However, this is not a rule applicable at every lodge. But there are still many lodges in the United States that offer some advantages for young people to help them understand Freemasonry and build their interest.

You have to be of lawful age, which is 21 years in most jurisdictions, in order to submit an application.

Can I join Freemasonry without money?

Actually, it is not possible to become a Freemason if you don’t have money. A new candidate must meet his financial obligations to his lodge. It would be nearly impossible to join Freemasonry if you don’t have a minimum of $100 per year for this membership.

This organization encourages its members to give to charities, and in case you can not afford to pay your initiation fee this will be a problem for the lodge because they will have to support you instead of helping others.

Who are the Masons and what is Masonry?

Constitutions of FreemasonsFreemasonry is an organization that has existed for more than 300 years and is the oldest non-political organization in the world. Masonic rituals were found in the ancient mystical schools of Egypt, Greece, and the Near East. The masters, journeymen, and entered apprentices who make up a lodge are the pillars of a fraternity that has lasted in secret for hundreds of years, from the burning at the stake of the Knights Templar until their coming to light.

The first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry was established in London, on June 24, 1717. The current of Enlightenment ideas promoted by Freemasons led to great revolutions: the American one, in 1776, then the French one, in 1789. Masonic principles such as Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity led to the start of the revolutions of 1848.

Important things about Masonic lodges

In case you are already a member of your local lodge, but can’t afford the fee of the second degree, you can ask to remit your dues for the year.

In some situations, the lodge can support you a couple of times. But if you will not be able to change your financial status, your membership may be waived.

You can join a lodge without money, but only if some members help you with the initiation fee or sponsor you, according to some Freemasons.

To become a Mason, you must meet these basic requirements: to be a man; to believe in a “Supreme Being”, regardless of your religion; to have a good reputation and to be well-regarded by colleagues in the guild; to be over 21 years old; to be able to support your family.

What are the additional expenses?

After you join the Blue Lodge, there are some extra costs you need to consider. For instance, there are often meetings followed by dinner. Depending on the venue, you will have to pay for the dinner. Also, the costs of the meals may be added to your annual subscription.

So, you should ask about all these additional charges before joining the lodge.

Also, remember to ask about the materials you would need such as the heirloom volume of sacred law, study guides, and traveling warrant.

These things are not offered for free at some lodges and you will be charged extra for them.

Also, you will need to consider the cost of the regalia, if you really want to join a lodge and become a Master Mason. Regalia would cost anywhere between $35 and $60 and is a sign of royalty necessary for a Master Mason.

And the most important is that you will be invited to donate to charity as this is the mission of Freemasonry. Though, it depends on you how much you want to donate.

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