How Much Does a Snowmobile Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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The snowmobile is a motorized vehicle, ideal for winter, both for household work and for relaxation, entertainment, and adventure in nature. It is a suitable vehicle for rough terrain and can be operated on snow and ice alike, so if you want a bit of dynamics in your life, invest in a quality snowmobile!

A snowmobile, also known as a snow machine, is a land vehicle suitable for snow-capped and frozen routes in order to make it possible to travel in winter and in very cold areas where other vehicles could not move around. They can be used at will, either as a passion or for utilitarian purposes. The vehicle is guided by skis and powered by a senile composed of Kevlar.

They can also be designed for two people, but the most modern models have a single-person capacity. Snowmobiles can now reach speeds of over 240 km/h and are used especially in the Arctic. Because it is not a registered vehicle, the snowmobile does not require a driver’s license to be used. However, you should not look at the snowmobile as a simple toy and drive it with caution.

Snowmobiles feature 2-, 3- or 4-cylinder and 2- or 4-stroke engines with liquid cooling. Throughout the market, the engines have capacities of 121 cc, 544 cc, 600 cc, 650 cc, 795 cc, 840 cc, 849 cc, 899 cc, and 900 cc, and a power alternating between 41 horsepower and 299 horsepower.

Snowmobile is a Canadian invention that revolutionized winter sports and transportation. In its more than 80-year history, the snowmobile has evolved from a primitive motor sleigh into a modern, powerful, and sophisticated vehicle used in a variety of recreational and sporting activities.

Currently, there are several companies that produce high-performance snowmobiles and accessories, such as special suits, safety glasses, and helmets. There are also various organizations and associations that promote this sport and organize competitions and events every year.

Modern snowmobiles are equipped with powerful engines, advanced suspension, and high-performance braking systems, providing a great experience while driving on snow. Modern technology has also enabled the development of electric snowmobiles, which provide an environmentally friendly alternative to models with combustion engines.

There are currently only 7 independent snowmobile manufacturers in the world:

  1. Yamaha Motor Corporation – Japan
  2. Alpina Snowmobiles, – USA
  3. Arctic Cat – United States
  4. Leisure products Bombardier (BRP) – Canada / Finland
  5. Polaris Industries – United States of America
  6. “Russian Mechanics” – Russia (Snowmobiles “Buran” and “Taiga/attack”)
  7. Ufa Automobile Production Association / OJSC UMPO – Russia (“Lynx snowmobile”)

“Ski-Doo”, “Polaris”, “Arctic Cat” and “Yamaha” are the most popular snowmobile companies. They compete with each other at the top of the snowmobile industry pyramid, often coming up with new models that are more efficient, reliable, and affordable. So how much is a snowmobile?

How much does a snowmobile cost?

The price of a snowmobile ranges greatly from $3,000 up to about $18,000 and more, with an average of $13,500. The cost for such a vehicle depends on its engine capacity, manufacturer, and whether it is a youth sled, entry-level sled, or high-performance sled.

A kid-sized sled with an engine capacity between 120cc-200cc will cost you $3,000 to $5,000.

A mid-sized snowmobile for adults or smaller riders, used as an entry-level sled, with an engine capacity between 400-600cc and 50-70 HP, will cost $6,000 up to $10,000 and more.

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A high-performance snowmobile can have an engine capacity between 600-900cc or 1000-1200cc, and around 160-210 HP, being the most expensive ones. The snowmobile price in this case can go from $15,000 and $18,000, and more.

There is always the possibility of buying a used snowmobile, used sleds won’t come with guarantees and the older they are the harder it will be to find parts when they break. The price for a second-hand snowmobile can start from $1,000 up to $15,000. Note that a used one that is older than 15-20 years or more costs about $1,000-$2,000.

Here is a list of the most expensive snowmobiles, made by Luxatic.

Rank Model Price
10 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Limited 129 $16,399
9 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR 129 $16,499
8 2017 Arctic Cat XF 9000 Cross Country Limited 137 $16,599
7 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Limited 137 $16,649
6 2017 Arctic Cat XF 9000 High Country Limited 141 $16,699
5 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR 137 $16,749
4 2018 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat $16,799
3 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat 137 $16,899
2 2018 Arctic Cat XF 9000 High Country Limited 153 $16,899
1 2018 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR $17,199

Here is a list of the cheapest adult snowmobiles made by FastTraction:

Model Price
Arctic Cat Blast ZR $8,699
Polaris Indy Evo $7,399
Ski-Doo MXZ Neo MSRP $6,399
Yamaha Snoscoot ES $5,049
Ski-Doo MXZ 200 $4,999
Polaris 120 Indy $3,699

Below, you will find a list of prices depending on the snowmobile CC power.

Snowmobile Engine Size (cc) Average Prices (USD)
120 $3,000 – $3,500
200 $4,000 – $5,000
400-600 $6,000 – $10,000
600-900 $12,000 – $15,000
1000-1200 $15,000 – $18,000

Additional costs Aside From the Snowmobile Price

When buying such a vehicle you should also think about your safety and protection. So always wear a helmet, special winter equipment, and cold-weather clothing to keep you warm and comfortable when traveling at fairly high speeds.

The helmet is the critical safety element that can save your life. The appropriate waterproof and anti-frost snowmobile suit is essential to prevent hypothermia and frostbite. Depending on their quality and the place you buy them from, all these accessories can cost you between some hundred dollars and several thousand dollars.

You may also need a new sled deck to transport your snowmobile which can cost around $15,000-$18,000.

What to Look for When Buying a Snowmobile

Invest in a quality snowmobile

Blue SnowmobileWhen you want to invest in a vehicle, it is very important that it meets all your needs and gives you safety, in order to enjoy the mountain and forest routes and to be able to carry out all the household activities in a short time and without too much effort.

Choose the right type of snowmobile

Each person will use the snowmobile for their own activities, be they recreation or household. Thus, there are:

  • Multifunctional snowmobiles. They are suitable for household chores, moving very well in deep snow.
  • Tourist snowmobiles. Tourist vehicles for off-road routes in winter provide greater comfort for pilots and passengers.
  • Snowmobile sport. They are very powerful, being ideal for winter sports on rough terrain. Since there are many outdoor sports for the winter, sports snowmobiles are divided into universal and cross-country ones.
  • Snowmobiles in the mountains. Along with the utility (multifunctional) ones that can climb and descend from the mountain trails without much effort, this category offers the vehicle more power and grip.

Characteristics of the snowmobile

Before investing in a snowmobile model, it is extremely important to consider all its specifications so that you make sure the vehicle is right for your requirements, wishes, budget, and riding mode. In other words, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Engine volume – a strong snowmobile will consume more fuel, but it will be able to climb the mountain routes much easier and transport more material for household activities.
  2. Type of suspension – like cars, snowmobiles can have several types of suspension: Either the link suspension which gives more controllability to the vehicle or the telescopic suspension, being reliable and durable.
  3. Front bumper – some snowmobiles have an integrated bumper, which provides more stability and safety on rough terrain.
  4. The vehicle seat – it must provide comfort to the driver and passenger, while also providing an optimal space to install a boot if this is one of your requirements.
  5. Safety features – depending on the snowmobile, some have shields and springs fitted, while others may not have such facilities, being used on low-risk land.

Final words

Before choosing a new snowmobile for your snowmobiling activities, it is very important to consider the information provided above, along with practical advice, as buying one is certainly worth it. Make sure that you have the right protective equipment and that the vehicle is working properly before each departure. Enjoy the winter season with a snowmobile to suit your requirements, but also your budget.

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