Shingles Vaccine Cost

shingles vaccine cost

Many people are curious about the shingles vaccine cost. But before talking about the actual costs, you need to understand what the shingles vaccine is all about and how it can help you. Then you’ll understand if this particular vaccine is something you need or not. If you’re one of the people that don’t know what vaccines are, how they can help you, how they work, and why they are internationally used, consult a doctor or medical expert. If you only need information about this particular vaccine, read the article below:

Information On The Shingles Vaccine

Although it may start as a rash, the condition called Shingles will lead to a debilitating condition, if it isn’t stopped during the early stages. The rashes will be formed in a kind of ailment and they will slowly become agonizing. Many old people go through these symptoms. This particular virus is of the same family as the one causing chickenpox but is a lot more violent in symptoms, causing severe rashes. That’s the main reason why you need to take all of the precautions.

Your doctor can confirm that the virus causing the chickenpox is something you can never get rid of in most cases. It will lie dormant in our bodies. In some particular cases, when a person is affected by shingles it will cause the chickenpox virus to revive. The shingles vaccine is something greatly recommended to people in the age group of forties or older. You should seek the shingles vaccine only if your immune system is within normal parameters and not compromised in such a way that it isn’t functioning normally anymore.

Typical costs:

If you are not covered by medical insurance, the full cost of the shingles vaccination will include the following: the cost of the shot administration and the cost of just one required dose of vaccine, in most cases and a consultation fee, if you don’t get the vaccination during your routine doctor visit, for a total price of around $200 to $250. Two well-known examples are The Shot Nurse, a mobile vaccination service in Tennessee, that charges $205 and  Walgreens’ Take Care Clinics that will charge about $220.

Many private health insurance plans will cover the shingles vaccine, as well as all Medicare Part D plans. If you are covered by a health insurance plan, the typical price will include the consultation copay and in a few cases, a copay for the dose of the vaccine. As an example, the North Carolina health plan for retired state employees states that patients will pay a doctor-visit copay, but the vaccine is covered 100 percent.

What Should Be Included:

Zostavax, a well-known brand for shingles vaccines recommends the administration of a single shot of their vaccine.

There are a few known cases where the shingles vaccine was not effective 100%. The best results were noticed on people aged 60 to 69 and it will prevent shingles in about 50% of the time. Patients that wouldn’t get shingles anyway should know that this vaccination will prevent post-herpetic neuralgia, a very painful symptom that persists after the shingles rash clears.

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Additional costs:

You could need a booster shot of the same vaccine in the future, as there isn’t any information about how long protection will last.

Shingles Vaccine Side Effects

There are no noticeable side effects of the vaccine, only the common ones for any other vaccination. The only requirement is that you have a normal, working immune system when getting the shot.

Reaction To Shingles Vaccine

When you get the shingles vaccine you may experience some of the reactions below:

  • The vaccine is not recommended to people suffering from tuberculosis or people that try to become pregnant.
  • People undergoing chemotherapy or people that suffer from AIDS or HIV will have their immune system compromised, so the vaccination will not be recommended in their cases.
  • People that are allergic to gelatin could notice an adverse reaction to the vaccine shot.
  • Some pain and tenderness in the area where the injection is given. You could even experience headaches.shingles vaccine

Effectiveness Of Shingles Vaccine

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If there are older members of the family in the household, your family physician will always recommend the shingles vaccine. For many, this remains the only tool against this disease and many other illnesses from the same family of conditions, like chickenpox, commonly known and feared by many people. Many people still suffer from post-herpetic neuralgia, the common condition of pain occurring after the rashes disappear. The vaccine will make this pain go away. Thus, one should discuss with their physician the likelihood of contracting such an illness and why one should take up such a vaccine in the first place. Doctors will be able to provide the right advice to their patients.


If you are in the age group that is more likely to contract this illness, you should understand the necessity of getting this vaccination. As for the shingles vaccine cost, expect to pay somewhere between $200 and $250 for the vaccination. Make sure you document yourself, as many health insurance plans might not cover this particular vaccination. If you still are unsure of the reasons behind going through this vaccination, talk to your physician, as he will be able to give you the right advice and talk about the good parts and the bad parts of the shingles vaccination.

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