Price of a Flu Shot

how much for a flu shot

It’s a general fear for people to get the annual shot to prevent them from getting the flu, and they use as the main excuse the cost of this injection.

So, how much does a flu shot cost?

Usually, you won`t have to spend more than $30, and sometimes the price is as low as $10, depending on where you’ll go to get your flu shot. In addition, if you are one of the lucky people to have Part B Medicare, the flu shot could turn out to be free.

Why Isn’t The Flu Shot Free?

Many individuals, companies, households, families, health officials, and even government bodies see the flu shot as a public concern. Being available for such a long time makes a lot of people wonder why isn’t it free by now.

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It’s surprising that the flu shots have so low prices, says Center for Disease Control and Prevention representatives (CDC), They have this opinion, knowing the high costs of manufacturing and distributing the flu shots nationwide and the logistical headaches that it creates.

The first issue is that each year the influenza vaccine has to be made in fresh batches. In order to create the vaccine, scientists closely study the prevalent flu strains from the southern hemisphere in the winter, which corresponds to the US summer.

As soon as all the strains are identified, the next year’s vaccine will be made from February. The next step requires the pharmaceutical companies to make very accurate guesses on how many vaccines to produce, many months before each flu season will begin because a lot of people will refuse to take the flu shot.

What makes this vaccine different from any others is the fact that the flu shot can only be used from September to January each year, then everything that remains will be discarded. It could be a very costly waste for the pharmaceutical companies if they make too many vaccines and they end up destroying a lot of them.

As an example, the year 2012 meant a lot of waste for those companies because it featured a light flu season and over 30 million doses had to be destroyed. The costs for the vaccines are approximately $13 per dose for the healthcare providers, and that’s the cost without any distribution expenses.

Low-Cost Clinics

Your best bet to finding cheap flu shots will be your local health office if you have a large family or you aren’t covered by any insurance.

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A great deal will be to try and get the flu shots closer to the end of the vaccination period, when some healthcare providers offer the excess shots for free, just before they expire. Your local health and Human Services’ website will offer details about upcoming programs for the community, that involve flu shots and details about their prices. Expect a cost range from free to $20.

Senior Centers

If you are a senior citizen you might already be aware of the fact that you are prone to getting the flu, so senior citizens are encouraged to take flu shots. Most privately run senior center facilities offer flu shots at subsidized prices.

The common prices will be between $15 and $30 per shot. Another great tip is that these clinics don’t limit their offers to seniors, anyone can walk in and take the flu shot.

Local Pharmacy

One of the most convenient ways to get the flu shot for a great price is to go to your local pharmacy. They offer their vaccines at $25 and $40.

Private Clinics

Doctor appointments will cost the most for the flu vaccines but will be readily available whenever you want to take them. The price can reach $200 if you take into account the flu shot price of $15 to $50 and the office visit fee that ranges between 10$ and $150.

Should the average working Joe get a flu shot?

It’s always a great idea to get vaccinated. Even if the topic is thoroughly discussed nowadays, it’s a fact that vaccinations can keep you away from very nasty diseases and could potentially save your life. Vaccination isn’t all that expensive and it’s nothing compared to your health and general well-being.

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