How much does it cost to give birth, raise and keep your children happy. A great category for moms, with prices for the latest gadgets to help you raise your kids, along with prices for toys and sweets.

Cost of Having a Baby

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

In the wake of landmark healthcare reform attempts, if you are planning to have a baby or you are already pregnant, it can be very tricky to find out how much it costs to have a baby. In the U.S. a family is facing the highest birthing costs…
How Much Does Day Care Cost?

How Much Does Daycare Cost?

Finding affordable, quality childcare is one of the top concerns for working parents with young children. But daycare costs can vary widely based on numerous factors like location, age of child, program type, and more. This guide examines…
Costs of Adopting a Child

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Child?

Adoption can be an expensive process, but how much does it cost to adopt a child? This comprehensive guide breaks down the many factors that impact the cost of adoption and provides insights into making adoption more affordable. Adopting…