Alligator Snapping Turtles Cost

Alligator Snapping Turtle Price

The alligator snapping turtle is among the biggest freshwater turtles on the planet and is extremely different from other kinds of turtles: They have big heads with strong, beak-like jaws and spiky ridges all along their shells. Because of this primitive-like look, these turtles are generally associated with dinosaurs.

Although they enjoy the deep waters, muddy holes in the rivers and streams the most, they can adjust to various environments given that they are amphibians. These remarkable animals can be discovered anywhere from Georgia to Indiana.

Just how much does an alligator snapping turtle cost?

The expense of an alligator snapping turtle will depend upon the age, size, quality, and where you acquire it from. The typical rate of an alligator snapping turtle is normally somewhere between $40 and $75 for a younger specimen; nevertheless, if you were to acquire more than one, discount rates, as much as 30 percent or more, might apply.

Alligator snapping turtle eggs can cost anywhere from $250 to $350 each.

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A couple of members on TurtleTankSetup spoke about how to look for an alligator snapping turtle and what you ought to be ready to spend for one. According to the responses, the majority stated you should be ready to pay $60 to $100 for a younger turtle and about $45 for next day shipping, bringing the overall to about $100 to $150.

Elements that impact the rate


Due to the fact that this kind of turtle is belonging to particular parts of the world, they will be less expensive in their native location. The farther you are from the source, the more costly the turtle will be for you, considering that you might most likely need to pay the shipping costs.


Alligator snapping turtles can either be born in captivity or born in the wild. They can likewise be born prior to or after they have actually been hatched. Turtle eggs from the wild will be the most costly, while live turtles born in captivity will be the most affordable.

Alligator snapping turtle details

Local animal shops might have this kind of turtle for sale; nevertheless, according to a couple of stores we were able to talk to, the options were really limited; in fact, a lot of them didn’t and would not carry. The majority of the time, you will either need to acquire it online by means of a credible breeder or you might need to have it specifically purchased from a local pet shop.

An alligator snapping turtle, being the biggest freshwater turtle in The United States and Canada, can weigh approximately 300 pounds and reach more than 25 inches long.

Although the life expectancy has yet to be verified, like a lot of turtles, they are thought to live 80 to 120 years if looked after appropriately.

What are the additional expenses?

Alligator Snapping TurtleIf you purchase the turtle online, you will be accountable for the shipping expenses. Next day shipping costs, typically, will be anywhere from $45 to $65. These rates might differ from one breeder to another and might depend upon your geographical location, however, this ought to be a rather good price quote to bear in mind.

These are not domestic animals, and they require a very special cage and a shelter comparable to their natural environment. Although they can adapt to a lot of temperature levels, they choose cool swampy locations, and the temperature levels should be 75 to 80 degrees.

Alligator snapping turtles, when kept in captivity, are fed fish, mice, worms, and a nutritionally balanced diet. Be ready to spend around $100 each month on food alone.

Tips to keep in mind

Although they bear the name of snapping turtles, alligator snapping turtles are completely different. They are not as aggressive and have a milder character.

Alligator snapping turtles are a protected species in all 50 states, and these defense laws make commercial trapping unlawful. Many, when caught, are generally done so for the meat.

These turtles are a bit costly considering that they do not lay eggs every year. Professionals note that they lay eggs every other year, and often, depending upon the circumstance, every 3rd year.

According to the Office of the Federal Register, some constraints are set when offering, purchasing, and owning this kind of turtle.

How can you save some money?

Look around (both in stores and online) for the very best offers of alligator snapping turtles. Nevertheless, do not simply think about the most inexpensive choice. Ensure the pet shop or breeder has the credibility of complying with the requirements set by wildlife agencies and your city government.

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