Art of Charm Boot Camp Cost

Art of Charm Boot Camp Cost

The Art of Charm Boot Camp, an innovative Bootcamp created for guys with social anxiety problems, was developed by a group of social dynamics specialists to aid guys to rewire their state of mind to provide sky-high self-confidence in any social circumstance. By the end of the program, the boot camp will teach you what you’re doing wrong in social circumstances and how to fix everything almost instantly.

Just how much does the Art of Charm Bootcamp cost?

The main site, from what we were able to find out, does not let you find out the rates; rather, they ask you to provide your name and e-mail address so that the business can set up a call and provide you more information about the program through a “discovery call” with one of the boot camp’s agents. If you do choose to register, the business tells you on its site that a representative will call you and figure out if you’re a good fit for the boot camp. If so, then you will set up yet another call to discuss what you wish to work with and prepare you for the boot camp if you do choose to apply in the future. In the end, according to the business’s Frequently Asked Questions, the expenses will depend upon the date you go for if you’re a veteran and the payment plan you go for, and given that each trainee is different, the rates will differ considerably, based upon the needs.

Art of Charm Boot Camp CostWhile we were unable to find rates on their main site, we were able to find some info about the rates through third-party resources. Although these costs will not be verified, it seems that the boot camp is in the $7,000 to $8,000+ price range, considerably depending upon how you pay and your particular scenario.

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On a Yelp evaluation, for instance, that was marked as “not recommended”, one customer noted he was given an estimate of $7,000 if they paid ahead of time or $8,000 if they would pay in rates. If you fly in from another country, then the boot camp would subtract $500 from the expense. These were costs from the spring of 2019 and are, of course, subject to change and can not be guaranteed in any way. Once again, considering that we weren’t able to find the rates online, we needed to get the costs from third-party resources. For a more exact price, we would highly encourage you to get in touch with the boot camp directly for additional information.

One WordPress article, which seems made by the business itself, says payment plans were offered for customers who had an interest in signing up.

How does the boot camp work?

According to the main site, those who register will spend 5 days in a “luxurious” Los Angeles house, with every day broken down with a particular schedule to aid teach them the right abilities to confidently approach complete strangers, avoid coming off as weird, quickly read someone before even talking with them, becoming the superhero to aid fix hard conflicts, get invitations to occasions and command respect from others. To see the program in detail, the admin at Knowledgeformen blogged about his experience going to the boot camp.

In the 5 days, every day will be broken down as follows:

  1. On the first day, the boot camp will videotape you and coaches will tell you how you come off to complete strangers, aiding you to nail each and every initial impression.
  2. Day 2 will teach you how to become that sought-after and valuable individual most people look up to, with you testing your abilities during the night on Hollywood Boulevard.
  3. Day 3 includes coaches providing feedback about your night out the day before, providing you with more ideas on how to get the social anxiety out of your head.
  4. On day 4 you will practice how to get a discussion going, go through uncomfortable moments, and after that once again, practice your abilities at a close-by bar in Hollywood.
  5. On the last day, the boot camp will teach you how to build connections and make a strong circle of friends.
  6. Even after your last day and when you leave the boot camp, the site notes it does not end here as the post-program will consist of training calls and a six-month follow-up to make sure you’re on the right track to success. Members also get lifetime access to a network of alumni through a private Facebook group, with periodic weekend events held all over the world.

The whole program, as shown on some brochures, will be a total of 60 hours, with all students staying at the house throughout their stay.

What’s actually included in the cost?

According to the boot camp, all trainees will get a number of benefits that attend to their individual requirements, which have been tested over and over again. This consists of several in-field sessions, different workshops, before and after exercises, phone training sessions, and accommodations throughout your short stint at the house. The head coaches for the program include AJ Harbinger, Jordan Harbinger, and Johnny Dzubak, all with their own individual experiences.

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