How Much Does a Cheetoh Cat Cost?

Last Updated on January 18, 2024
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Cheetoh cats are a relatively new and rare hybrid breed that combines the wild appearance of an Ocicat with the playfulness of a domestic shorthair. With their wild looks but sweet personality, Cheetohs make a unique exotic pet.

However, their rarity means they have a higher upfront cost than typical housecats. If you’re considering adding one of these exotic beauties to your home, it’s important to understand the costs involved. This guide will break down Cheetoh cat pricing and the expenses associated with owning one of these felines.

Highlights on Cheetoh Cat Costs

  • Cheetoh kittens typically cost $1,000-$1,500, with some over $2,000 from top breeders
  • Initial costs like supplies, vet fees, and cat-proofing add $500-$1,000 when bringing home your cat
  • Budget $100-$200 monthly for food, litter, routine veterinary care, insurance, and other expenses
  • Cheetohs require premium nutrition and specialized veterinary care like other exotic hybrid breeds
  • Research breeders thoroughly, prepare financially, and connect with exotic vets to ensure your Cheetoh’s health

How Much Does a Cheetoh Cat Cost?

The typical price range for a Cheetoh kitten is $1,000 to $1,500. However, price varies based on factors like breeder reputation, whether breeding rights are included, and coat pattern.

Show-quality Cheetoh kittens with breeding rights from top breeders can cost $2,000 to $2,500. Retired adult breeding cats may be available from some breeders for $800 to $1,200. Given how few breeders work with Cheetoh cats, expect to be placed on a waiting list to purchase a kitten.

Hoschton Animal Hospital writes that Cheetoh kittens can cost up to $1,500, though the average price tag is around $800.

According to CatBreedsList.com, on average, a Cheetoh kitten costs between $800 and $1,500 depending on their lineage, upbringing, age, and gender.

Cats.com writes in an article that Cheetoh cats cost between $500-$2,400.

All About Animals Veterinary Services says that Cheetoh kittens usually average around $800 but can cost as much as $1,500.

BengalCats.co notes that the usual price for a Cheetoh kitten is around $400 to $800.

Let’s explore the key factors that influence Cheetoh pricing in more detail:

Breeder Reputation – The most reputable Cheetoh breeders can demand higher prices. Search for breeders who health test their breeding cats and socialize kittens.

Coat Markings – Unusual or show-quality spotting/rosetted coat patterns may increase the price by $200-$500.

Breeding Rights – Kittens sold with breeding rights are typically $500-$1,000 higher than pets.

Gender – Female kittens are sometimes priced $100-$300 higher than males due to demand.

Age – Older Cheetoh kittens may be priced lower as breeders want to place remaining stock.

As you can see, Cheetoh cat prices are inside a wide range based on many variables. Always ensure you’re working with a responsible breeder for the healthiest, socialized kitten.

Initial Costs of Bringing Home a Cheetoh Cat

Beyond the upfront purchase price, new Cheetoh owners need to budget for initial supplies, veterinary fees, and services to welcome their exotic cat home. Here are some typical starting costs:

  • Veterinary Exam & Vaccines – $150-$300 for initial vet visit, exams, and core vaccines
  • Spay/Neuter – $200-$500 to alter your Cheetoh, often included by the breeder in pet price
  • Microchipping – $25-$50 for microchip ID and registration
  • Cat Supplies – $200-$500 for litter boxes, scratching posts, toys, bed, dishes, and starter food
  • Cat Proofing – $100+ for covers, gates, and climbers to cat-proof your home
  • Grooming Essentials – $50+ for nail clippers, brushes, shampoo

As you prepare for your Cheetoh’s arrival, set aside $500-$1,000 to cover initial costs. Purchasing high-quality supplies and establishing vet care early supports your cat’s health.

Monthly and Yearly Expenses of Owning a Cheetoh

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Cheetoh CatCaring for a Cheetoh cat extends well beyond initial costs. As an exotic breed, Cheetohs have some specialized needs to thrive long-term. Here are the typical ongoing expenses:

  • High-Quality Food – $40-$60 per month for premium cat food
  • Litter – $20-$40 per month for litter replenishment
  • Grooming – $480-$600 annually for brushing and nail trims
  • Veterinary Care – $300-$500 annually for exams, vaccines, tests
  • Pet Insurance – $300-$600 annually for accident/illness coverage
  • Toys/Treats – $200+ annually for new enrichment items

Aside from regular monthly expenses, be prepared for surprise vet bills for illnesses or injuries. Budgeting $100-$200 monthly provides a buffer for surprise costs. Proper preventative care and insurance can minimize unwanted vet bills.

How Cheetoh Cat Costs Compare to Other Breeds

Due to their rarity and wild ancestry, Cheetohs cost notably more than your average domestic shorthair cat. However, they aren’t necessarily pricier than other pedigreed cats. Here’s how Cheetoh costs compare:

  • Domestic Shorthairs – Adoption fee $50-$100; $500-$1,000 first-year costs
  • Bengal Cats – $1,000-$3,000 purchase price; $2,000+ first-year costs
  • Savannah Cats – $1,000-$20,000+ purchase price; $3,000+ first-year costs
  • Sphynx Cats – $1,000-$3,000 purchase price; $2,000+ first-year costs

While pricier than a mixed breed cat, Cheetohs cost notably less than other exotic cats like Bengals and Savannahs. However, they require similar levels of specialized care, nutrition, and veterinary needs.

Financial Planning Tips for Prospective Cheetoh Cat Owners

Welcoming one of these exotic beauties into your home takes careful planning and budgeting. Here are some top tips:

  • Save up an emergency fund of $1,000-$2,000 before getting your Cheetoh to cover surprise vet bills or other needs
  • Closely review your monthly budget to accommodate higher food, care, and veterinary costs
  • Purchase pet insurance early on for illness/injury coverage and preventative care discounts
  • Ask breeders about health guarantees to reduce the risk of hereditary conditions
  • Seek out exotic cat veterinarians in your area familiar with hybrid breeds

While Cheetoh cats require more research and planning, their wildly beautiful looks and affectionate personalities make them a dream companion for the right owner. Their upfront and ongoing costs reflect the specialized care these exotic hybrids require. With smart financial preparation, a Cheetoh cat can be a worthwhile investment that brings years of joy.

Final Words

The unique appearance and affectionate personality of the Cheetoh come at a higher cost than average cats. But for cat lovers seeking a rare and exotic feline companion, the joy of sharing your home with this breed is priceless. With proper care and dedication, your Cheetoh cat can thrive for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influence the cost of a Cheetoh cat?

The main factors affecting Cheetoh cat pricing are breeder reputation, coat markings, inclusion of breeding rights, gender, and age. As an exotic new hybrid breed produced in small numbers, Cheetoh kittens also command higher base prices than domestic cats.

Is owning a Cheetoh cat more expensive than other cat breeds?

Yes, Cheetoh cats tend to be more expensive than domestic cats in terms of purchase price and ongoing care. However, they have similar costs to other exotic hybrid breeds like Bengals, Savannahs, and Sphynx. All exotic cats require specialized nutrition, enrichment, and veterinary care.

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