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Cost for Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Attorney Cost

The expenses related to employing a child support lawyer differ significantly depending upon a number of elements, which can make figuring out an approximated price pretty hard. However, with many essential reasons to work with a child support lawyer, there’s no much time to know more about the costs.

Reasons to Employ a Child Support Attorney

There are a number of ways in which a child support lawyer can aid you with your case, including but not limited to:

Legally getting proof of paternity
A lawyer experienced in adoption laws can help you in lawfully getting proof of the paternity of your adopted child or children.

Filing documentation properly
Inaccurate or misfiled documentation can extend the adoption procedure, however, a child support lawyer can effectively and properly submit the documentation required for your case.

Getting a court order
It might be required to get a court order to figure out the amount of child support payments, and an attorney can help in this case.

Changing an already established agreement
If one or several parties want to change an existing child support arrangement, you should have a lawyer present and actively work at changing the agreement.

Figuring out payment methods
A child support lawyer can skillfully help you in identifying which child support payment method might be right for your particular scenario.

Getting the child support
If an individual is owed unpaid child support, an attorney can aid that individual to start getting that support.

Child Support Lawyer Cost
You may be asking yourself just how much does a child support lawyer cost. The typical expense for a child support lawyer, per hour, varies anywhere from $100 to $500. If the case is uncontested, overall expenses normally stay in the range of $2,500 to $5,000. Nevertheless, contested cases might cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 or more.

It is often the case that the amount of child support increased (or decreased) over the lifetime of the order, or even less than a year, by working with a child support lawyer is normally far in advance the amount the lawyer charges to do so. It typically makes financial sense to retain a lawyer to develop or modify a child support order. If you can invest $2,000 to make $8,000 or $10,000 over a number of years you would do it, and the very same applies to child support orders.

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Additionally, what individuals do not understand is that orders that are put in the Superior Court trump Division of Child Support Orders. This means that you will not be stuck with a bad DCS decision, and can even benefit from the discrepancies and considerations of the requirements of a child support order to take full advantage of (or lessen) the amount of support ordered. These discrepancies and considerations can be made complex and need a lawyer with an exceptional understanding of the child support statutes to benefit from.

Aspects That Influence the Cost of a Child Support Lawyer

There is a range of aspects that can affect the typical expense of a child support attorney. Below are some elements to think about.

The Type Of Custody Conflict

Uncontested cases are bound to cost less, as they will usually require less time inside the actual courtroom. Contested cases can last a few months, need the usage of experts, and are usually both more lengthy and pricey. The kind of custody conflict case you have is among the most important determining elements when thinking about the expense of a child support attorney.

Specialists & Professional Witnesses

In contested cases, professionals such as child psychologists might be asked to take part in the case by supplying a professional declaration relating to the children involved. Professional witnesses might also be needed to send forms of evidence, in addition to a statement. These extra services will increase the expense associated with your case.

Lawyer Charges

Lawyer charges differ considerably. Some might charge an assessment charge for a meeting with you and going over the nature of your case, while others might provide a complimentary assessment. A lawyer might charge a flat fee for simpler services, however, many will charge on a per hour basis. Per hour rates are determined by the lawyer and can be as high as $500 or as low as $100. Your lawyer might also ask for a retainer payment, which is basically a non-refundable deposit for using their services.

Court Costs

Going to a court hearing leads to court charges. Uncontested cases will typically sustain fewer court charges than contested, extended cases, though every appearance before a judge will mean an additional fee. In addition to paying to be seen before a judge, you might also be required to spend for record-keeping within the court, and the presence of a constable or police officer.

Travel Costs

Your child support attorney might charge you the fee of their travel expenses when going to court or meetings to go over the specific details of your case. Make sure to ask your lawyer if they charge travel costs prior to accepting their services.

Paralegal Services

Paralegals help lawyers in a lot of ways, from submitting documents to carrying out thorough research. A lawyer might include a surcharge for using their paralegal services.

Lawyer’s Experience, Capabilities, & Track record

Child SupportA lawyer’s experience, capabilities, and track record will affect the rates they charge for their services. The more skilled, the broader series of capabilities and expertise, the much better the track record, the more pricey your attorney is most likely to be. Legal representatives that have just recently finished a law school that might have extremely limited experience or track record tend to charge less for their services.

The intricacy of Your Case

The intricacy of your case might also affect the overall expense of working with a child support attorney. Easy, well-defined cases need extremely little work on the part of a legal representative, keeping general expenses very low. Nevertheless, in contested or complicated cases, your lawyer might need to invest numerous hours in and out of court protecting your case. Naturally, this increases the general expense.

Misc Charges

There are lots of different charges to think about before figuring out the expense of a child support attorney. Every piece of documentation that should be submitted with the court is most likely to cost you anywhere between $1 and $300. In prolonged cases, these charges can start to build up, leading to unforeseen financial obligations. It is usually crucial to be familiar with these different charges.


There are a number of aspects to think about when picking a child support lawyer. The kind of custody conflict you have, the needed documents required to settle the child support payments, and the difficulty of your case will significantly affect the final sum of your costs.

Though the expenses related to employing an attorney can be daunting, the reasons for doing so far exceed the dangers of doing it alone. A child support attorney can aid you to properly submit your documentation, identify the support payment method that’s right for you, or change and modify your existing child support arrangement.

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