How Much Does Dedham Country Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on February 8, 2024
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Becoming a member of the renowned Dedham Country Club comes with a substantial price tag. However, for those who can afford it, a Dedham Country Club membership provides access to first-class amenities, events, and a vibrant social community.

This article examines the various membership costs involved in joining this exclusive private club.

Dedham Country Club has a long and illustrious history. Founded in 1922, it is located on a sprawling 240-acre property in Dedham, Massachusetts.

With its championship golf course, gorgeous clubhouse, and expansive grounds, Dedham Country Club is considered one of the premier country clubs in New England. Membership is by invitation only and the club maintains an air of old-world elegance and luxury.

How Much Does Dedham Country Club Membership Cost?

The upfront initiation fee to join Dedham Country Club is a minimum of $50,000 for a Full Golf membership. Additional membership types have varying initiation fees starting from $10,000.

On top of the initiation fee, new members must also pay annual dues, which currently start from $8,000 per year. Annual dues may increase periodically as determined by the club’s Board of Directors. There are also fees charged monthly for food & beverage minimums.

For a Family Full Golf membership, covering a couple and their children under 21 years old, the current initiation fee is $80,000 with minimum annual dues of $16,000.

The club also offers Legacy Full Golf Memberships for invited children and grandchildren of existing members – this carries a reduced initiation fee of $40,000.

While the initial membership cost is undoubtedly high, it does ensure exclusivity and consistent reinvestment into maintaining the club’s exceptional facilities and services. Members find that the fees provide good value given the amenities and network made accessible.

Membership Categories at Dedham Country Club

Dedham Country Club offers several membership tiers to suit different interests and requirements.

Full Golf Membership

This premier membership grants unlimited access to the immaculate 18-hole golf course and practice facilities. Full Golf members can make advance reservations for prime weekend tee times.

The club hosts several golf tournaments annually for members. Full Golf members also get complete access to the clubhouse, dining rooms, bar, event spaces, and other sports amenities like the tennis courts, pool, and fitness center.

Social Sports Membership

Social Sports members enjoy full use of the clubhouse, dining, tennis courts, fitness center and pool. While they have restricted access to the golf course, Social Sports members can play occasionally by paying greens fees.

This is a great option for those who want full social privileges without the cost of a golf membership. The initiation fee starts at $17,500 with annual dues from $5,000.

Social Membership

Social members pay an initiation fee from $10,000 and annual dues from $3,000. This membership allows full use of the clubhouse facilities.

While Social members cannot play golf, they can participate in the club’s varied social events and dining. Social membership provides a way to engage with the club community without signing up for sports amenities.

National Membership

National membership is for those who reside outside of New England for most of the year but wish to access Dedham Country Club when visiting the area. National members pay a discounted initiation fee and lower annual dues compared to local members.

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The club occasionally offers limited special memberships at the discretion of the Membership Committee and Board. Special memberships provide restricted access to certain facilities for a short period at reduced fees.

Top-Tier Amenities for Members

Dedham Country Club spares no expense in maintaining its amenities to world-class standards for members:

  • The 18-hole championship golf course is meticulously maintained year-round. The course has been honored by Golf Digest and Golfweek magazines for its excellent conditions.
  • The historic clubhouse underwent a $14 million renovation and expansion in 2020. It offers fine and casual dining, bars, lounges, and banquet rooms.
  • The fitness center has state-of-the-art equipment, exercise classes, and expert trainers. Members also enjoy tennis, paddle tennis, swimming, and yoga facilities.
  • A full activities calendar includes parties, dances, wine dinners, cooking classes, and more. Popular member events range from Mother’s Day brunch to the New Year’s Eve gala.
  • Reciprocal arrangements with over 100 prestigious clubs allow members to access golf and club amenities across the Americas and Europe.

Navigating the Application Process

Dedham Country Club’s membership process is exclusive and selective. Potential applicants should:

  • Get nominated by a current member in good standing. The support of existing members holds weight.
  • Meet with Membership Committee members to discuss membership opportunities and get proposed for approval.
  • Submit application materials including professional references and financial statements showing the means to meet membership costs.
  • Be confirmed by the Board of Directors, who make the final decision on admitting new members.

The club looks for members who will value and actively use the club facilities. An interview or meeting with club officials is customary prior to formally applying for membership.

While the process takes some effort, members cite the congenial club community as a prime benefit of membership.

Additional Member Expenses to Keep in Mind

Dedham Beer GardenBesides initiation fees and dues, members should be prepared for some additional costs:

  • Monthly food and beverage minimums apply, typically $150-200 for Individual members and $250-300 for Family members.
  • Guests visiting the club must be registered and accompanied by a member. Guest fees are $150 on weekdays and $250 on weekends.
  • Golf cart fees, caddie fees, ski lift tickets, and lesson programs will incur separate sports activity charges.
  • For events like weddings, the room rental fee can run from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on space and time reserved.

Members are billed monthly for their account charges. Being aware of these additional expenses will help plan your club budget.

The Substantial Yet Rewarding Financial Commitment

Joining Dedham Golf Club represents a considerable financial investment – the initiation fee alone is more than many people spend on a car!

It helps to view membership as gaining lifelong access to exceptional facilities and experiences, not just paying for one year. Members who can comfortably manage the initiation fee and ongoing dues find the pricing well worth it.

New members should come prepared to meet the required payments. Some tips:

  • Consider paying the initiation fee in installments if that fits better with your finances.
  • Account for annual dues and minimums in your household budgeting.
  • If joining under a special promotional rate, be prepared for higher renewal costs.
  • Understand the full costs before applying, including expenses like locker room fees.

While the prices are undoubtedly high, members feel it secures first-class amenities and a vibrant social network that cannot be matched elsewhere.

Final Words

Becoming part of Dedham Country Club is no small expense, but members will tell you the returns are invaluable. Beyond just the facilities and events, you gain:

  • Exclusive business networking with prominent executives and professionals across industries.
  • Meaningful social connections with like-minded peers in an inviting setting.
  • Memorable family experiences – from holiday meals to swimming lessons for kids.
  • Premier sports recreation with top-tier golf, tennis, fitness, and more.
  • Refined dining showcasing exquisite cuisine and wine selections.
  • Efficient hospitality services with a Members Only approach.
  • Lasting memories forged at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

For those who value private club refinement, Dedham Country Club confers elite lifestyle benefits that simply cannot be replicated. The chance to join this esteemed institution and carry on its traditions remains a coveted privilege.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who designed Dedham Country and Polo Club?

Dedham Country and Polo Club was designed by world-renowned golf course architect Donald Ross. Ross was commissioned in 1922 to transform the farmland into a golf course, which officially opened in 1926.

Ross was acclaimed for his strategic course designs that emphasis shot values and complexity. The club takes pride in maintaining the integrity of Ross’ original layout which makes playing the course a special experience.

How much is membership at Winchester Country Club in Massachusetts?

Winchester Country Club, located in Winchester, MA, has an initiation fee of around $75,000 for full golf memberships. Their annual dues are approximately $14,000 for golf members.

They offer other membership levels as well. Winchester is considered one of the top premier country clubs in the Boston metropolitan area, on par with Dedham Country Club.

Who designed Marlboro Country Club?

Marlboro Country Club’s golf course was designed by A.W. Tillinghast, another legend in golf course architecture. Tillinghast was hired in 1922 to design the course, which he crafted to incorporate the natural rolling hills and ponds of the area.

His strategic bunker placement and routing through wetland areas make Marlboro Country Club one of his most acclaimed designs. Tillinghast was inventive in working with the landscape to maximize playability and scenic enjoyment. Today, Marlboro Country Club is recognized among the finest classic golf courses in Massachusetts.

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