Dedham Country Club Membership Cost

Dedham Country Club Membership Cost

The Dedham Country Club, situated 20 miles south of Boston in Dedham, Massachusetts, was developed in 1910 and was an outcome of a merger of 2 previous clubs: the Norfolk Country Club and the Dedham Polo Club.

The Norfolk Country Club acquired 83 acres near the Dedham/Westwood town line in 1902. This club provided 9 holes of golf, tennis, polo, and a clubhouse. The polo field is now the driving range.

Well-known golf course designer, Donald Ross created 9 holes in 1912, however, the fifth green seems the only surviving green of his style.

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In 1920 the club restructured and bought more land. In 1923, the popular designer Seth Raynor was employed to develop 10 brand-new holes on this land. He also modified the initial 9 holes into a brand-new design of 8 holes. The current signature 17th hole is a timeless reverse Redan and the 14th a Biarritz. By May 1925, the course was ready for play and the Dedham Nation and Polo Club had a difficult 18 holes of golf. Since that time there have actually been some modifications to the course. The back tee was added on the 8th hole when the watering pond was developed. Geoffrey S. Cornish and William Robinson upgraded the second hole in 1968 and a brand-new green was built. Throughout 1988 – 1999, the sixth hole was extended and a brand-new green built. Cornish & Silva were the designers of this project.

Just how much does a Dedham Country Club membership cost?

Dedham Beer GardenAccording to the Dedham and Polo Country Club‘s official website, a normal membership will cost $8,100 every year and the one-time initiation costs will be somewhere around $40,000. There is also a food and drinks minimum that needs to be paid on a quarterly basis. Depending upon the kind of subscription, this minimum can be as high as $300 per quarter. The club, being pretty much private, isn’t opened to any random members as any potential member will require a sponsor in order to even be taken into consideration.

Dedham Country Club subscription details

Facilities, based on the official club’s site, consist of the historical Seth Raynor 18-hole golf course, a driving range, 8 clay indoor/outdoor tennis courts, 4 paddle tennis courts, an outside pool, ice skating, and trapshooting.

The clubhouse will also offer you 3 dining-room alternatives.

What are the additional expenses to expect?

Throughout the season, the club provides events that typically come with some additional charges.

Medical clinics, private lessons, competitions, leagues, and tournaments can all be some additional expenses you should be prepared for and budget accordingly.

Swim lessons are also readily available for an extra charge.

Tips to keep in mind

To read more about the golf course, the Massachusetts Golf Association breaks down what the club will be able to offer you, scores, and slopes. The article from the Massachusetts Golf Association also talks about someone’s personal experience on the course. Although this country club will be a Heaven for professional golfers, don’t underestimate its power to entertain a full family. You can always go with your loved ones and make sure that everybody will have fun at this country club.

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