Dog Vaccination Cost

Dog Vaccination Price

If you have a dog and want to keep it happy and healthy, then food and shelter aren’t the only things you should have to offer. To protect it from disease, vaccination is a must. It’s the best way to protect your pet from common illnesses many of which are deadly.

But how much does dog vaccination actually cost?

The final cost will vary greatly, based mainly on whether the vaccinations are given at home, and a low-cost clinic, by a humane or government organization or at a professional veterinarian’s office. The cost will also vary based on what types of vaccinations will you pay for. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $200 within the first year of your pet’s life, and $100 yearly after that, on usual and basic vaccinations of your dog.
Before buying a puppy, you should ask about his current vaccination state. If no vaccines have been given, then you have to know that a puppy is usually vaccinated once at 2 months of age, and after that, monthly, for two more months. If you have an adult unvaccinated dog, then it should get two rounds of vaccinations with a three weeks pause between them. After these first vaccinations, you’ll still have to give your dog annual boosters, for a healthy life.
Here are the basic shots that shouldn’t be ignored: vaccinations for coronavirus, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, hepatitis and distemper. Although they seem a lot, they will usually be combined in a vaccine cocktail that will be administered in a single shot. If you also want to give your dog a rabies vaccine, then it will be given separately and according to local legislation.

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If you want your dog to receive additional vaccinations to ensure maximum protection, consider vaccines for Lyme disease and bordetella, as recommended by some veterinarians and daycare facilities. Each additional vaccine can cost you around $10 – $20, or even more.

Here are some ways to reduce your expenses:

  • Dog Vaccination TypesIf you adopt your pet from a humane society or local shelter, ask about vaccines. Some have the first rounds of vaccinations included in the buy price or adoption fee.
  • If you buy your dog from a professional breeder, they will usually take care of the first rounds of vaccines from you.
  • You can try to order vaccines online and vaccinate the pet yourself, but only if you have some medical training and know how to administer a shot. Also try to buy the vaccine from a reliable online source, to make sure you get the real deal and not a fake product.
  • Although most vaccinations have to be given on a yearly basis, some states allow you to administer rabies vaccinations every three years.

Should the average working Joe vaccinate his dog?

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Although rare, vaccinations could give a few mild side effects like sluggishness, swelling around the place of the injection, or fever, but these side-effects will only last for a maximum of two days. Vaccinations will protect your pet from dangerous and life-threatening diseases. Getting your dog vaccinated will not only ensure its safety but also yours because most of the diseases can be passed to humans as well. This means that the shots will not only help your dog but help you as well.

Don’t pick the first veterinarian you’ll find. Search around, ask professional breeders, shelter owners, or humane associations for someone with enough experience.

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