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How Much Does A Dryer Motor Replacement Cost?

Last Updated on June 21, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

A dryer’s motor is the critical component responsible for turning the drum and circulating air during cycles. When the motor malfunctions or fails entirely, the appliance loses its ability to properly dry laundry. Replacing a defective motor restores normal performance, but at what cost?

In this guide, we’ll break down the typical pricing for dryer motor replacement based on motor types, technician labor fees, machine brand availability, and other variables. We’ll also provide an in-depth overview of how dryer motors work, signs of failure, DIY considerations, maintenance tips, and what to look for when hiring a qualified appliance technician.

How Much Does A Dryer Motor Replacement Cost?

Total cost range for professional motor dryer replacement ranges between $350-$750 on average.

Typical costs for a full professional dryer motor replacement include:

  • Motor Part – Ranges from $125-$400 depending on motor horsepower, configuration and materials.
  • Labor – Averages 1-3 hours at approximately $65-$125 per hour.
  • Miscellaneous Parts – Pulleys, belts, wiring, connectors add $20-$100.
  • Diagnostic & Service Fees – Some technicians charge $50-$100 upfront for diagnostics.

Hiring an experienced appliance technician ensures proper installation and avoids DIY errors causing further machine damage.

According to PartSelect.com, the cost of a replacement dryer motor can range anywhere from $40 to $200, depending on the make and model of the dryer. They provide a table with example prices for various brands, such as Whirlpool ($40 to $75), Maytag ($75 to $120), GE ($75 to $110), and Amana ($115 to $190). They note that OEM (original equipment manufacturer) dryer motors are typically about twice the cost of aftermarket motors.

Same Day Appliance Repair Services reports that the labor cost for professional installation of a dryer motor is $220 at their company. They estimate the total cost, including the part, to be between $270 and $450 on average.

Fixr.com states that the total cost to replace a dryer motor can range from $250 to $450, depending on the make and model of the appliance. They highlight that more expensive motors in luxury laundry brands tend to have higher repair costs.

Why Dryer Motor Functionality Matters

The dryer motor powers the rotation of the drum, allowing clothes to tumble during cycles. It also drives the blower fan responsible for pulling heated air through the dryer vent to dry the garments.

When the motor malfunctions or fails, common symptoms include:

  • Drum not spinning or turning intermittently
  • Grinding, rattling or humming sounds from motor
  • Dryer overheating due to disrupted airflow
  • Clothes taking too long to fully dry
  • Dryer stopping mid-cycle

Replacing a worn-out or defective motor is crucial for restoring normal dryer performance and functionality. Otherwise, the inability to properly dry laundry renders the machine essentially useless.

Factors That Determine Dryer Motor Replacement The total cost of replacing a dryer motor depends on several variables:

  • Motor Type & Horsepower – Heavy-duty or high-efficiency motors range from $175-$400 depending on horsepower rating and specialization. Standard universal motors cost $125-$250.
  • Labor Time – At rates of $65-$125 per hour, total labor averages 1-3 hours based on machine model complexity and technician speed.
  • Part Availability – Uncommon brands or outdated models require custom-ordered motors costing substantially more.
  • Technician Skill Level – Master appliance technicians charge premium rates up to $150 per hour. The less experienced ones average $65-$85 per hour.
  • Location – Major metro and urban areas have at least 15-25% higher appliance repair costs.
  • Warranty Coverage – Manufacturers’ warranties and extended service plans may fully or partially cover parts and labor costs.

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Factoring in DIY Replacement Considerations

Doing it yourself has some distinct tradeoffs:


  • Saves on labor costs by avoiding hiring a technician
  • More convenient scheduling without waiting for a technician’s availability


  • Requires strong mechanical skills and dryer system knowledge
  • Safety risks of electric shocks and injuries from heavy unit handling
  • Higher likelihood of installation errors causing appliance damage
  • No accountability or warranty coverage for mistakes

While DIY replacement can cost less in parts alone, attempting repair without sufficient expertise poses risks. Using a qualified technician minimizes installation errors.

Estimating Replacement Costs

Here are typical price ranges, covering both DIY parts and professional parts plus installation:

DIY Parts Cost

  • Basic Universal Motor – $125-$200
  • Heavy-Duty/Premium Motor – $200-$400
  • Misc Parts like pulleys – $20-$70

Professional Parts + Labor Costs

  • Basic Universal Motor – $300-$500
  • Heavy-Duty/Premium Motor – $450-$750
  • Diagnostic fees and accessories extra

Prices vary based on motor specifications, technician rates, and dryer brand/model. Carefully examining the original motor aids in purchase.

How to Select an Appliance Technician

Washing Machine and DryerChoosing a skilled dryer motor replacement pro involves:

  • Verifying certifications through organizations like NASTeC.
  • Checking ratings/reviews on Google, Facebook, and other online sources.
  • Asking about experience with your exact appliance make and model.
  • Requesting a detailed written estimate outlining parts, labor time, fees.
  • Comparing bids from multiple technicians to find the best overall value.

Vetting technicians thoroughly helps ensure you receive quality workmanship and fair pricing.

Extending Motor Lifespan

You can maximize a motor’s longevity by:

  • Regularly cleaning lint buildup from the venting system and interior.
  • Avoiding overloading the drum which strains the motor.
  • Allowing proper airflow space behind the dryer for ventilation.
  • Listening for odd noises or changes in performance and having them quickly inspected.
  • Hand-drying the lint trap instead of washing it to prevent moisture damage.

With vigilant maintenance habits, a dryer motor may operate reliably for 10-15 years before requiring replacement.

Final Words

Replacing a dryer motor professionally typically spans $350 to $750 on average when considering the motor itself, technician labor, fees, and parts. DIY provides potential savings but has greater risk. Regular maintenance helps extend the lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fix a dryer that won’t heat?

If the issue is a defective heating element, replacement costs $120-$220 for the part plus $80-$150 for labor. Other potential causes include thermal fuses ($10-$40), thermostats ($50-$100) or gas valve coils ($150-$300).

Is it worth fixing a dryer motor?

If the dryer’s drum and rest of the appliance are still in good condition, repairing an 8–10-year-old motor can be worth the $300-$500 cost rather than replacing the whole unit. Evaluate the repair costs versus a new machine.

How much does it cost to replace a heating element in a dryer?

The heating element part alone ranges from $120-$220 depending on brand, power level and design. With 1-2 hours of labor, total replacement costs typically span $200-$400. Having multiple elements increases costs.

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