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Egg freezing for, later on, oocytes cryopreservation, is a medical procedure that allows you to harvest and freeze healthy eggs for future use in conceiving a child.

The average price goes from $7,000 and up to $12,000.

Oocytes Cryopreservation is particularly indicated for the following categories of women:

  1. Women diagnosed with cancer and who are about to start radiotherapy or chemotherapy, both toxic to oocytes.
  2. Women who are in course of an assisted reproduction procedure and which for personal reasons do not want to use frozen embryos.
  3. Women who do not have a partner and wish to have children in the future.

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Preparation for egg freezing includes:

  • The expert advice and consultation;
  • The patient’s medical evaluation;
  • A presentation to the patient on how the fertilization drugs need to be taken (to stimulate ovulation);
  • Treatment monitoring in ambulatory.

How egg freezing is done

Egg freezing can be done at a clinic of assisted reproduction. It begins with hormonal stimulation medication that lasts 10 days. After this period the egg harvesting process can be done. It is a relatively simple process that does not require hospitalization. It is performed under local anesthesia and after it, the patient gets antibiotics treatment to prevent an eventual infection. Egg harvesting is done by inserting a needle into the woman’s reproductory apparatus, pinning the ovaries, and aspirating the follicles. It all lasts up to 30 minutes, after which they keep you under surveillance for another two hours.

In this way, they harvest between 5 and 20 eggs. They are stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 Celsius degrees.

Typical costs:

how much does egg freezing usually cost

To harvest and freeze your eggs it will cost you somewhere between $7,000 and $12,000. When the patient is ready to become a parent the next process consists of thawing, fertilizing, and implanting the resulting embryo in the uterus for an extra cost of about $4,000 – $5,000, but the total cost can reach as much as $17,000.

Additional costs:

To produce more eggs for harvesting, certain medication is needed to stimulate the ovaries, which may cost you around $2,700.

At some clinics, you will have to pay a yearly tax for egg storage, which can be anywhere between $300 and $600.

If the mother can’t carry a pregnancy, she can use the services of a surrogate mother for an approximate total cost of $50,000.

Currently, the success rate of the oocyte cryopreservation technique is 2-3 births per 100 frozen eggs. Comparative, conventional IVF with unfrozen eggs has a success rate of 8-9 births per 100 eggs. The success of the technique also depends on the donor’s age – frozen eggs from women under 35 are more likely to produce in the future successful pregnancy.

Embryos cryopreservation is now an alternative to becoming a mother without being worried about your age or other medical problems, with a higher rate of success, but for many women, it is not an option.

Should the average working Jane go through this medical procedure?

If you really want to be a mother at some point, but for some reason you feel that you won’t be able to have a normal pregnancy in the future, freezing your eggs is a great idea. It is a costly procedure, but remember that the experience of having a child is priceless.

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