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How Much Does a 20 Piece McNugget Cost at McDonald’s?

According to the official McDonald’s website, The Chicken McNuggets have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They are made with 100% seasoned chicken breast and are still simply delicious.

How Much Does a 20 Piece McNugget Cost at McDonald’s?

The cost of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets is around $5.00 for 20 pieces, regardless of whether they are regular or spicy. This price will differ depending on the McDonald’s location you’re going to.

20pc Chicken McNuggetsThis is a deal that is pretty hard to find, as it is very economical for patrons. They pay just a few dollars for 20 pieces of one of the most sold items at McDonald’s. Most McDonald’s restaurant menus don’t even list this deal, and you won’t find it displayed on the board above the register either.

No commercial runs have ever been made by McDonald’s to promote this deal, which is why most people don’t even know about it. Some sources say that the product hasn’t been promoted since 2014 or so. This is why some believe that this price is a lapse from a promotion they forgot to discharge from the records or even an error.

Keep in mind that this price isn’t available in all restaurants. This isn’t a national deal, as clarified by McDonald’s representatives have clarified over and over again.

McDonald’s is one of the biggest franchises in the world, so different outlets can run their own promotions at their restaurants and set their own prices.

Regardless of the reasoning behind this deal, this is a great deal, as you’d only pay a little more than what a sandwich or a non-meal burger would cost, but you’d get a very large portion of nuggets, depending on the location you’re going to. Another reason why this is a great choice for people is that it will only cost a dollar more than the 10-piece meal, for double the amount of nuggets.

How many calories do McDonald’s chicken nuggets have?

McDonald’s isn’t known for its healthy food and McNuggets aren’t the best option you can find on their menu if you’re looking for something healthy. When possible, we recommend going for something more health-conscious, although their menu is full of unnecessary calories.

McDonald’s doesn’t hide its calorie count in its nuggets or other products, so you can easily find this information online.

The six piece option, for example, has about 260 calories, while the nine-piece has closer to 389 calories. This means that the 20 piece share-box has about 869 calories. If you consider this amount enough for about four people, then each person would only get 216 calories on average.

20 McNugget Calories

Are McDonalds chicken Mcnuggets made of real chicken?

Yes, the chicken nuggets menu item from McDonalds are made of real chicken. According to the official McDonald’s statement, their Chicken McNuggets are made of parts of rib meat, tenderloins, and chicken breast. They are said to be sourced from different suppliers and farms around the world.

Although McDonald’s has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to healthy foods, they state that they are deeply committed to the healthy of their customers, as well as the  welfare and health of their supply chain. This is why they insist on only working with approved suppliers who can manage to adhere to their high standards required the legislation of each country.


When did McDonald’s start selling Chicken nuggets?

McDonald’s started selling chicken nuggets to its customers in 1983.

What are McDonald’s chicken nuggets made of?

McDonald’s states that its McNuggets are made of a combination of chicken rib meat, tenderloins, and chicken breast, but the real recipe contains about 45% chicken and a combination of batter, oil, and seasoning.

How much do McDonald’s chicken nuggets cost?

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets can be found in multiple box sizes. For example, the 10 Pc. Chicken McNuggets costs about $4.49, while the Chicken McNuggets-Meal combo of 10 Pc. costs $6.49. The bigger Chicken McNuggets 20 Pc. costs $5.00, while the 40 Pc. Chicken McNuggets costs $8.99.

Where is McDonald’s headquarters?

McDonald’s headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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