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How Much Does a Lake Merced Golf Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on September 14, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Founded more than one hundred years ago, in 1922, the Lake Merced Golf Club is an 18-hole private golf club which is located in Daly City, on the West Coast of the United States of America, just a few minutes away from downtown San Francisco.

How Much Does a Lake Merced Golf Club Membership Cost?

The average initiation fee for joining the Lake Merced Golf Club starts at around $26,000 and goes up to more than $100,000. Depending on the type of membership you choose, the monthly fees would be more than $800 per month. Similar to any country club, these fees will depend on the age of the applicant, the number of members you add to the plan, and the type of membership you opt for.

The website GolfDigest.com notes that the Lake Merced Golf Club offers a six-month trial membership, for which you would have to pay an up-front fee of $6,000 and monthly membership fees of around $740. When compared to the full initiation fee, which is about $104,000, or the costs of membership over five years, which are around $65,000, this is a real bargain.

According to an article on the SFGate.com website, these costs, of $103,900 for the initiation fee and $6,000 for the up-front fee, were available in 2009.

A member on the online forum GolfWRX.com noted that the Lake Merced Golf Club offers a young executive membership option for an initiation fee of $25,000.

Lake Merced Golf Club Short Presentation

The golf amenities offered by Lake Merced Golf Club include an 18-hole championship golf course, that was originally designed by Willie Lock, a short-game practice area, private lessons offered by certified PGA instructors, a driving range, and putting greens.

Some other amenities, aside from golf, include social events, tennis, and casual/fine dining options.

Also, this private club offers a wide variety of options for booking private and special events. This includes, but is not limited to business meetings, weddings, large group meetings, bat/bar mitzvahs, private dining, and special celebrations.

They offer multiple spaces that are large enough to accommodate twenty to two hundred fifty people.

Which are the additional expenses?

The club offers private lessons via their teaching professionals in exchange for a fee. Depending on the instructor you choose, these fees would be anywhere between $80 and $130 per hour.

Both guests and members who don’t have golfing privileges will have to pay for green fees, which are, on average, $220.

Other fees to consider are those for social events, that are usually held throughout the year.

Important things to consider

Lake Merced Golf CourseThe Lake Merced Golf Club has strict rules regarding the way the members and guests are dressing and how they use their cell phones. For instance, the cell phone is strictly forbidden inside the clubhouse, on the golf course, and practice areas. Though, the club accepts that you use your cell phone discretely only in the parking lot and in the breezeways outside of the clubhouse.

The dress code imposed by the Lake Merced Golf Club must be respected at all times and applies to all members, their families, and guests. In case you are not respecting the club’s rules you can be excluded from the clubhouse, the course, or from other club facilities.

The next attire is banned on the club’s property at all times: overly transparent clothes, metal spikes, sporting attire like team jackets and jerseys, sweat pants/bottoms, blue denim (golf facilities only), exceptionally body-conscious clothing, tights, ripped, artificially-aged or torn garments, untucked shirts (unless designed to be worn untucked), hats worn upstairs in the Clubhouse, t-shirts as an outer layer (except on the tennis courts), hats worn backward at any time, and hoodies with graphics.

According to the club’s official website, the course was named to the California State Amateur Championship rotation and held various competitions over time. Some of these include the 2016, 2015, and 2014 Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic, the 2009 NCAA West Regional Championship, and the 2012 U.S. Girl’s Junior Championship.

In case you want to celebrate your wedding at the Lake Merced Club, you will benefit from valet services and ample parking, stunning views of the golf course, in-house audiovisual equipment, wedding planning services, preferred vendors, bridal suite, custom menus and catering, and a ceremony location on a neat golf course surrounded by cypress trees.

YOu can contact the club directly if you need any information about the latest membership info and available tee times.

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