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trip to the moon

Hey, friends, are you ready for the trip of your life? Are you feeling sad because you believe that you have seen all of Earth’s beauties? (Just a tip: don’t ever think, you’ve seen all of Earth’s beauties because you didn’t and you won’t. I don’t think it’s possible in a normal human life to see everything that Earth and its people have to offer. But let’s get right back into our subject, shall we?) How about going on the Moon?

It’s a great question to ask yourself: How much does a trip on the Moon cost?

It seems that Space Adventures, a firm from Arlington that already sent a couple of millionaires on the International Space Station, is answering this question for you.  They want to set up a trip on the Moon for the symbolic price of a hundred million US dollars. Let me just put that into numbers: That’s $100.000.000. A lot more zeros than you have on your paychecks, isn’t it?

Eric Anderson, CEO of the firm stated that the Soyuz used for this trip will give you a ride on the far side of the moon, but it won’t orbit or land. So it will be more of a trip to visit and take pictures of the Moon than actually stepping on it.

It could sound like a ridiculous price, but this firm has actually found 1.000 people that have the necessary resources and are interested in going on a space trip like this. “There are people out there with $100 million yachts and people with $100 million homes” were the CEO’s actual words. This gives you an idea about how rich people spend their money.

On a brighter note, Eric Anderson also stated that the first trip will cover the initial costs of this campaign, making future trips cost less. He wouldn’t give out any future cost of this trip but insisted that it would be cheaper. But if you do want to go on the trip around the Moon, ou should at least be the first to do it (says a guy that works on his first million dollars, 99 more and I`m there !!

“There will only be one first private mission to the moon,” Anderson added.

When asked about the costs, Charles Lurio, an independent private space flight consultant stated that it is a greater challenge to find two passengers to pay $100 million each for the trip, than finding multiple passengers for a trip on a bargain price.

Despite of what you may think, space tourism is a real business and it’s actually growing. American Dennis Tito was arranged by this firm to be taken with the Soyuz to the International Space Station in 2001, followed in the next year by South African Mark Shuttleworth.

A new company that wants to make the trip to the Moon a reality is Virgin Galactic, which actually has a much bigger plan: They want to make the trip on the Moon a bargain by 2043.

Blue Origin, set up by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, says it is developing technologies to enable human access to space. And another private company, SpaceX, has already delivered payloads to the International Space Station.

So is a trip on the Moon even possible in the present times? Of course it is! Would it be a great usage of your money? It depends on your capabilities, but it will make a really big hole in your funds. It is a sure thing though that the near future seems like it will offer unimaginable experiences.

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