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The United States has an average of 500,000 men getting vasectomies every year, and over 1,500,000 men saying they think about getting one. But how much does a vasectomy cost?

A survey that was taken recently in NYC and its vicinities has shown that most clinics will charge between $300 and $3,500 for this procedure, while a few others may even charge as much as $4,000 or $5,000.

Another example is the state of Texas, where you can get a vasectomy for prices that range from $400 to $5,000. If instead, you want to opt for the woman sterilization procedure,  you need to know that experts give an estimated price that is 600% more than the cost of a vasectomy. vasectomy on a budged

If you’re looking for a lower price, in New York, at the Manhattan Planned Parenthood clinic you can find two kinds of vasectomies one for $300 and one for $1,000, which will include a follow-up consultation. If, instead, you’re looking for something pricier, using the services of doctor Marc Goldstein M.D. at New York Well Cornell Medical center will cost you around $3,500 for the no-scalpel, no-needle procedure.

‘Traditional Vasectomies’ vs. ‘No Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomies’

Each of the two types of vasectomies has its own procedure code. The first type, the traditional vasectomy will include anesthesia of the testicular sack, followed by an open-style procedure by making a direct incision on the side of the testicular sack. The doctor will have the option to tie, cur, or cauterize the vas deferens (this being the duct that connects the testicular area to the urethra), or he may even block it with implants or clips.

The second procedure, the vasectomy that uses no needle and no-scalpel, is the one in which the doctor will use a high-pressure jet injector for the anesthesia.  Next, a tiny hole will be made in the testicular sack, using special items and not the normal scalpel for the incision, that will allow access to tie off or cut the vas deferens in a similar way as with the traditional vasectomy.

Usually, you won`t need general anesthesia for any of the two procedures, the vasectomies being typically outpatient. You can get this procedure done in a same-day surgery center, an outpatient clinic, or even in your doctor’s office.

Want To Know If Vasectomy Can Be Reversed? Here’s The Answer!

One provider, the well-known Dr. Bruce Gilbert from Great Neck, N.Y., performs an advancement over traditional methods where the needle is still used for the anesthetic to be delivered but no-scalpel will be used in the actual vasectomy procedure, a procedure called “no-scalpel vasectomy”. He has an experience of over 22 years of vasectomies and over 1000 no-scalpel vasectomies performed. He said in an interview that 80% of the people that use his services are males looking to get a vasectomy as opposed to women looking for sterilization.

Factors For Deciding On A Vasectomy

Doctors seem split evenly around half performing no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomies, and the other half going for the traditional approach. So before actually booking an appointment for the procedure, spend some time thinking of what type of procedure you want to get.

If time is one of the factors that matter to you, you’ll be glad to know that recovery time is the same for both procedures, just one or two days to rest and a week with no stressful work or exercise. The time for the actual procedure is around 20 – 30 minutes for the incision vasectomy and even less for the other type of procedure.

For most men that will mean some couch time. Be on a lookout for promotions and discounts. One clinic was even offering a free pizza as a bonus to the procedure when we documented ourselves for this article.

Another aspect to remember is that pregnancy may still be possible after the vasectomy, so another couple of visits to the clinic for checkups will be the right decision, to be sure that you are sterile. Patients are usually advised that complete sterility will happen after 2-4 months or 24 ejaculations from the procedure. You should use contraception until the absence of sperm is confirmed in two different analyses. Expect an average cost of $75 per follow-up analysis, although you can find these follow-ups included in the price of the main package.

Although the vasectomy is known as being irreversible, a vasovasostomy will reconnect the var deferens with a success rate of 84% to 99%. This procedure isn’t cheap, can take as much as 4 hours to be performed. Physicians will usually charge ten times more for the vasovasostomy than the price for a normal vasectomy, so at least $4,900.

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